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With almost every season of every sport currently postponed, fans are having to get used to life without live sport. But, there are other ways that these people can entertain themselves in a sporting capacity. 

Surfing sites like, keeping up-to-date with the latest news, watching lighthearted videos as well as listening to an ever-increasing amount of podcasts, sport is still very much available to those that cannot do without it. And, with these five apps providing some much-needed relief, sport doesn't have to be "off-limits".

BBC Sport


What better way to monitor the latest news than via the most respected outlet in the country. BBC Sport has come a long way, and it is now an incredible hotspot for recent and breaking sporting news. 


With podcasts in abundance and news continuing to flood out, BBC Sport can certainly provide a mammoth of reading, viewing and listening for those missing their beloved sport, including a flashback to the incredible

2019 England cricket Tests against Australia.

William Hill

The betting giant William Hill is a mammoth player in the sport and casino online market. With regular offers in play and envious accumulator features, William Hill can provide users with incredible deals. From the comfort of their own homes, people can monitor the latest news and betting promotions.


One of the most popular sports apps, the ESPN brand continues to impress even as soon as you launch the app. The first time you launch it, you are prompted to choose your favourite sports which aids the app in customising the way it presents news as well as your favourite teams and clubs.


With Home, Scores, Watch and ESPN+ tabs, there is an unlimited number of options available. The Home page has videos for news and scores built around your favourite teams and other news from various leagues you are interested in. You can also watch live sports with ESPN+ providing subscription-only access to documentaries etc. News, live sports and video aplenty, ESPN is a leading contender.


A tabbed home screen full of news, scores and other interesting tabs, theScore provides sports fans with another cracking app. The News tab is simple with news easily accessible and an impressive Scores section with favourite games at the top. Containing a Favourites section too, this enables you to access news and scores for your favourite team.

The Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is yet another impressive news outlet that allows you to customise your favourite teams, see scores and keep up-to-date with the recent and breaking news. The Bleacher Report even features something called the "Fire" section which broadcasts trending sports videos for entertainment.


In exchange for a generalist sports app, The Bleacher Report enables a myopic focus on your favourite team and franchise. Team Stream will then produce prevalent, real-time notifications from across the internet.


Customers are able to follow their favourite teams - and even particular games - as 365scores provides live game and score notifications with video highlights too. Of course, related news, articles and fixtures also accompany these features. With some of the biggest sports and leagues covered including the NBA, NFL and the Champions League, 365scores does what every fan wants it to do: provide breaking news in a simple fashion.


In the generation today, most students are looking for mobile applications that can help them instantly about school activities. The Generation Z group is mostly open-minded, multitaskers, and tech-reliant when it comes to website resources.  

Their knowledge and creativity are so overwhelming, and they are too busy most of the time. They put effort and passion into whatever they do. To manage their time and schedule properly, we have listed down significant apps for their school activities purposes:

1. G Suite




Whether you engaged in education, or just for personal matters, the G Suite is the perfect fit for your school web tools setup. It contains Gmail, sheets, docs, forms, slides, contacts, calendar, hangouts, and google groups. You can share the files and collaborate online. You don't need to worry about the changes made because the G suite automatically saves the files.

Moreover, you can enjoy up to 15GB free storage limit using the Google drive. This tool is a great app for students especially due to its automatic saving options, storage system, online editing features, available online and offline.

2. Hemingway Editor

Sometimes, there are errors in your content that cannot be identified using Grammarly. You need to pay for a premium fee to access all the features.

Good thing, this Hemingway Editor app is the best alternative to proofread and monitor your writing. It suggests corrections in your grammar, spelling, readability, figures of speech, and sentence structure. If you're a student looking for a free app, this tool is an amazing partner to help you edit and proofread content.

3. Grammarly




Apart from Hemingway Editor, Grammarly is a leading editing and proofreading checker worldwide. It also provides readability, word count, and vocabulary statistics and analytics. It also offers a plagiarism checker, but it is only available for premium users.

It worked across multiple devices and plugins. You can download it directly and install it as an add on to your Microsoft word or a plugin to your browser. You can use this app together with the Hemingway editor so that you can check your grammar and sentence structure properly.

4. Mindmup

Mind mapping is an effective approach to perform brainstorming, mind castling, and conveniently organizing ideas and data. It helps in memory retention and analyzing the complex relationship of information.

To efficiently perform a mind mapping technique, you can use the mindmup app. It features a seamless and simple dashboard that can help you build a structured context and outline for your school paper works. You can also add images, attach documents, post to social media, structure your writing, manage projects, and create storyboards.

5. Evernote




Evernote refers to an app that systematically stores and compiles gathered data. You can create a to-do list, presentations, take notes, draft writing, attach documents, and more. Non-premium users can enjoy up to 60mb upload per month for free. Furthermore, you can find the basic features on their website to know more about their app.

