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Adults in the US


Adults in the US spend more than three hours a day on their smartphones performing critical tasks like responding to emails and paying bills, and indulging in leisure time via social media apps, video streaming sites, and games.


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With the feature-rich mobile phone now playing an ever more prominent role in our lives, both at work and home, it has become more important to keep these devices updated. The quality of software can be just as crucial to the quality of a user's experience on a phone as the raw specs that power the device.


That means to keep devices running optimally and securely, you need to install software updates - both for the operating system and the apps you have installed on your phone. Failure to do this can lead to performance and security-related issues, leaving you exposed to malicious attacks or preventing your devices from working as intended.


Fortunately, Google releases security updates for Android every month and rolls out a new version with fresh features and UI tweaks every year. Apple follows a similar schedule with iOS, a mobile operating system that runs exclusively on the iPhone. These operating systems contain the utilities and services that make your device usable.


What kind of updates are there?

Updates for phones are not always the same. They can generally be categorized into three different types - stability, security, and OS. Stability updates are rolled out to fix crashes or problems with the software and are usually focused solely on delivering a better user experience. These updates are important following the release of a new OS, as teething issues are likely.


Security updates are arguably the most important in terms of protecting mobile phone users. That is because they make changes and fix known flaws that prevent third parties from hacking your phone and accessing personal information.


Finally, there are OS updates that can completely change the look and feel of a phone. A new operating system will add new features and usually iterate on the previous OS's improvements. Major OS updates only release once a year, but incremental OS updates for fixes and stability are rolled out regularly.


What about games and apps?

Outside of the OS, games and apps can also be updated. Developers will regularly release new features and make fixes that will require you to download and update apps to access them. These updates are usually triggered automatically, though you can manually "update all" games and apps via the App Store on Apple devices.


Developers often provide updates after a new OS has been released as apps and games often require changes to be compatible with new versions of Android and iOS. It is a good idea to regularly check for updates for the OS and your apps to be sure everything is secure, compatible, and ready to go when you need it.


Why is it important to update regularly?

According to Apple, downloading the latest software update is among the "most important things" a user can do to maintain product security. That is because updates fix vulnerabilities that attackers target to compromise your device by encrypting files and stealing data.


Google's guidance about updating apps also notes that updating apps enables users to get the "latest features" while improving "app security and stability." Everything new that developers have been working on will be included in these regular app updates.


However, research by NetMarketShare found just a quarter of Android users had updated to the latest version of the OS software last year. Additionally, a report from Which? claimed around four in ten Android users are using versions that are outdated and no longer receive security updates.


In this instance, it is best to buy a new phone eligible for the latest updates. Mobile phone manufacturers typically provide security and OS updates for at least two or three years. However, Apple has recently set a precedent by rolling out updates to iPhones five or more years old. For example, iOS14 is available on the iPhone 6S, which launched way back in 2015.


For games, updating your phone will enable you to get the latest and best version of them. When a game first launches, bugs and issues can hamper the playing experience, and developers use updates to improve quality and stability over time. For multiplayer games, updating may also be necessary to play in competitive online playlists.


Browser-based apps like Chrome and Firefox also receive updates. By downloading and installing these, you can be sure that you are getting the best, most secure experience when playing at online casino sites and navigating to your favorite news or shopping platforms.



Without updates, your phone will be left vulnerable to security threats, and you will be unable to play the latest versions of games or enjoy new features in apps and across a mobile OS. While some critical updates are downloaded automatically, you should get in the habit of checking for updates regularly for the peace of mind that everything is secure and able to perform optimally.


Which? advises users with older smartphones that reached the "end of life" to be more cautious when browsing the web and downloading apps or files as there is a greater security risk. It also recommends backing up data and using an antivirus app. The best long-term solution here is to buy a new phone that can download OS, game, and app updates regularly and has support for security and stability fixes. Whatever the circumstances, updating your phone is vital for a variety of reasons.


There's a motivation behind why we as a whole love to utilize the Google Messages application, and it's something beyond in light of the fact that it's the solitary SMS application that Google hasn't discarded at this point. The organization has been taking extraordinary steps to carry new and energizing highlights to Messages. Today, Google reported significantly more highlights that are going to the Messages application.


