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If you were planning to get a S8 or S8+ from Sprint, you will now have one more reason to do so. If you pre-order either of the two devices from Sprint, Samsung will throw in an e-gift certificate worth $100 with the package. The certificate can however, only be used to buy or get a discount from the Samsung website.

If you choose any other carrier, there are some pretty good deals going on there as well and it mainly includes a gift offer. The gift offer translates to the buyer getting a 256GB MMC card, an Oculus content box and a Gear VR with controller/AKG headphones by paying only $99 extra. Granted it's not a bad deal, but we could be seeing better ones in the future.

Which offer appeals to you more? The gift bundle for an extra 100 bucks or the $100 e-certificate? Let us know in the comments.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

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Wearable technology makes an ideal gift regardless of the occasion. Whether the recipient is a sports fan, tech buff, or fashionista, there are smartwatches and fitness trackers for most budgets. Finding the right balance of style, price, and features can be a chore so here are a few suggestions for the different people in your life:

The Sports Fan

Tech giant Apple, recently announced the latest addition to its wearable range, the Apple Watch Series 2. Built with fitness at its core, the latest watchOS is faster and smoother, and allows the device to operate more like a timepiece instead of a stunted smartphone. It's also waterproof. At £369 though, it's pricey.

If you insist on making the Apple Watch your gym buddy, buy the Nike+ version; it's lighter than the Series 2, better ventilated, and comes in a range of bright, sporty colours.

Alternatively, try the FitBit Blaze. At £144.99, the Blaze was the most popular wearable device in a poll conducted by Voucherbox where value for money was concerned. It's oddly shaped and did nothing to revolutionise the FitBit range but it comes feature-packed with a heart-rate monitor, GPS, and built-in workouts.

For smaller budgets, there's also the FitBit Charge 2 at £118.40. The popular Garmin Forerunner 325 is more expensive than both FitBits (£232) but runners may appreciate the emphasis on their favourite activity.

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The Fashionista

The Garmin Vivomove (£146) and the Huawei Watch (£239) are perhaps the closest you're going to get to classic design in an affordable smartwatch. However, if price is no object, the Tag Heuer Connected can be yours for £1,100. It's nothing too special - the transflective LCD screen is quite poor in comparison to the display on Huawei and Apple models - but it's a definite icebreaker at parties.

The Samsung Gear S2 is another option at £252. Visually, there's nothing particularly exciting about the Samsung (it has a more ‘sporty' feel than the Garmin and the Huawei) and something like the Motorola Moto 360 (£192 on Amazon.co.uk) is probably a safer option for a formal event, depending on the finish you choose.

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The Budget Buyer

The less expensive wearables tend to be fitness trackers almost exclusively, and lack features such as GPS and informative screens. However, with prices on previously premium models falling, there's no reason why a budget wearable should feel like a consolation prize. The caveat is that you may need to choose between features, price or looks on some models.

If you're looking for something stylish with a low profile, the Jawbone Up2 at around £30 is a good-looking option. The Jawbone UpMOVE at £25 is a little heavy on the plastic but includes all the features of its bigger brother, with the exception of calorie tracking.

The UK-only Archon at £29.99 is arguably one of the more sophisticated budget wearables out there. It's similar to the Jawbone Up2 feature-wise but works as a smartphone companion too, letting you know when you've got an incoming call. The Razer Nabu X (£49.99) can also receive smartphone notifications but it lacks a screen.


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