You can use this application to prepare school papers and manage activities. Furthermore, you can hire for essays help online and use this application to share the details of the school paperwork.


In organizing tasks, you can use the to schedule your work and monitor the progress. Whenever the deadline is getting near, it will pop up a notification on your phone or reminder through emails. You can link this app into your Gmail account and calendar.

This app is convenient for students because they need to chase different deadlines for their school tasks. They can also categorize their listing for their academic matters, family events, and personal things. If they want to oversee the day-to-day task, this tool is the best partner for reminding various deadlines and to-do lists.

7. Dropbox




Using the Dropbox, this app promotes cloud-based storage to keep your files and records intact. You can store up to 2GB space per account. Moreover, you may assign the folder or file to someone you're working on within the group.

What makes this app significant for students? Well, you can store the draft files and save multiple copies for your reference. In this way, you can always go back to the first or second draft in case you change some of the contents or revert the context into the original form.

8. Feedly

Leo is the artificial intelligence host for the Feedly app. You can suggest a filtering system to this AI, and it will help you manage the resources necessary for your topic. In this way, you will not get overwhelmed with the information on the internet. You can sort the categories based on your subject matter.

Feedly is a great referencing tool for gathering information based on a specific subject matter. Its AI also removes any irrelevant topics and organizes the contents per your needs.




Photo by David Olubaji on Unsplash

There comes a time in our lives when we start to feel like our world's ending, and it's breaking into a gazillion fragments, thus making it difficult or near-impossible to bring the pieces together. It is during times like this that we have to embrace apps that are specifically designed to bring calm to the turbulent and near-sinking ships of our lives. It doesn't matter if it is just work or some personal issues that are holding us back; you should know that you're not alone in all that.  





During times when you have millions of thoughts going around in your head, know that a great mind mapping option is MindMeister. Mind mapping helps you to peruse your ideas in no particular shape or order. This app is an excellent mind mapping option that can be accessed on mobile devices. By making use of the app, you would be able to format, organize, and create new impressions easily. You can create your map by using different options like colours, themes, icons, and styles. You can also choose to join other users to create your exclusive mind map. If you decide to subscribe on the app, you would be enabled to export the maps in PNG and PDF format. This calming app can be accessed on both Android and iOS, just like the Get lucky casino app thus making it one step easier for you.

Dark Noise




Using cool Noise is an ideal way to help you sleep or concentrate on any task at hand. Dark Noise is a powerful and fascinating app that teaches you different ways of using sound. You have 30 unusual distinct noises to choose from, as there are simple and complex noises depending on your preference at that point. After selecting that sound, you can choose the duration, i.e. the time frame you want to play it for. You can also use a Siri shortcut to access a specific noise, making it needless to open the app again on your phone.


Although using Noise might soothe some, it tends to annoy others. If you're in that other category, then you should consider going for the Calm app. It is a great meditation application for beginners, and there are a couple of options for advanced users. These sessions can be accessed in different durations, ranging from 2 to about 25 minutes. These meditations have a wide array of topics, ranging from; happiness, joy, stress, fatigue, appreciation, among several others. 





Just like Calm, Headspace is another app that provides the platform for guided meditation and mind-enabling options. There is an essential course that looks at the fundamentals. There is an option for a subscription to take a look at all the app's content, which includes the entirely new and entertaining meditation catalogue. Just like its contemporaries, this app offers diverse discussion points like fatigue, resting, and exercising. There is a two-minute meditation session for users who want to use the apps during their quick breaks. You have the option of reaching out to your friends to join the platform as you co-embark on a meditation journey together. Questions are answered on issues relating to mindfulness.

Insight Timer

This app boasts of over 30,000 music tracks and meditation sessions that you can easily enjoy for free. Most of the topics you would find there deal with relationships, leadership, life, stress etc. when struggling to cope with work demands, you can set the app to listen to a meditation on the go at a particular time, as a part of a daily routine. There are quite a lot of discussion forums and community frameworks that can help you link with other users all over the world. Going for a subscription offers some benefits like; unlocking all the meditations, downloading the entire meditation catalogue and playing them offline.

Smartphones have been a revolutionary invention and for the most part are seen to have had a beneficial impact on modern life. From sports betting to communication apps like Skype, there is now a valid argument that too many of us are becoming mindless, with smartphones apps taking away our ability to critically think and often leaving us clicking away in autopilot.

But there are also a wide variety of apps for iOS and Android that can help your brain, by improving your memory, maths skills or your decision making.

Here are five of the best apps available that can sharpen your mind:


Peak is one of the most organized brain training apps on the market, with more than 40 mind training games designed to help you develop your memory, attention, problem-solving skills, alertness, language skills, creativity and more.