Google starts adding better association highlights to the Messages application


By means of the Google India Blog, the organization declared that your gadget will start utilizing AI to consequently sort the SMS and MMS messages that come through. You'll probably have a part at the top for Personal and exchanges, alongside another for those one-time passwords. However, with one tap, you can switch between message types effortlessly.


Talking about those one-time passwords (OTPs), Messages will currently start consequently erasing those messages, 24 hours after they show up. On the off chance that you're utilizing two-factor confirmation (which you ought to be), you can see that it is so disappointing to have the Messages application jumbled with these. A brief will seem while choosing the OTPs tag at the highest point of the application, inquiring as to whether you need to have OTPs naturally erased.


OTPs naturally erased


Google is additionally making it conceivable to kill both the arranged messages and OTP erasure highlights. Regardless of whether you empower them from the start, you'll simply have to bounce into the Google Messages application to turn them off.


The solitary catch with this update is that it presently is just accessible for those utilizing Google Messages in India. Who knows precisely when these two association highlights may come to different business sectors, however we're trusting that it shows up as soon as possible.

The Best Apps To While Away An Evening In 2021


It's fair to say our mobile phones are among our most prized possessions when it comes to seeking entertainment and an evening lay on the sofa without our smart device can often feel a little lonely.


They're as entertaining as the television and nothing quite beats an evening on your mobile, particularly as games on our devices continue to develop. But what are the best apps to while away an evening? Luckily for you, we're here to help...


Football Manager

When it comes to PC gaming, there are few games which have had the same sort of impact as Football Manager. Since the launch of Championship Manager many moons ago, it's been a cult classic game and it's now available for your smartphone.


Even though it's condensed compared to the desktop version, you can spend hours on the mobile version, guiding your football team through the leagues to ultimate success. Of course, if you're not too good at it you could also end up battling relegation for hours and ultimately ending up with the sack.



If you're looking for a bingo app then you really do have a wealth of options. Brands like Moon Bingo have really kicked on in the last few years and are now as popular on mobile as they are on desktop.


Bingo is a great way to spend an evening on your phone and with chat functions it's almost like playing in a real bingo hall, all from the comfort of your sofa. There are tons of different games to suit all budgets and timeframes these days, which is why a bingo app is a must download to stay entertained of an evening in the current climate.



Of course, it's not all about gaming. An evening on your phone also gives any single folk the chance to find love. There are of course many dating apps on the market today, including the likes of Bumble and Hinge, but Tinder has really led the way in the last few years and matched many couples during that time.


It's the opportunity to bring two people who are both sat on their phones in an evening, and what better use of a smartphone than that?


Words With Friend 2

Words With Friends 2 is another way to connect with other people, but this time through the means of gaming rather than romance. It's a game that plays in exactly the same way as Scrabble and you can play against different people all around the world. It's a great way to make new friends, as well as spend the evening really testing your brain and vocabulary.

New Google application update is causing rehashed crashes


In the wake of refreshing their Google application to the new adaptation, Android clients have detailed encountering regular accidents. The issue further reaches out to Podcasts, Lens, and has likewise brought about the Assistant not working.


The 12.23 beta form of the Google application was presented keep going week on Wednesday (June 16) and authoritatively carried out yesterday (June 21). Some saw that the update showed up later than expected as one or the other Monday or Tuesday are the days to anticipate it.


After it was made live, the update made the Google application continually close all alone without the client effectively motivation this activity. Similarly as Lens and Podcasts, the Discover tab likewise is by all accounts influenced. The at first influenced gadgets were the Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola phones. Presently it seems as though the bug is spreading to others like Huawei and Xiaomi as certain individuals have grumbled on Twitter.


At some point after the arrival of 12.23, be that as it may, another 12.24 rendition was pushed, which some say has fixed the issue. There are no detailed instances of the bug on the beta side of things, so that could likewise be a protected method to keep away from the issue. You can pursue the beta adaptation through the Play Store or by going to this connection.


Google appears to have dealt with this blunder rather rapidly, so caps off to them. How about we trust we don't perceive any more regrettable further hiccups as it were.

