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So, you've either purchased a Streak, or you're anxiously awaiting your own here in the US. Fantastic. Now what? If you've just over $100 to spend and even a pinch of smarts, you'll give strong consideration to Logitech's diNovo Mini. Though launched around two years ago, this portable Bluetooth keyboard looks like a match made in heaven for Dell's newfangled 5-inch smartphone, with the cover holding the Streak (almost) perfectly in order to create a makeshift Android laptop. Better still, the Bluetooth device pairs seamlessly with Dell's doodad, and both the keys and finger pad operate sans any major issues. But hey, it's not like you ought to be taking our word for it -- head on past the break to see the magic happen on video, and dig down in that source link for even more inspiration. It might just convince your cold, hardened heart that love does indeed exist. 






An ambient light sensor automatically controls the keyboard's backlighting.


Streak-dinovo (15) 

Streak-dinovo (16)

The keys always glow orange, but the ClickPad (Logitech's name for the round touchpad) displays a green directional pad in "media remote mode" and glows orange in "cursor mode." A sliding switch to the left of the pad makes switching between modes quick and easy.

The diNovo Mini is powered by a rechargeable 930mAh li-ion battery. A full chargetakes about 4 hours and is reportedly good for up to one month of use. A 10-minute quick charge will supposedly provide enough power for about one day of use.

Streak-dinovo (8) 

When the Streak and diNovo Mini are connected, keyboard shortcuts appear in the standard menus of the Streak. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any of them to work because there isn't a Menu key or anything equivalent to it on the keyboard.



This is pretty confusing considering it is just Qik and Fring offering the same service for the green bot right now, so we trotted along to Adobes London office to get a closer look at this demo. As with many things in life, not all went as planned as you can see after the break video stream froze up on several occasions, but then again Adobe's Mark Doherty only spent three days cooking this simple app. 

While Nokia's just waiting for a Linux SDK before it can start porting Flash apps to its devices within 2010, Adobe implied that it's still waiting for two other vendors to respond Palm's already been shown a Flash build running on web OS devices, and it's just a matter of the company signing up for Adobe's device certification system; RIM, on the other hand, is a bit more vague, but we were told it's definitely interested in both Air and Flash. And here's the surprise of the day: no comment on Flash for iOS. Check the Embedded Video Down there from



To Download:

Click Here



Either put the APK file on the SDCard and install it with any file explorer or install it with adb.




From XDA Developers Forum



Screenshot: Browse through book covers in your libraryBrowse through book covers in your library
Screenshot: Sign in to your account or create a new account in secondsSign in to your account or create a new account in seconds
Screenshot: Share books with friends using our exclusive LendMe technologyShare books with friends using our exclusive LendMe technology



















Android smartphone will boast a display larger than your face within 2 years (if current trends continue, anyway), we'd say we could be onto something good here. At any rate BNs own eBookstore app is now available for Google's dear mobile OS. landing just weeks after Amazon pushed its Kindle app out into the same marketplace. Of course BN's not shying away from the competition. dubbing its app the only Android e-reader application to offer eBook lending. It's available to download now on devices rocking Android 1.6 or above, and yes, even Android users can pick up on another platform where you leave off on your phone.


 Check out the Press Reales of nook from




The new Android app is also the first eReader software to feature Barnes & Noble's new NOOK-centric branding, leveraging the strength of the company's NOOK brand across its entire eReading offering. NOOK for Android will soon be followed by an updated NOOK for iPhone®, NOOK for iPad™, and others in the coming months. The new eReader software branding aligns with the company's current NOOK offering – NOOK 3G and NOOK Wi-Fi® eBook Readers, and the recently announced NOOKstudy™ online study platform and software solution for higher education.

NOOK for Android offers those with devices using Android OS 1.6 and higher the ability to shop Barnes & Noble's expansive eBookstore of more than one million eBooks, including new releases, bestsellers and free classics, and download titles in seconds. Any customer's personal Barnes & Noble eBook library – purchased on a NOOK eBook Reader, online at or on another BN eReader-enabled device – will easily sync to their device in seconds so their library goes wherever they go.

