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Did you know that you can hide Pre-installed apps on your iPhone if you have iOS 7.1 ?


Apps like Stocks and Newsstand can be removed until the next reboot, all thanks to a glitch discovered on iOS 7.1. And the best part is that a YouTube video can show you how it is all done. All you need to do is make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 7.1, and follow the following directions.

Take all of the pre-installed apps that you want to get rid of, and open a folder with them inside. You can do this by dragging the icons for these apps on top of each other. Now, make sure that the bottom dock of your iPhone or iPad is completely full. Also, your home screen needs to be full of icons, and the only folder on the page has to be the one you just created of the apps you want removed. You then need to long press on any icon to start wobble mode. Watch the video below for more details.




iphone 6 QHD panel

Today, Apple's iPhone display supplier "Japan Display" announced a new 5.5-inch Quad-HD Display for smartphones. Speculations hints that Apple will use the same QHD panel for its upcoming iPhone 6 this fall. The display sports a resolution of 1,440x 2,560 (or quad-HD) and a pixel density of 538ppi which is way higher than Retina display.

The display will go into mass production very soon, lining up with reports that the next iPhone display would also be entering this phase in the next month or so in order to achieve a September launch. let's wait and see.


iphone 6


Sources reports suggest that Apple is NOT interested in increasing the Megapixel count of its next iPhone's (iPhone 6) camera, keeping it the same as the current iPhone 5s 8MP camera. Instead Apple will likely focus on improving the lens system and image quality.

Rumors are circulating that Apple will use swappable resin lenses for its iPhone 6 and also suggested the use of optical image stabilization (OIS) on the next iPhone's camera sensor.


What Apple are planning for the iPhone 6 is still not clear, but 8MP in 2014 is NOT a good plan!




It's out of question that Apple is going to release the iPhone 6 with iOS 8.0 this year. According to the leaked screenshots, the iOS 8 will look a lot similar to the current version iOS 7.1, featuring square icons with rounded edges. Apart from the design, the image reveals the presence of New applications such as Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview and Tips will be pre-installed.




The new apps are said to help users to view, Preview and TextEdit files that are stored in the iCloud. However, these icons seem far from finished as they are basically OS X icons for Preview and TextEdit.






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