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As businesses and professionals embrace technology across the board, electronic signatures are gaining traction. With electronic signatures apps, you can easily and conveniently append your signature on documents online.


9 of the Best Electronic Signature Apps


With a reliable electronic signature app, you can do much more than just append signatures. Some of the latest electronic signature generators even provide you with professionals templates for business, real estate, etc.


Read on to find the 9 best electronic signature apps you can rely on when signing electronic documents. Some of these have been attracting the attention of media houses.


#1 CocoSign - Most comprehensive electronic signature app

As a leader in the electronic signature market, CocoSign gives you access to a lot of features. Besides the ability to generate a signature, CocoSign is also an online database for online forms catering to different sectors and countries.


Most comprehensive electronic signature app


It supports the signing of documents in over 180 countries across the world. Besides, the signatures you append using CocoSign are legally valid. Recently, CocoSign service has been featured in TechCrunch and BuzzFeed.


With CocoSign, you get an electronic signature maker trusted across the world. It allows you to sign documents on the go using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Benefits of using CocoSign

CocoSign gives a leeway when signing documents online since you can do so from anywhere. Here are some of the benefits you get using CocoSign:


1. Secure storage for signed documents

With CocoSign, you get secure storage for your signed documents until they auto-expire. Best of all, CocoSign allows you to export the documents to a storage location of your choice.


2. Track document

CocoSign lets you track the progress of each signatory when signing a document. It informs you who have appended their signatures and those who are yet. All this you can do on your CocoSign dashboard.


3. Provides an audit trail

In case of any legal dispute, CocoSign provides you with an audit trail. Also, you can use this feature to monitor each transaction. The audit trail records everything from the name to the IP address and email address.


4. Saves your digital signature

CocoSign lets you save your digital signature for future use on the platform. With its in-person feature, CocoSign allows colleagues, customers, and employees to append their signatures. This can be done anywhere online.


5. Secure and legally binding

To protect your signature and document during transmission, CocoSign uses advanced encryption protocols. What's more, it complies with regulations set by eIDAS and ESIGN.


Generating your signature and appending it to a document is easy and straightforward with this app.


#2 Eversign

The electronic signature app is popular for its cheap plans. It has a positive reputation and is popular with businesses. With Eversign, you can use it to sign documents online using any internet-enabled device.


However, the drawback of this app comes alive when you try to sign a document with multiple pages. It is not stable and tends to slow down. The user interface can do with an upgrade too.


On its free plan, Eversign doesn't allow you to create templates and save them for future use.



Another popular electronic signature app is SIGNiX. The app is popular with healthcare organizations, wealth management institutions, real estate, and government bodies. It provides decent features to its users.


However, SIGNiX does not provide users a free version. For this, you have to request them for a free demo.


#4 SignRequest

With SignRequest, you get a handy signature app, even though it may not be as organized as other apps. It supports 17 countries across the world, although it is popular in the US and New Zealand.


The free plan in this app doesn't allow you to create templates.


#5 Concord

Concord provides some of the most advanced electronic signature features available today. The app is popular with established businesses like Kickstarter and Discord.


Concord provides some innovative features, such as the ability to edit documents in real-time. It also supports onboarding, workflow approvals, collaboration and communication, and Google Drive.


The drawback is that it is expensive, and the free version does not offer much.


#6 Docsketch

With Docsketch, you get all the features of an electronic signature maker. The app lets you sign legally-valid documents and create templates. Also, you get features such as multi-signatory support and audit reports.


However, its free plan is limited. It only lets you send 3 documents per month and set reminders and notifications. Besides, it is used by prominent businesses such as SUMO and Cornell University.


#7 PactSafe

With PactSafe, you get an electronic signature app used by popular brands like Doordash and Wayfair. It allows you to create a clickwrap agreement for your business. It even allows customers to append their signatures on contracts through text messages.


Also, you can create custom URLs for customers to collect digital signatures with this app. The main drawback is that it is expensive, costing $375/month. Also, you don't get a free version.


