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Updated Google Play UI Rolls Out to All Users

25 November, 2015 Google Play


Last October, Google's Kirill Grouchnikov posted images of the new designs of Google Play on his G+ account. We saw that there were mainly two sections - "Apps and Games" and "Entertainment". At that time we believed that the changes would reflect in October itself. But, finally in November the redesigned UI got rolled out to all the users. The primary sections given above are retained in the final update. You can also have a look at the change in the image given above.

As a side note, the web version of Google Play is also getting a minor makeover to be in sync with the new mobile app version. The Google Play web store is now opening "Entertainment" section by default, which also has sub-sections dedicated to music, movies, books, comics, etc. rather than apps and games like it used to in the previous version. In order to access apps, users need to slide over and click the "Apps" button present on the left side. The new UI also has a carousel at the top for current promotions running or other highlighted products offered by Google.

Let us know in the comments section if you have also got the new update and whether you're liking it or not.





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