Will the Galaxy S9 be Released in January 2018?

31 August, 2017 Samsung

In a brand new rumor, it is being stated that the Galaxy S9 will see release much earlier than its predecessor, the Galaxy S8. The report comes from The Bell and it states that this will happen because Samsung will likely get hold of all the OLED panels it needs by November 2017. Naturally, this will speed up the production process for the company, enabling them to release the Galaxy S9 as early as January 2018.

If you ask me though, that isn't very likely. That is not to say that Samsung can't do that if they wanted to, it's just that it would be a very strange move with virtually no business sense in it whatsoever. The Note 8 will be released to the public next month and if the Galaxy S9 was released in just four months' time after that, it would not be a very strategic release date. We would bet our money on Samsung sticking to its April - May timeline just like this year. Nevertheless, it is good news that Samsung will have everything ready by January because that means the OEM will have even more time to perfect the Galaxy S9 and its rumored modular design.

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