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We recently got to know that Samsung might be coming on-board with Google to optimize TouchWiz, and a new news has added more credibility to this rumour. As per ITHome, Samsung will be concentrating more on user experience enhancement with the Galaxy S7, while Google engineers will help the Samsung backend code on its popular customized version of Android.

The report also says that Samsung and Google's primary goal is to make a "a non-delayed operating experience", one with "superior fluency than iOS". Now, Android has got huge market and is probably having more support on high-end devices when it comes to general fluidity. In the recent times, given how Apple's updates to iOS continue to bring new issues (especially as they try to make the OS more flexible), it's not clear if Android will ever be as optimized as the iOS.

The Korean tech giant has already attained a significant level of optimization with the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, and it would be super exciting to see TouchWiz become even more efficient in the future (it would also be great to see Samsung solve the issues pertaining to multitasking in high-end devices). The report also establishes that the microSD slot will come back with the Galaxy S7, though at this very moment things are quite hazy. We'll wait and watch!


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will reportedly have the code names Star and Star 2. We know that it's too early to predict all this, but that's what The Bell from Korea is telling us anyway! Apparently Samsung is already in the process of developing the device, although it should ideally be more focussed on developing the Note 8; a smartphone that has a lot riding on it.

If you are wondering if the report spilled the beans on any other information regarding next year's flagship, we will have to disappoint you on that front because this is about the extent of the report so far. However, they did mention that Samsung is working on an even better Infinity display than the ones sported by the S8 and S8+ currently; something that is as obvious as it should be. We are more interested to hear about the Galaxy Note 8 and its fantastic set of cameras, which will reportedly put even the iPhone 7 Plus and the upcoming iPhone 8 to shame!

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