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In the Google Play Store, there is an update for Flipboard that helps prevent accidental page flipping. Additionally, the update also exterminates some bugs that afflicted the app. But more importantly, for those with Android 4.2, it supports the Daydream feature for the OS build.



Daydream is a screensaver that turns on when the phone is charging or docked. Users can choose between seeing the clock, changing colors, photos or headlines from Google Currents. While the latter might sound interesting, it is not interactive which means while headlines appear before your eyes, you cannot touch on one to open a news story. And this is where Flipboard's update comes in.



Flipboard (Play Store)

ubuntu Phone OS

Ubuntu OS for phones was formally announced just last week, and won't be available on the market until early 2014. Test images that have been promised, to allow developers and various other technophiles to play around with the platform, won't be made available until late in February.


Great work is definitely being done on the platform, and it seems that Ubuntu for phones has already gotten a performance update.


ubuntu Phone OS


The video comes from Mika Meskanen, an Ubuntu interaction designer, showing off two devices one running the original build of Ubuntu for phones and the other running the new update. One of the things that we had all noticed from the early hands-on with Ubuntu for phones was that there was some lag and stutters in the UI when scrolling and such. From the new video, it seems those issues have been smoothed out.



swype beta

Swype keyboard for Android BETA version is Now available for download to anyone without the need to register. The new beta features include a Smart Editor that lets you quickly edit a typed sentence, and Living Language, which suggests trending and popular words.




Smart Editor becomes active after you finish a sentence with punctuation. It looks over your typed words and suggests ones that it believes make more sense you can quickly see the suggestions by tapping on the underlined words.

Download Swype for Android


The devs over at Mozilla are obviously so happy with how their Mobile Firefox is going that they've decided to reveal some of the upcoming features in 2013.




The most important features, which the team is working on for 2013, is the private browsing mode and the ability to add a skin to the web browser with customized themes. Both of these have been available in the desktop browser for ages and are obviously pretty popular requests for the mobile versions as well.


Firefox android



Sneak peek #1

Private browsing. We take comments from you - the ones who use our products - very seriously. Lots of you have requested private browsing on your Android phone and we're working to deliver! It's a much-loved feature on Firefox for your computer and we always wanted to include it on Android - and now it's coming! Yay!

Sneak peek #2

More customization. You've become accustomed to it with Firefox for your computer. Why shouldn't you want it on your Android phone?

• We're working to bring you themes for your Android browser, so when you're browsing the Web on your mobile device, you can display a bit of your personality.

• The team is also working hard on a way to give you the ability to control the Firefox for Android start page content. No matter how you browse with Firefox for Android - for news, the most useful sites, the funniest pages - we'll never stop trying to give you the best and fastest experience.





You probably heard about the Ouya Android Gaming Console that we posted about before, the console will start selling by 2013 but it's currently shipping to developers.

The Ouya idea came with the promise of being an affordable open platform for game development and a herald of change. And now, the first 1,200 Ouya developer edition consoles just got shipped to developers across the globe.



Ouya Unboxing Video

As exciting as this is, even more exciting is the fact that the console got an official unboxing from its very makers, and the developer edition looks gorgeous. A translucent, Rubik cube-sized box with all kinds of connectivity and two gamepads, along with a set of cords is what is inside the box.



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