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HTC's flagship One M8, came with the latest version of Sense UI 6.0 with Motion Launch gestures a rather useful addition to the functionality of the interface. What Motion Launch does is simple, yet most welcome when the M8's screen is off, the user can wake the device up with a simple double tap, navigate to a certain app with a swipe, or launch the camera with the aid of the volume buttons.


Now you can enhoy Motion Launch feature on your Android device, XDA has come to the rescue enter "Knockr". This app emulates most of Motion Launch's traits on your Android smartphone by keeping your screen turned on even when your device is locked and asleep.




But wait... Won't this drain the battery like crazy, making the app virtually unusable in our daily lives? Well, normally it would, but there is a catch Knockr is only compatible with devices that rock an OLED display.


The app actually displays a completely black image, which keeps the display turned on so that it can register a touch input from the user. As you probably know, the amount of power OLED displays use when displaying a black image is next to nothing, because the pixels are actually turned off. The App is Free on Google Play Store, try it from the link below.




Download Knockr [Play Store]



Angry Birds Maker, Rovio, has released a New Game called "Retry" for iOS. Retry is Flappy Bird-rivalling game that brings a very exciting gameplay similar to Flappy Bird game that was pulled off the markets lately.


Retry Logo

Retry promises challenging game play, wrapped in 8-bit graphics and synthesizer soundtrack. The game puts you in charge of a monoplane which you need to navigate through obstacles while collecting gold coins.

The game is currently available to download in Canada, Finland, and Poland and will soon reach wider availability. There is No info if the game will hit Android Play Store any time soon.


Source, Game Demo Video

Chrome Remote Desktop


Google has just launched the Chrome Remote Desktop Service for Android and the App is Now published on the Google Play Store. It gives Chrome user an easy access to their Android devices through the Chrome browser.

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android device is easy. All you need to do is enable remote access on your Windows or Mac computer via an app in the Chrome Web Store. Once you launch the Android app on your mobile device, you tap the name of your computer and you are good to go.


To use Chrome Remote Desktop :

  • On your Android device, open the app and tap on any of your online computers to connect.




Chrome Remote Desktop [Play]



Google has just published its Official Camera App for Android devices "Google Camera" on the Play Store and its Now Available to Download. If you have a Google Nexus or a Google Play Edition Device this App will replace/update your existing Default Camera App.

The most notable new feature which Google Camera app brings is called Lens Blur. It allows users to change the depth of field of a photo after its capture. A dedicated slider allows the user to change the point and level of focus. Photo Sphere can allow you to capture 360 degree photo spheres at up to 50 megapixels.


g camera

You can Download Google Camera App from the Play Stoe link below, Id it's now avaiable for your device or your region, you still can get it on your device by Downloading and Installing the APK file below.


Google Camera

Google Camera [Play]


Google Camera [APk]


Chrome BETA


Google Chrome Beta for Android has been update to version 35.0.1916.34 with many improvements and some new functionalities. The New Beta version (v35) has a full support for Chromecast as many other official Google Apps started to get it too.


Chrome 35


The Most Handy function of this Beta release is the "Undo Closed Tab" which would most probably come in quite handy to those users who often close important windows accidentally. The feature allows you to Undo/reopen one or multiple closed tabs in a quick click on the Notification pop-up (screenshot above).


Chrome Beta also brings supports HTML5 fullscreen video playback with subtitles too. All this means that you'd have a much better experience if you use Chrome Beta to watch YouTube videos. It also supports some multi-window devices thanks the Chromecast support.


Chrome BETA
Chrome Beta For Android


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