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If you Own a Nexus device and noticed an App that installed itself through Play store called "iWnn IME for Nexus" with a blue "W" logo on it... Don't Panic! This App is an emoji keyboard plug-in for the Google Keyboard App and its only for the Nexus Devices Only.


iWnn for Nexus


This App provides you with the emoji images you get when you are using the default Google Keyboard, If iWnn IME is enabled, whenever you're typing text, you can switch the input method to iWnn IME and have a visual keyboard full of nothing but emojis.

If you don't like it or you simply don't want it on your Nexus deice, just click the "uninstall" button beside it OR Head to the App Manager and disable it.


Play Store

Nexus 10 KitKat


Surprisingly, Google Nexus 10 is back to the Play Store Devices and is listed as Coming Soon!. It looks like a new stock of units will be arriving soon and will become available for purchase shortly.

The Samsung-made Nexus 10 went out of stock in last fall and has since vanished from the Play Store. but Now its back. The Play Store listing saying that the new stock of Nexus 10 will be running latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 Out-of-the-box, with no update required.


Play Store

Google Nexus 9


This year Google may launch a new Nexus-branded 8.9" tablet as an upgrade to the current Nexus 7, according to reports from Digitimes, the New tablet is rumored to be called "Google Nexus 9".

Nexus 9


Earlier rumors talked of a Nexus 8 with an Intel Bay Trail-T chipset, but now it seems plans have shifted to a Nexus 9 with an 8.9" screen instead. This might mean we won't be seeing another Nexus 10 soon.


The Google I/O conference is scheduled for June,25th and this may be the day that we gonna see the Nexus 9 launch along with the Next Android version.

via DigiTimes

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