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Studying in the educational institutions, students gain the required knowledge and experience which will help them become seasoned professionals and build a successful career in the future. Academic progress plays a major role in every student's life. It's not surprisingly most of them take studying process seriously and try to only get good grades allotting much time to exam preparation and composing complicated assignments.

Taking their studies seriously, students always want their academic papers to be composed at a high level and according to all the professor's requirements. Now, you are able to navigate to Customwritings website in order to read samples of a variety of assignments, starting from essays and ending with research papers, simplify the writing process being aware of all the writing intricacies and find the proper approach to composing one or another paper.


Things To Pay Attention To


Research paper, like any other assignment, is started with choosing a topic. It is suggested you to always choose a topic you are familiar with or are interested in, such a way it will be possible for you to compose a unique, qualitative paper and get A+. The right topic is a part of a successfully written assignment, so take its choosing carefully.

Choosing a topic for your research paper, take further aspects into account:

l        choose a topic which will make you want to compose a research paper and simplify the writing process;

l        the topic has to be specific in order your paper to be different from other works;

l        it shouldn't be too complicated, give preference to topics you can cover in a relatively short amount of time.


Getting down to composing a research paper, it's essential to write a plan you will follow; it will help you include all the crucial points of the topic given, perfectly provide insight into it and convey the required message to the audience. The plan will also help you put all the data and information in the logical order, so don't neglect its creation.


Sources mean a lot when composing a research paper, that's exactly why you have to choose them carefully. It is always essential to use proven, relevant, up-to-date sources only, such a way it will be possible for you to compose a high quality and significant assignment. You may look for the necessary info in the offline and online libraries, search for it the textbooks and proven e-sources. You can also ask your professor for research paper samples; they will help you figure out what data you should and should not use when composing your assignment.

The Method Section And Presentation


The method is always chosen according to the subject, purpose, and tasks of the paper. Chosen method has to explain the readers the way you have conducted the research, collected the data and used it while composing the paper.


The research methods are:


  1. methods indented to reveal the theoretical approach to the problem solution, for example, examination of literature sources, archive materials, etc.;
  2. methods ensuring achievement of the practical problem solution, such as questioning, conversations, supervision, etc.


Method section is a crucial part of every research paper since it demonstrates whether the data you've written and the information you've gathered are relevant and proven.


The tasks and research plan have to correspond to the purpose, subject matter and object of your paper. It is also necessary to present all the results the proper way and perfectly convey your message to the audience - demonstrate you have conducted the research and are able to draw the conclusions.


Here are some ways to present your research paper:

 1. Classic way. Oral presentation during which you will explain the following aspects into account:

a)        the topic is chosen and its relevance;

b)        the sources used and approach to the writing process;

c)       the significance of your paper, whether you have found new information on the matter at hand;

d)        the conclusions you've made after the paper has been composed.

 2. Individual way. Presenting your paper in such a way, you:

a)        explain why you have chosen such a topic;

b)        describe the way you have been gathering all the required data;

c)      highlight all the crucial aspects of your paper;

d)        explain its significance;

e)        pay attention to the sources you've been using.

 4. Creative way. Choosing such a way, you:

a)        have to add some visual aids, such as illustrations, graphs, charts, tables, pictures concerning the topic of your paper;

b)       add a few videos and sound clips for providing insight into the topic chosen;

c)        start with an unordinary phrase which will kindle the attention of the audience.


Each kind of assignments, requiring research and data analysis, will make it possible for you to gain the knowledge necessary for becoming the best student in a class and a seasoned professional in the future. Two things you need to keep in mind are to never neglect your professor's recommendations and try to compose your paper beforehand, such a way you will have enough time for proof reading it.



For college and university students – writing a research paper is an inevitable assignment. You may feel the pressure or stress in regards to completing the paper on time or writing it if you have no experience of writing similar papers in the past. In this article, you will learn how to improve your research paper writing skills and reduce anxiety and stress the next time when you write the assignment.

A research paper is an original essay about your ideas regarding a specific topic and response to information from various literary sources. Let’s briefly look at the writing skills essential to writing an excellent research paper. 

Writing Skills


The skills of writing discussed here are meant to provide students with the foundation in both the process and mechanics of writing. These skills can be quickly learned progressively by learners hence building upon their fluency and confidence. The students can always improve their grammar and mechanic skills gradually as they write. 


Practical writing skills are not only essential for education but also for the workplace outside the classroom environment. The following skills are crucial for writing an excellent research paper.


Time Management


You have to organize your schedule correctly to ensure that every part of the research writing, such as topic selection, research, and writing, is done appropriately. The deadline for your work does not matter if it’s a month later or due in a week, ensure all parts are allocated sufficient time. Also, ensure you complete early enough to get time for proofreading and any mechanical errors.  

Good Research Skills


Since you are writing a research paper, you have to support your ideas and analyses using reputable sources. You need to find trustworthy sources such as material from the library and journal articles. These sources should be referenced appropriately according to the required style guide (e.g., MLA, APA, or Harvard). It would be best if you familiarized yourself with this writing style guides by searching online for information about that guide. 


Topic Selection


You need to portray your idea or thesis statement to the reader to understand what the paper will cover or convey. The thesis has to be supported by other secondary statements and evidence to substantiate the overall claim of the article. Research materials would greatly help to prove your claims or support your stand on a particular matter.


Understanding Your Audience


The audience is a critical factor for consideration in your writing. Most often, your papers are read by your professors or classmates. Your writing style and argument need to match the level of understanding of your target audience.  

Organization Skills


A well-organized paper is essential in the overall writing process. Crafting a compelling, well-structured essay will significantly enhance the delivery of the information. Research papers and dissertations depending on the discipline have a basic structure of title page, abstract, introduction, background, methods and materials, results, discussion and conclusion. Ensuring information is well-organized into its respective sections will eliminate the repetition of information. Organizing your notes well during the research process will also help you when compiling the reference list. 


Grammar Skills


Even if your idea is excellent, research is substantial, you managed your time well and understood your audience – you need to ensure that your writing is clear and straightforward. Use the correct formal tone, proper grammar and avoid using words that can be rendered as jargon. Also, ensure that your document is free from any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. You can employ the services of a plagiarism checker software to ensure the content is unique and non-plagiarized.

A great paper must have a clear writing, excellent grammar, and the stylistic approach must be consistent throughout the article. 


Step-by-Step Research Paper Writing Guide


Follow these steps to write an excellent paper:


  1. Select a Topic - The topic should interest you and be not too narrow or broad to find materials to substantiate your thesis or claim. Avoid technical or super analytical issues that might prove a challenge to write about. 

  2. Develop a Clear Thesis Statement - The thesis statement needs to reflect what the entire paper argues for and supports. 

  3. Research to find relevant sources that will aid in your discussion and support your thesis.

  4. Create an outline – An outline will ensure that you stay on track and organized in your writing. The framework comprises the introduction, body and conclusion. 

  5. Create your first draft. – Using the outline as your guide, it's time to fill in the research content, highlight relevant quotes, paraphrases, and summaries that substantiate your claim.  

  6. Revise and edit your draft – Ensure your ideas and claims flow coherently throughout the paper. Proofread, edit, and correct any grammatical and typographical errors.   


The last stage of preparing your paper for the audience is the presentation phase that involves creating a presentable final printout – neatly typed and uniformly spaced margins.


Remember: writing a research paper is not as difficult, as it seems once you get to understand the method and writing skills. It entails a lot of work and time. However, no need to worry - maintain self-discipline by allocating enough time for all the sections, taking enough breaks, stay organized and, most importantly, do not forget to cite your sources. 



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