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Microsoft is bringing passkeys to Windows 11


The problem with passwords is that they work best when you choose a strong and unique password that's different for every online service you use. This means that you'll have to remember each and every single password, which is near impossible, which is also why people tend to use easy-to-remember passwords.


This leaves them open to being hacked, which is why in recent years, we're starting to see passkeys gain more traction. The good news for Windows 11 users is that Microsoft is finally bringing support for passkeys to its operating system. Passkeys support was initially available in June earlier this year for Windows Insider, but in the latest update, all Windows 11 users should be able to take advantage of it.


According to Microsoft, passkeys will be available for a variety of desktop browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla's Firefox, just to name a few. So as long as the website you're trying to sign into supports passkeys, you'll be able to take advantage of the login method.


So what are passkeys? For those unfamiliar, passkeys are an alternative to traditional passwords. They don't require users to remember the password to their accounts because users are authenticated using other devices like their phones. For example, logging into a website that supports passkeys might send a notification on your phone to verify that it is you, and this can be done by using your phone's security features like facial recognition, fingerprints, or PIN unlock.


In the case of Windows 11, passkeys will be integrated with Windows Hello, which is Microsoft's biometric security system that relies on either facial or fingerprint recognition, as well as PIN codes.

Microsoft Ends Software Support for the Surface Duo


While Android devices have generally gotten better in terms of software updates, there are still some situations where a handset might receive a limited amount of major Android system patches. This looks to be the case for Microsoft's debut foldable device, the original Surface Duo.


With that being said, Microsoft recently announced on its official support page that it has ended software support for the Surface Duo, which received its last security patch on September 10, 2023. According to Microsoft's announcement:


Surface Android devices will receive Android version and security updates for at least 3 years from its release date (September 10, 2020). In cases where the support duration is longer than 3 years, an updated end of servicing date will be published 18 months before expiration of the last planned servicing date.


Microsoft Ends Software Support for the Surface Duo


Meanwhile, the Surface Duo 2 will continue to receive security updates until October 21, 2024. This is understandable as the device is of course newer, and featured Android 11 at the time of its release. The Duo 2 made its debut back in 2021, and received the Android 12L update a year ago.

Microsoft's Bing AI has snuck its way onto Google Chrome


There are many companies that are working on AI right now, but in terms of the tech that's available to consumers such as ourselves, Google and Microsoft are essentially head to head on that front.


Microsoft was kind of "first" to the market by working with OpenAI to integrate a version of ChatGPT into Bing, and to great success. Google later followed up with Google Bard, its own take on ChatGPT. Now it looks like Microsoft's AI has snuck its way into a Google product in the form of Chrome.


The Redmond company has announced that Bing Chat will now be supported in Chrome. All users need to do is access Bing's website through the Chrome browser and the Bing Chat option will be available at the top of the screen. Users just need to click on it and start chatting with the bot and it will answer you.


Prior to this, Microsoft made Bing Chat exclusive to its Edge browser as a way of encouraging users to use it, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to adopt a similar strategy like it did with Android by making its products and services available to non-Edge users as well.


The company notes that support for other browsers on desktop and mobile are coming, so if you use a different browser other than Edge or Chrome, hopefully support for it will arrive soon.

Microsoft's Xbox Series S will soon be Available in a New Color


Microsoft recently gave fans something to look forward to with the announcement of a new console variant, which builds on its existing Xbox Series S system. More specifically, the company revealed that a black color variant of the Xbox Series S will be arriving to US markets on September 1 this year.


In addition to the new color selection, the black Series S model will also come with an increased 1TB of storage, a significant step-up from the somewhat limited 512GB of internal storage on the current model. With that being said, it will come with the same hardware, so fans after a more powerful Xbox will still have to spend a bit more to get the Series X.


Microsoft's Xbox Series S will soon be Available in a New Color


This increase in storage does mean that there will be a price bump as well, and buyers can expect the new version to launch with a price of $350, which will also include a controller bundled with the console. Currently, the Xbox Series S is sold in a single white variant with 512GB of internal storage, and goes for $299 for buyers in the US.

Microsoft's super-productive Surface Pro 9 tablet is more reasonable than any other time


In the event that you like to take your work with you any place you go but decline to burn through every last dollar and spend a little fortune on another super top of the line tablet, Best Purchase's most recent Surface Pro 9 arrangement will undoubtedly put a major grin all over.


Financially delivered close to seven months prior, Microsoft's 13-inch compact efficiency champion is limited with good consistency nowadays in different setups by different retailers regardless of convenient embellishments like Sort Cover consoles and Surface Pens.


In any case, if you need to downplay your spending, this moment's certainly the opportunity to pull the trigger, best case scenario, Purchase on a passage level 128GB stockpiling variation with an Intel Center i5 processor inside and no efficiency upgrading friends.


This Windows 11 record regularly costs $999.99 without anyone else, which isn't so terrible, in spite of the fact that assuming you rush, you can get it for another unsurpassed low cost of $799.99. Believe it or not, the Surface Pro 9 force to be reckoned with has never been this reasonable (essentially as far as anyone is concerned), and as you can envision, you don't have to complete any pointless tasks at all to score the uncommon $200 rebate.


You must be alright with a Platinum variety choice, however, and a moderately unobtrusive 8GB Smash build up to go with that expedient 128 gig strong state drive, yet in any case, it's unquestionably difficult to contend with this terrible kid's offer.


Intended to mix business and joy in an essentially unmatched manner, the Surface Pro 9 games a sleek 120Hz PixelSense Stream touchscreen with razor-slender bezels, as well as two blasting quick USB-C ports for most extreme flexibility and a heavenly battery duration rating of up to 15.5 long periods of "run of the mill gadget utilization" between charges.


Could it be said that you are taking a gander at the best tablet cash can purchase in 2023? On the off chance that you're a Windows 11 fan with under $1,000 in your financial balance, the response is a resonating yes. If not... you can likewise contend on the side of the Pro 9's allure. Correct, it's simply mind-blowing.

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