#8 Moxtra

Moxtra is a new electronic signature app that offers impressive features. The app offers many services, including payment collection, messenger, and task management, besides its signature feature.


It uses an innovative concept to accomplish its goals. However, you don't get a dedicated signature generator tool. Also, it lacks some cool features we've come to expect from electronic signature apps..


#9 DocuSign

For a while, DocuSign was the leading electronic signature maker. However, its glory days could be behind it. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


It supports hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals across the world. The drawback is that it is an expensive solution and customer support is not the best.



The best Electronic signature makers are easy to use across any platform. Hopefully, the post was enlightening for you. Some apps are better than others; so, we recommend CocoSign for your electronic signature maker.

Top 10 Apps For The Self-Employed


As a self-employed individual, you have to take care of yourself. What this means is that you're basically in charge of all facets of your professional life. You need to deal with your accounts, schedule meetings with any clients, check your social media, run marketing strategies, etc. This list is already quite long, and it gets even longer! Thankfully, we're in an age where technology is on our side. Smartphones and tablets contain thousands of useful apps for self-employed people. Naturally, some are a lot better than others. So, here are the top apps for freelancers, business owners, and anyone else that's self-employed:


Google Docs

You pretty much need to download Google Docs if you're self-employed. While Microsoft Word has been the king of word processing apps in the last twenty years, Google Docs is starting to take over. Many self-employed people use it as it's the easiest way to share and edit content across different platforms. You can type a document on your computer, then easily carry on making edits on your phone. It's also easy to share links to your documents through the app, allowing other people to access them and make edits on the go.


Google Sheets

Another member of the Google suite, Sheets is basically an on-the-go spreadsheets app. Again, it has all the functionalities of Google Docs, but in a spreadsheet format. Arguably, this is an even better app for self-employed people. You can create a sheet that lists all of your clients for the day, along with what you've charged them. As you complete jobs, you can add them to the sheet, and it totals up your earnings for the day. If you really want to get complex, you can add calculations that automatically take off tax from your earnings, making it easier when tax season arrives!


The fact that you can do all of this from your phone is such a huge bonus. It stops instances where you might forget to add something to a spreadsheet because you're out and about. Also, if you need help with the sheet, you can send a link to someone else and they can work on it with you.



Grammarly is a grammar-checking app that has many functions. It's available on your device as a standalone app where you can write content and check for errors. Or, you can upload/copy documents into the app and check them that way. It's highly useful for editing any of your written work, ensuring you don't disgrace yourself with simple grammatical errors!


However, the Grammarly mobile app really comes into its own when you install the Grammarly Keyboard. Effectively, this is an extension of the app that checks everything you type, as you type it. You don't need to be in the app to get edits - they are provided while you write emails, edit your website, and so on. It's proofreading on-the-go, which is essential for any self-employed individual looking to make a good impression.



You can probably guess the functionality of this app by its name alone! Yes, this is an invoice app that will help you create and send invoices to all of your clients. All self-employed people know the main of managing and sending invoices. Often, you don't do it until the end of the day/week. This is simply because you lack the ability to create invoices as you work. The problem with this is that it can lead to delayed payments, which can be a financial issue.


Instead, you can use an app like this to literally create invoices as soon as you need them. It can be used alongside your spreadsheets to instantly send out an invoice following a job. Just fill in the fields, select a template, and get your invoice sent out. This could lead to much faster payments from clients - with some sending you money on the same day. Realistically, delayed payments aren't the fault of your client, but the fault of you for not reminding them. Nobody will send money unless they've been prompted. This helps you prompt them right away.





Yes, you can't go anywhere without Zoom these days. It's always been a useful app for video calls/meetings, but it's grown in prominence during 2020. The Zoom app works the exact same as the Zoom web browser application, only you carry it around in your pocket. This makes it ideal for any impromptu calls or meetings you have with clients/staff. Basically, it lets you host or join a call when you're in a quiet coffee shop, rather than having to go all the way home and get settled.


