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The earth has seen some crazy days in 2020, and it will still take a few more months before things can get back to normal again. However, all the social distancing norms do not apply to multiplayer gaming though, which is why online gaming across multiple genres has seen a huge rise in the last few months.

As we head deeper into Q3 2020, some good releases are coming our way soon, and we are going to keep an eye on them too. For now though, we have a brief list of selected games released in 2020 so far, that will keep you occupied for the time being and maybe even let you forget about Covid-19 from time to time.

Ghost of Tsushima

One of the most anticipated and biggest games of the year is finally here from Sucker Punch Productions, and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is difficult to describe Ghost of Tsushima because it is so refreshingly different from anything else you may have played before.

It's a RPG where there is not even an optional HUD, but the wind itself directs you towards the direction of your next active objective. You follow the wind by riding through an unbelievably gorgeous feudal Japan. The overabundance of flying leaves, pollen and flower petals can practically make you forget where you are in reality. Although Ghost of Tshushima isn't without its faults, it is a masterpiece in terms of graphics, swordplay, sound and just overall making you feel like a samurai fighting through the Mongol horde, in a poetic reimagination of feudal Japan.

Doom Eternal

Set in a post-apocalyptic earth instead of Mars, Doom Eternal took everything awesome about Doom 2016 and amplified it by 10l. Does that make Eternal somewhat familiar to the smash hit prequel? It does and that's the best part about Doom Eternal.

You will get the same adrenalin pumping, superfast FPS action which you loved back in 2016, but only with added features, more enemy types, an even faster pace and a truly bizarre storyline to follow. It's not everyday that heaven leads hell to invade earth and you get to shoot, blast, cut open and tear apart demons for the sake of ammo, chainsaw fuel and health after all!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

If there is ever a list of 2.5D platformers which are more beautiful than most triple A games out there, then both Ori and the Will of the Wisps, as well as its prequel will be at least near the top of that list. It's a gorgeous game in every sense of the word and unless you mind difficult but fair platformers which do not hold your hand, you will become emotionally involved in this absurdly beautiful story.


If you want to take a break from all that action, and you have a weakness for casino games every now and then, Casinochan has everything you can ever want, all in one place. It's an online casino Canada loves, and Asgardian is one of its latest and most popular slot games of 2020.

Developed by Endorphina, Asgardians is a 5x3 slot with 25 paylines, 300x payout and a 96.00% RTP. While that's pretty standard for a slot game, what makes Asgardians so popular are its gorgeous and colorful graphics, perfectly supported by a Nordic soundtrack and well placed animations to keep the player entertained for hours. Furthermore, if you can get to the bonus stage, it is possible to win as much as 7,500 times the betting amount!

Not that this is a comprehensive list mind you, but these are the best games released till date in 2020. They should be enough to keep us busy till Cyberpunk 2077 arrives in late 2020, and the PlayStation 5 finally goes on sale.



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