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Google has updated the majority of its apps with Material Design looks to prepare them for the Android 5.0 Lollipop launch and the Calendar is one of the best looking. It features beautiful artwork for each month and now these backgrounds are Available for you to download as wallpapers.


The images are done in the unmistakable Google fashion and are best viewed in the Calendar app when used on a tablet. Now, you can use them outside of the app as your custom homescreen background.



Download Wallpapers


g calendar 5


Finally, Google Calendar 5.0 is Here. Google released the Android 5.0 lollipop images 2 days ago and today we get one of its most Amazing long-waited App. Google Calendar 5.0 is a complete re-design of the default calendar App of Android, it has a full Material Design UI and a new cool Material icon too.


The app itself is exactly what you'd expect having seen our previous coverage a super smart "schedule" layout at the front, with supporting day and 5-day views on phones, with a month and week view appearing on tablets.


calendar 5.0


Google Calendar 5.0 supports devices running Android 4.0.3 or later only. You can Download the official APK from the link below. It will take sometime until the new version hits Google play. So Download & Enjoy!



Google Calendar 5.0 [APK]




One of the most important stock Apps got updated, Google Calendar for Android version 5.2 is Now Rolling-out with some minor Improvements to keep you reminded with your events and appointments. Google is always listening to its users, the new Google Calendar 5.2 brings back the ability to display a month's worth of events on their smartphone's screen at once.


google calendar 5.2


Previous Google Calendar 5.1 could show a single day, three days, or a week. but version 5.2 bumps this up to a full month. The option to do so is listed alongside the previous ones, but don't go looking for them in the same spot. Google has moved them from the action bar to the navigation drawer. This update also lets you see the color of events when jumping to a specific date.


If you don't want to wait for the update to hit your device, You can download the  Google Calendar 5.2 Official APK from the link below. It's 100% safe to install and hasn't been modified by any mean.


Google Calendar 5.2

Google Calendar 5.2 [APK]


Google Calendar 5.2 [Play]


Google calendar 5.0


Android 5.0 Lollipop released with the new Google Calendar 5.0 App. Google incorporate elements of Material Design on the Google Calendar 5.0 along with amazing bold colors, hovering widgets, and drop shadows to great effect.


That work extends to the In-App Seasonal Backgrounds; best viewed in tablet mode, each month features gorgeous artwork. It would be a shame if the the images Googlers worked so hard to render remained locked within the Calendar app behind your monthly agenda. So we extracted them for you in High-Resolution. you can Download them all in from the link below.


Download Calendar 5.0 Backgrounds



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