Of course, people have been using Zoom for more than just calls and meetings. Nowadays, people set up educational talks or presentations via Zoom, so you can use this app to join them. From this perspective, it's a great educational tool for the self-employed.



To be honest, you can choose from a plethora of note-taking apps on your phone/tablet. Evernote is always popular, but GoodNotes is an incredible choice for freelancers or business owners. Basically, you can jot down notes whenever you like, but it also lets you import and edit pdfs and other word documents. This is brilliant if you get sent a report and want to make notes or edits to send back to someone. Effectively, you can mark them up using your finger or a stylus, adding in handwritten notes as you do it.


That's the main reason this is on this list; it's the best note-taking app for people with a stylus/Apple Pencil. If you like writing things by hand, this will save you so much paper.



Quickbooks has long been the number one accounting software on the market. Almost every self-employed person will use it to manage finances, deal with taxes, etc. Well, now you can take the power of Quickbooks with you wherever you go. The app has many functions that the desktop application has, but in a condensed format. It's perfect for tracking expenses or making any financial adjustments on the go.  You can also use this application of Cloud. Learn more about QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting from Hosted Desktop providers.


If you have employees, you can use this app to schedule payments or ensure that everything is set up come payday. However, the best purpose is definitely the aforementioned expense tracking. When you pay for anything using your business account, you can track it via the app. This comes in handy when you do your taxes and need to figure out how much you spent over the last year. In essence, it prevents instances where you forget to track certain payments - and that can make all the difference.



When you're self-employed, you have to learn how to manage your time. If you're unproductive, you'll waste a lot of time throughout the day. This translates to wasted time during the week, month, and year. As a result, you can miss out on so much money by not being productive.


This is where Clockify comes to help you out. Effectively, it's a time-management app that lets you plan out your schedule. You can track projects from the palm of your hand, and the best feature is the time-tracking capabilities. This app can be integrated with other apps, tracking how much time you spend on them every day. You can also input details yourself, but the idea is that you see where your time goes each day. This helps you figure out what you're spending too much time on, and where you need to dedicate some more hours.



This next app is perfect if you want to plan things out and look ahead to the future. XMind lets you create visual mind maps for every situation. You could even use it to plot your schedule for the next week!


Still, the main use is to look ahead and see the path your business will be on over the next few years. It's a fantastic way of visualizing success and seeing what you should do to get to where you want to be. Everything is saved in the cloud, so you can continue a map on your phone that you started on your tablet.



Finally, let's think about the marketing side of your life. Self-employment depends on getting the word out there about your offerings. The easiest and most effective way of doing this is through social media. You should have all the relevant social media apps on your phone, and you could use them to publish content and market your business.


However, Hootsuite lets you do all of that in one place. You can add different social media accounts to the suite, scheduling posts, interacting with followers, and so on. It's a great way of managing your social media as a self-employed individual.


On that note, you've come to the end of this list. What do all of these apps have in common? They make your life so much easier! You can play so many roles as a self-employed person, and these apps help you get the most out of your life. From improving productivity to filing taxes; download these apps to make your job simpler.

Self-destructing Feature for Media Records


WhatsApp is trying new highlights constantly, however that doesn't imply that all are delivered to the overall population. In any case, odds are that the accompanying capacity will make it to the last form of the application in some structure.


Much the same as many informing applications, WhatsApp lets clients send messages that terminate after a specific time. The element doesn't matter to media you send however, so WhatsApp is presently trying another component that will make pictures, recordings, and other media documents vanish consequently in specific conditions.


According to WABetaInfo's report, the new "terminating media" include should fall to pieces pictures, recordings and GIFs sent to a contact, yet it will work marginally uniquely in contrast to lapsing messages. One of the fundamental contrasts is that the media shared utilizing this component won't terminate after a specific time like messages.