 AppTrans removes the mystery and disappointment from relocating starting with one phone then onto the next


As a rule, with regards to smartphone stages, individuals will in general adhere to one stage for seemingly forever, if not for eternity. There could be numerous purposes behind this, for example, cost, working framework highlights, phone equipment and highlights, etc. However, sometimes, individuals do take the leap starting with one stage then onto the next.


The change cycle can be somewhat delayed for some as it implies having to physically move photographs, recordings, contacts, and afterward tracking down the equivalent applications and trusting that they may be accessible on the other stage. This can be a tedious and difficult interaction, and this is the reason applications like AppTrans could possibly make that progress much simpler.


AppTrans is programming accessible on both macOS and Windows that will permit iOS and Android clients to move information starting with one gadget then onto the next. This implies that a ton of the things that you would have done physically would now be able to be finished in a substantially more productive interaction. Best of all, the application is allowed to utilize in the event that you need to look at it, and there are additionally further developed highlights accessible in the event that you will move up to the Pro form.


How can AppTrans help you?

Application Transfer

One of the vital highlights of AppTrans is the capacity to move applications starting with one gadget then onto the next. This is staggeringly helpful in case you're hoping to move from an Android gadget to another Android gadget, or on the off chance that you need to move from iOS to Android (do take note of that cross-OS move is an element of the Pro form of AppTrans).


It may seem like a convoluted interaction however you should simply interface your gadgets to your PC, dispatch AppTrans, and adhere to the directions on the screen and you ought to be good to go and all set! It even works with WhatsApp move in case you're hoping to relocate your visit history and media records starting with one gadget then onto the next.


You can likewise have confidence that moving your WhatsApp information won't delete it, so you'll actually have the option to keep a duplicate on your past gadget.


Application Restore

Not exclusively can AppTrans move the information starting with one phone then onto the next, yet it can likewise reinforcement and reestablish the information from those applications. This implies that in case you're stressed over losing your records or your work cycle from the past gadget, you will not need to as you can reestablish your application's information so you can undoubtedly refocus.


Indeed, the cycle is actually quite basic. Fitting your phone into your PC, dispatch AppTrans, and afterward adhere to the guidelines on the screen and your new phone ought to have its applications' information reestablished. This will work consummately with applications like WhatsApp, where you can without much of a stretch reestablish your visit history regardless of whether you are an iOS client approaching Android (and the other way around).


This is on the grounds that at the present time, WhatsApp doesn't authoritatively permit clients to move visit history starting with one stage then onto the next, save for outsider applications like AppTrans. Your reestablished WhatsApp information can likewise be seen and sent out in the event that you decide.


Application Backup

Clearly, since AppTrans can reestablish the reinforcement for applications, it can perform reinforcements too. While you may depend on cloud administrations like Google Drive or iCloud for reinforcement benefits, it's never a poorly conceived notion to have an extra reinforcement on the off chance that something turns out badly in the past reclamation measure.


AppTrans even allows clients to pick which applications that they need to reinforcement. On the off chance that there are a couple of significant applications whose information you need to keep unblemished, you can pick that as opposed to sponsorship up your whole phone, which can be a more slow cycle and furthermore somewhat superfluous now and again.


Application Install

It's not difficult to download and introduce applications from the App Store or Google Play, yet at times some applications aren't accessible through those stages. Or on the other hand perhaps you need to download a more seasoned form of an application that may be less carriage or have an interface that you're more OK with.


This implies that you'll need to download the application in its APK, IPA, or XAPK structures. It can appear to be a bit scaring to introduce these applications, yet AppTrans has an App Install include that essentially makes it like an intuitive interaction where you simply need to choose those applications, drag it to your phone and you're basically good to go.



The way toward moving starting with one phone then onto the next can in some cases feel a digit overwhelming, and moving starting with one stage then onto the next can likewise be an unnerving interaction since you couldn't say whether your most loved applications are accessible, on the off chance that you can reestablish the set of experiences and information from the applications you were formerly utilizing, and so forth


AppTrans assists with eliminating a great deal of those worries with a simple to-utilize interface and cycle that will take you only minutes to finish, so assuming you are hoping to take that action, AppTrans is certainly worth looking at.

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