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Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Concept

One of the more consistent rumors is that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Tab 11.6 Android ICS tablet.


The name suggests a 11.6-inch screen, but according to the rumors the tablet itself will not be much larger than the Tab 10.1. The screen will supposedly have a whopping WQXGA resolution (2560×1600).

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Specs

If this is true, the Tab 11.6 will have 260ppi pixel density, which would be amazing for a tablet. Samsung have already shown a 10.1-inch WQXGA screen, so 11.6-inch WQXGA is right up their alley and will be competitive to the rumored high-res iPad 3. The new Exynos 5250 chipset supports just that resolution too. The chipset packs two Cortex-A15 cores running at 2.0GHz.

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Motorola RAZR

We previously reported that Motorola is facing intense pressure from users to unlock their devices, and it seems like the mobile giant may finally be giving in.


In a recent post on their official blog, Motorola announced that it will be shipping the unlockable RAZR sans warranty, as well as with post-purchase instructions on how to unlock/relock the device, locate build instructions, as well as access additional developer resources.


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Motorola Xyboard

The Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xyboard tablets have been up for pre-order in the US for over two weeks. So if you pre-ordered one, it is on its way to you. Otherwise, you can just go and buy one now and prices are on the photo above.

These Xyboard tablets are basically just Droid Xyboard units sans the mobile data connectivity and without any Verizon branding. They were initially supposed to ship during the week of January 18 (so last week), but better late than never.

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An ICS ROM for the GSM version of the Motorola RAZR has leaked online that gives a glimpse of what we could expect later during the year when it starts rolling out officially.


At first glance it looks almost stock but that is mostly because it is still in the developmental stage and there is a lot of work left to be done on it. only visible changes are a new lock screen that features four custom spots where you can drag the lock icon and the option to put the phone on silent or vibration, sorely missing from the stock ICS ROM. Also new is a camera app that is similar to the one on the current Gingerbread ROM for the RAZR.


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Motorola was kind enough to release the official changelog for the XOOM WiFi Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) update this afternoon. The push started last night for many, although according to our own Tato, not everyone is able to pull it.

The update itself is, well, ICS. Once you read the changelog below, you will understand that this is as stock as it gets, which is a good thing. The updated browser, swiping of notifications and tasks, new People/Gallery/Camera apps, and improved typing and spell-checking are all included.


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