Rather, all media shared through this component will vanish after the beneficiary leaves the talk suddenly and completely. The UI for terminating media appears to be a lot of unique than the standard one, which will permit clients to see the truth about it right away.


Obviously, WhatsApp may keep on tweaking the "terminating media" highlight and the last form may look very surprising, yet the usefulness will continue as before. It's difficult to state when precisely the new element will be delivered, however we'll tell you when it gets official.



If you are hunting for the best phone spyware, you are in the right place. Finding the best spyware can be daunting especially with the availability of multiple apps. Fortunately, we narrowed down to the 5 best spyware in 2020. 

In this post, you get to know what each of these apps has to offer. These surveillance apps or spyware, provide the most convenient way of spying on someone. They all let you spy on your target remotely over the internet. 

What's more, you won't need technical skills to spy on the target phone. Also, the apps offer a comprehensive surveillance experience. Read on to find which spyware we recommend in this post. 

#1 Spyine - The go-to spyware

As one of the top-performing phone surveillance apps, Spyine delivers unmatched service. The app comes with over 30 surveillance features capable of spying on different aspects. 

Spyine has even been gaining media attention with its ability to spy on iOS and Android devices. For instance, PCmag and Forbes have reviewed this revolutionary spyware. This online phone monitor from Spyine delivers an all-round surveillance service. 

With Spyine, you get spyware trusted by over a million users globally. What's more, it has a very high customer approval rating of 96% which is the highest in the industry. 

What makes Spyine trustworthy 

Apart from dozens of features, Spyine gives its users an unrivaled surveillance experience. Here are some of the capabilities that make Spyine remarkable phone spyware: 

1. Jailbreak-free and root-free spyware 

Spyine doesn't require jailbreaking or rooting the target phone for it to work. Rooting Android and jailbreaking iOS devices is a common practice for many spyware. However, Spyine overcomes this through the latest technology. 

The process of rooting or jailbreaking a phone takes a lot of time and requires technical know-how. Also, it compromises the security of the target device and leaves the user vulnerable to malware. 

Besides, it voids the warranty of the phone. 

2. 100% undetectable 

With Spyine, you can spy on your target smartphone without worries about the user noticing. The app runs in the background to ensure it never interferes with phone performance. 

Spyine lets you spy on an iPhone without installing the app on the phone. Rather, Spyine uses the iCloud backup to spy on any iOS device including iPhones. This way, the iOS device user won't notice your activities. 

Besides, on Android devices, Spyine automatically hides in installed apps. What's more, the Android app deletes its icon to avoid detection. Above it all, Spyine is a web-based phone surveillance app. 

So, you can spy on any phone remotely via a web browser. To accomplish this, you only need to log in to your Spyine dashboard. 

3. Safe 

Spyine protects the data privacy of the target phone user by not gathering data on third-party apps. This way, it avoids storing such data on its server. Also, you are the only one who can access your Spyine dashboard. 

#2 Neatspy 

With Neatspy, users across the world have been able to spy on their targets discreetly. This is online-based spyware that lets you meet your surveillance needs remotely. 


Neatspy can spy on devices running on iOS and Android. Thanks to dozens of features, Neatspy can spy on different areas of the target phone. Best of all, it is a safe app that doesn't require jailbreaking or rooting the target device. 

This spyware is popular with parents and employers who wish to spy on their kids and employees respectively. Neatspy makes it a lot easier to spy on any device over the internet. 

#3 ClickFree

Another remarkable web-based phone spyware is ClickFree. The app comes with more than 30 surveillance capabilities for both iOS and Android devices. ClickFree doesn't require compromising the target device to use it. 


With ClickFree, you can spy on virtually all installed apps such as social media apps. The app can also spy on all keystrokes on the target device, call log, calendar, email, and much more. 

So, ClickFree is comprehensive spyware that grants you access to virtually all the aspects of a phone. Besides, you won't have to worry about the target discovering your surveillance activities. 

