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HTC already released the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update to the unlocked HTC One M8. The One M7 should get the same update on Early Feb,2015. As for the rest of the One Family, HTC initially promised to update all versions of its 2013 and 2014 flagship smartphone within 90 days of receiving the Android 5.0 code. However, it looks like there will be a slight delay...


Mo Versi, HTC's Vice President of product management delivered the news in a dedicated post. The delay is caused by issues Android 5.0 initially contained, which were subsequently fixed by Google with minor updates. HTC is working hard with Google and its carrier partners to incorporate the latter into its OS build.




HTC already updated several versions of the One M8. They include the factory unlocked model, the Developer Edition, and the Google Play variant. Mo Versi promises "good news to share soon" on the rest of the One family.



A brand new version of Apple Music was released on April 28 for Android smartphone users. The most significant change that it brings to the table is that Android users can now access music videos within the application. This is a big change because earlier, this feature was exclusively available to Apple hardware only. Along with this, the app has also introduced a "Family Plan," in which the entire family (a maximum of six) can enjoy the services of Apple Music for a monthly subscription of $14.99. Considering the fact that it generally costs $9.99 per month for every individual subscriber, this sounds like a good plan for families all around.

This update comes in after about two months since the last one, which allowed users to store or move downloaded content on to an external SD card. The effort seems to be in line with Apple trying to boost its services in regard to the video content available on Apple Music. In addition to Vice Media's new exclusive documentary series for Apple Music that was released in March, the company might also be working with Dr Dre to launch a fresh TV show through the app. Since Spotify and Google Play has this area covered for Android users, it would be interesting to see how Apple Music's new features are received by the Android crowd.

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The Galaxy S6 series of smartphones are an old bunch now, but in a time where even the Galaxy S5 is getting upgraded to the latest security patches, you can rest assured that S6 and others in the series will be on Samsung's update list for quite a while at least. However, today's update comes filtered through the AT&T network because this news concerns only those S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ smartphones that are currently being used on the AT&T network on contract. The unlocked versions had received their August security update quite a few days back.

The OTA update contains firmware version G920AUCS6EQH1 for the Galaxy S6, G925AUCS6EQH1 for the Galaxy S6 Edge and G928AUCS4EQH1 for the Galaxy S6 Edge+. If you are using any of these smartphones on AT&T, do let us know if you see any big changes post the update, although I highly doubt there will be anything more than improvements in stability and performance tweaks.

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