NOOK for Android offers a fun and immersive eReading experience with the ability to customize text with many font styles and sizes, an easy-to-use navigation bar, reading in landscape and portrait modes, and graphical page turns. It is also the first Android eReader application to offer digital lending. Using Barnes & Noble's unique LendMe™ technology, customers can easily share eligible eBooks for up to 14 days with friends, who can enjoy these digital titles on a NOOK eBook Reader, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch® and PC enabled with free BN eReader software.

"NOOK for Android is customizable, fun and easy to use and we're excited to deliver the most-requested version of our free eReading software to the growing number of mobile customers using Android-based devices," said Douglas Gottlieb, Vice President, Digital Products for Barnes & "Android customers can enjoy the great NOOK eReading experience on their mobile device, including access to our vast digital catalog and their personal B&N digital library at their finger tips. And, of course, Android users can now enjoy Barnes & Noble's unique eBook lending feature to share their favorite eBooks with friends."

Added Gottlieb, "With NOOK for Android, and the other renamed software to follow, customers can also easily recognize and have confidence in Barnes & Noble's NOOK brand to provide them with a fun and easy-to-use eReading experience on any device of their choosing."

Key features available in NOOK for Android include:

· Shop Barnes & Noble's vast eBookstore: Search, explore and browse through more than one million digital titles at directly by touching Shop Books from the Library. There are more than a half-million free eBooks available and free samples are offered for all eBooks. Learn more about titles from thousands of editorial and customer reviews. Pick a current bestseller, a classic or anything in between and download it wirelessly in seconds.

· Access your personal B&N digital library: All eBooks purchased through the Barnes & Noble eBookstore sync in seconds and are ready to read in your Library.

· Lend to friends: NOOK for Android is the only Android eReading app that offers eBook sharing with friends.

· Read your way: Customize the eReading experience by choosing from eight font types and five sizes, read in landscape or portrait modes and lock the screen orientation.

· Enjoy the read: The fun and immersive experience offers animated or sliding page turns, a navigation scroll bar, bookmarks and more.

· Easy access to your content: Using the Library List view, see the cover art, sort and filter your eBooks by author, title or recent reads. Access rich product details for the selected eBook, including the synopsis and more books from that author.

· Read across multiple devices: Android users can now complement their eReading experiences with Barnes & Noble's other eReader experiences such as NOOK eBook Readers, previously announced eBook readers powered by the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, and a variety of other computing and mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry® and HTC HD2™ smartphones, HP computers, PC and Mac®.

· Pick up where you left off: Sync the last page read of the last eBook opened on an Android device with BN eReader (soon to be renamed NOOK) software-enabled devices including PC and iPad. Coming soon, both will sync with NOOK for iPhone and more devices to follow.

· Follows the standard: Read eBooks formatted in ePub, quickly becoming the industry standard.

Those signing up for a new account when downloading the new application, will also find three Barnes & Noble Classics Series eBooks – Dracula, Little Women and Pride & Prejudice – in their libraries, along with samples of two current bestselling eBooks.

NOOK for Android is now available at Barnes & Noble continually enhances its eReader software and will add new features to its Android offering this summer including highlights and notes, a search library and look-up feature, library grid-view and more. For more information on free BN eReader (soon to be renamed NOOK) software and apps, please visit

The Barnes & Noble Digital Library Advantage



On the course of working on the latest beta builds of Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android smartphones, Adobe dropped a tingling teaser. their FlashTime video chat app. Still not included in the beta software builds, the playfully named video chat runs real-time between two Nexus One phones on the video demo following the break.

gsmarena 001 Adobes FlashTime to bring free p2p videocalling to all Androids out there, a touch of sarcasm too

FlashTime for Android is far from a finished product/service but it serves as a nice proof of the power of the Adobe’s platform. What can I say, I sure hope I see that P2PChatMobile.swf application freely running on Android smartphones out there.

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