#4 Minspy

Minspy is among the latest and best phone spyware. The app comes with over 30 surveillance features. With these features, Minspy lets you access almost any aspect of the target phone. 

You spy on your target's browser history, location, and installed apps. What's more, you can spy on call logs, contacts, and email among others. Minspy is popular with parents interested in monitoring their kids. 

Best of all, you won't have to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices for the app to work. Rather, Minspy avoids these common practices through technology. It is among a handful of apps that have achieved this milestone. 

#5 Spyic

With Spyic, you are getting yourself a veteran in the phone surveillance industry. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. It is equipped with over 35 features that make it easy to spy on your target. 

Spyic has over a million users around the world. Besides, its operations take place in stealth to ensure the target device user is not spooked. This way, you won't have to worry about your target discovering your surveillance activities. 

What's more, Spyic is one of the few spy apps that don't require rooting or jailbreaking the target. On iOS devices, the app doesn't require installation since it relies on the iCloud backup. 


Finding the best phone spyware is a huge challenge with an overcrowded industry. Luckily, we narrowed down the best phone spyware for 2020. You can rely on any of the spyware here for your phone surveillance needs.



You have an app for everything these days. There is nothing that an app cannot do, and it has come to a point where we cannot even imagine our lives without seeking refuge in the services of a mobile app. However, with the use of a myriad of apps, the need to look into the security of these apps has also been quite a concern. There are a couple of things that you need to check before you download an app for your Android phone. There is no dearth of people with malicious intent. Hackers are always looming large, and they might just try to steal sensitive information from your phone through one of these apps if you are not careful enough. It is important that you choose your app carefully and check for a few criteria before you download them, and that is what the article shall shed light upon today. 

Check for the Source of Your Download:

The very first and perhaps the quintessential step that you must follow is to check the source of your download. The source of your download must be verified and safe, and the one that is approved by Android. Google Play, as we all know, is the verified Android app store, and it is important that you make all your purchases of apps from this store only. There are several ways in which you can check the authenticity and security of apps on Play Store, which make it easy for you to download apps. However, in case you want to download a specific app from any other store besides Google Play Store, it is imperative that you check for the licenses and reviews before proceeding with the download. The websites and app stores that do not have transparency in its licenses are shady places, and you must steer clear from downloading your apps from such stores. 

Download Verified Apps:

The advantage with Google Play is that apps that are safe for download are verified by Play Protect. And this makes it easy to choose the apps and download the same from Google Store. Always download apps that are verified by Play Protect on Google Play Store as this shall mean that you are downloading apps that are completely safe for you. Apps that are dubious in nature will never be verified by Play Protect, and are the ones that you need to avoid at all costs. This helpful tip comes handy, especially when you are downloading the app version of certain online gaming or gambling sites. Apps of online gambling sites we recommend will always be verified, and the reviews of the sites will also be available on Play Store. Go through them carefully and only then make a choice.


C:\Users\admin\Downloads\dan-nelson--SHbw2K0x9o-unsplash (1).jpg

Read the Permission and Privacy Policy:

Here is another tip for you that you might find to be a stressful affair. No one likes to read through the elaborate terms and conditions that come along with apps, but this is a very important process nevertheless. The terms and conditions policy has some very essential information about the app that you are about to download. And therefore, you must make it a point to go through the same. Do not just check the box of "I accept" without any reading and investigation into the same. You might be getting yourself into a world of trouble if you happen to do so. Therefore, take some time and read through every word on the policy carefully to make an informed decision about downloading the app.

A Final Word:

Mobile phones have made our lives easy and extremely comfortable. We have apps that can make our purchase and recreation endeavours a huge success. But these apps also have several security concerns that you must know of. There is no charm in being ignorant and unaware of the state of affairs. You need to know what transpires in the web space to be able to make educated and wise decisions. Do not ignore the points we have discussed in the article about the things that you need to check before downloading an app. With these on your mind, you can rest assured that your privacy shall not be compromised and you shall stay safe.

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