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We had reported back then that the Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition was coming and now it's finally here. You can own the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition for $50 more than what the unlocked regular Galaxy S7 Edge costs. This is the second limited edition series based on the S7 Edge that Samsung is releasing this year, after the Injustice: Gods Among Us Edition that we saw in May. Sadly, the Gear VR will not be bundled in along with the Olympic Edition, like it was with the Injustice version. The $850 package will include a custom pouch for carrying the sporty device around though!

As we had seen earlier, the entire theme is based on the five different colors of the Olympic rings and the rings themselves can be seen at the back of the smartphone. It has been made available exclusively in the US, China, Korea, Germany and Brazil. As the moniker "Limited Edition" suggests, only 2016 units will be made available for purchase in each of these countries.

Author: Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

It is now official; Samsung is going to reveal the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition on this Thursday, July 7. In case you are not aware of how it looks exactly, take a look at the picture above as we are pretty sure this is the final version that we are going to see on Thursday. The differences in between the standard Galaxy S7 Edge and the S7 Edge Olympic Edition are however not in the internal hardware. As you can see, there will be some obvious cosmetic changes to the smartphone's standard design. Additionally, there should also be some Olympic themes and wallpapers inside.

The entire phone sports five different colors to match the five colors of the Olympic Rings. There's blue encircling the camera and the flash at the back, while the earpiece is yellow and the Home button has a yellow encircling around it. The entire body is black, whereas green and red are the chosen colors for the volume rockers and the power button respectively. In order to know about the pricing and the availability of the S7 Edge Olympic Edition, you may have to wait till July 7 though.

Author: Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


Samsung has always been enthusiastic about the Olympics, given their partnership with the largest athletic event on the planet. Although the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games are more than a year away at this point, the smartphone giant has already released a Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition in Japan.

Personally, I never understood the gimmicks here, especially since the "Olympic Editions" by Samsung never has had anything too special about them unfortunately. On top of that, the early release makes no real sense, given that by the time the Olympics actually begin in Tokyo, the S11+ (or whatever they choose to call it) will already be out and about.

Well, if you fancy having a logo of the Olympics imprinted on the back of your smartphone for an even more premium price than what the regular S10+ costs, we are sure Samsung will also release it in the US at some point.

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