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Dropbox updated its Android App on the Google Play Store, The Changes is only in the GUI (User-Interface) and  the App Sync functionality. The most notable difference is the overhauled icon and the folder icons within the app have all been altered and now come with a more minimalistic and flatter design.

Also in the same update, Dropbox now makes linking a computer to your account an easy task to do. Thanks to the new Link a Computer option in the Settings menu, users can link with a PC in three simple steps. First of all, you have to visit from the computer you want to pair with. A website with a certain QR image will be displayed and you have to point your smartphone's camera towards it. After the scan is complete, Dropbox will automatically authorize the PC.

Dropbox Play Store

Dropbox [Google Play]


Screenshot YouMobile

Device Frame Generator has been updated to version 3.0.0 today on the play store with major changes. The device frame generator let you wrap your screenshots in a real device artwork frame, its useful for developers to show their App UI or to users who like to share their home screen set, but in style.


The new 3.0.0 update brings some UI changes, to makes it more visible that extra devices are available, auto-detect feature that try to detect devices on first run but it only works on Nexus devices. The update also adds, Czech and Slovak Translations.


The App has many tablets & smartphones supported, Nexus and non-Nexus devices too.


Device Frame Generator 3.0.0

Device Frame Generator [Free]





Google has just updated its YouTube App for Android to version 5.5, There are considerable UI tweaks that appear to represent a move toward higher information density, and an effort to put things where users will find them more naturally. The updated app has a previously unseen "dogfood" settings screen with a few options related to "ExoPlayer."


User pages in the new update have been revamped from a series of cards to one giant card on the "Videos," "Playlists," and new "Channels" tabs. The information has been condensed a la Newsstand's mini cards to allow users to see more content at once. See below for a comparison old screenshots on top, new on the bottom.




Users now can reply to or report comments now, easily toggle between HD and SD video quality, flagging video, view information, thumbs-up, share, or delete playlists from the playlist overview page. Of course, you can only delete a playlist that is your own.

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