The app even has a built-in personal trainer by the name of ‘Coach' who helps you to prioritise and can give you a hand with assignments without doing all of the work for you. 

Not only is Peak mentally stimulating, it's fun and engaging too.

Fit Brains

Rosetta Stone are famous for their online language courses, but the world's leading interactive language trainer has also branched out into brain games, with Fit Brains. 

Fit Brains stimulates your cognitive and emotional intelligence with more than 60 minigames and over 500 training programs. 

The app helps you to develop six major areas of your brain including memory, quick thinking, concentration, problem-solving ability, language, and visual sharpness. 

In addition you can also train four key areas of emotional intelligence, being your self-control, self-awareness, social awareness and social skills.


Lumosity is the mind training app with over 90 million users worldwide and there's good reason why it has achieved so many downloads.

Designed with the help of over 100 brain researchers worldwide, when you first download the app you take part in a ‘Fit Test' that will give you a base score for your remaining use of the app's material.

Lumosity can improve your concentration, aid you in solving analytical problens, improve your memory, attention to detail and thinking speed.

Mensa Brain Training

If you're wanting to improve your brain's function, then what better way than to put it through Mensa Brain Training. Here you can play daily brain training games designed by the original high IQ society.

Play challenging exercises developed by industry experts and accredited by Mensa themselves. You can also check your personal Mensa Brain Index (MBI) and see your global percentile for each of 5 key disciplines (Memory, concentration, mental agility, reasoning and perception).

Bingo Bash

If all of that brain training seems a little bit much, or if you'd also like to download something more easy-going that will still keep you mentally engaged, why not try a bingo app?

There are many  bingo apps out there but one of the best casino US online and most popular takes on the classic game is Bingo Bash. The game contains a variety of rooms and has several variants of Bingo to keep you thinking and to keep things interesting. 



There is no shortage of mobile applications today which cater to the many needs of modern students, but that can actually be quite a confusing situation to be in really! Which one should you choose when there are so many of them to choose from? While it would be impossible to suggest apps for specific students without knowing what their priorities are and what is it that they are looking for, we have prepared a list of 5 excellent Android apps for students which should be valid to most students today.


Google Keep




Before we proceed, it needs to be made clear that there are other similar planner and note keeping apps out there with more enhanced functionalities. However,  Google Keep is still better for students, because of the following reasons.


  • It lets students take notes, record voice notes, add pictures, set reminders and pretty much anything else that one can expect from a notebooks app

  • Google Keep for students is completely free and includes all features anyway

  • Simplistic, intuitive design makes things extremely easy to access

  • With Google Drive sync enabled, you can keep your notes up to date across multiple devices seamlessly and simultaneously

  • It's available on all platforms, including iOS and iPadOS





Do you sometimes feel like you are spending all your time writing your essays? Well, it's not a feeling but a fact really, because students really do end up spending a majority of their spare time outside the classroom, writing essays and completing assignments!


AdvancedWriters believes in the phrase, "Your time belongs to you, not to your papers," and true to those words, they will let you get back control over your own time by supplying you with as many papers and assignments as you need.


Each paper from AdvancedWriter is written with professional accuracy, by specialist, highly experienced essay writers. Given that they have nearly 500 writers, spread across 8 different writing groups for catering to the students all day long, rest assured that your deadlines will be met and the standard of writing will always be exquisite.


Just download the AdvancedWriters app or visit their website to get started, and you will never have to miss anything ever again, just because you had to finish another one of those never ending series of essay papers.


Microsoft Office Lens




Although it says "Office," Microsoft's Lens is an incredibly useful tool for students who need the following features.


  • Scans in everything, including documents, whiteboards, blackboards, books, text messages, emails etc.

  • Edit and convert any image into PDF, Word, or PowerPoint formats

  • Clear up and secure information from unclear images of any kind, including cards





With a name like that, you know it has to mean business, and it does. It is voted by students as one of the best study/class/assignment planners available, in spite of there being cheaper or even free alternatives out there. Key features which makes this scheduling app super useful are as follows.


  • Available on Mac, Windows 10, iOS, iPadOS and of course, Android

  • Asks for an affordable, one time purchase price, rather than pursuing an IAP or subscription model

  • Helps you track and stay reminded about all your assignments, classes, test schedules, etc. from one unified platform

  • iStudiez can also synchronize with Google Calendar and other popular calendar apps





Finally, we have Chegg, which offers a complete collection of applications, rather than just one. Expect Chegg apps to help you with the following.


  • Renting textbooks at affordable rates

  • Buying and selling text books

  • Solving math problems

  • Online tutoring and more

If you need more options, or an app suggestion for a specific task, feel free to leave a comment and we will do our best to answer your queries. In the meanwhile, check these out and see if you can't have some use for them too!


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