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Writing is not an activity any student particularly enjoys. Most students would rather not write papers but for the grades attached to it. In these times, it is almost impossible for students without skilled aid. This why there are apps to help with writing and not just any type of writing but apps for academic papers too.

These apps help to be organized and build a system for achieving your writing goals. Instead of getting a writing company to do your writing, you can use these apps to your advantage. These help you to save time, correcting errors and doing the work excellently.


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Here are some Helpful Apps for writing academic papers

  1. ProWritingAid

Most times students are always asking where can I pay for someone to write my paper but sometimes they don't need that they just need to find the right app to help with essay-writing.

ProWriting aid is an online writing instructor, style guide and editor. It pinpoints the mistakes in writing such as grammatical error and proffers possible corrections. It can also show overused words, problems in transitions and spelling errors.

This does not just improve your academic papers but improves our writing skills as a whole. It can be used to upload your document to an online tool for accessing comprehensive writing reports. This tech is fused with other software, such as MS Word, Scrivener, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs and Chrome.

  1. Freemind

Part of the writing process is thinking. Coming up with an idea, pattern, style, tone, etc. is a lot of work and this can be overwhelming. But with this app, you can create a map or plan for your thoughts using diverse formats. It helps you organize your ideas in a step by step format for it to seem achievable. With the app you know what to do per time, simplifying complex ideas and not missing any steps.

  1. LibreOffice Writer

This is a word processing app that offers free alternatives for words. This app can be used for several actions like layout and file format because it has a plethora of options at its disposal. With the app, you can create anything be it a memo or a book. It is an awesome choice for individuals that work with word processing.

  1. Scribus

Scribus is the perfect app for creating eye-catching layouts for your documents. It is an open platform for you to create excellent and beautiful designs for any of your works. It is similar to Adobe InDesign but more affordable. It can be used for any kind of design layout, be it books, brochures or magazines.

  1. FocusWriter

This is app help to help cut down the distractions. Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms can be distracting and you lose track of time when you go on such platforms. FocusWriter has an interference-free and neat processor Interface that allows you to write orderliness on your computer screen. It can be used for essay drafting and thorough editing. Without the distraction, you reach your goals and get your work done early.

  1. ManuScript

ManuScript helps to create outlines and form an action plan when doing heavy writing e.g. a book.  This particular app gives access to research papers that can be compared with Google features. When the task is fished, they can be obtained in XML or HTML formats so its easier to publish online. It is also a grammar checking online too which makes it very useful. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.


Image Source: https://www.manuscriptsapp.com/

  1. Diaro


Although the name of the app practically gives away its features, Diaro is more than just a diary app. It has some advanced features that allow you to attach locations and images to notes in the diary. The diary allows you to protect your privacy with its password protection features. It helps to form your thought and record memories by keeping a journal or writing notes.  You can also share some of your entries via email or social media using the app.

  1. Evernote


Evernote is one of the most preferred applications for writing down new idea, arguments, assignments, tasks or questions. It also makes use of voice recognition software although that is not free. The app also checking errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Evernote is the top preferred web/mobile application as it is easy to jot down new ideas not to forget arguments or question you have later. The best thing is that you don't need to type everything manually - enjoy voice recognition option (paid) to record the thoughts. Check grammar/spelling/punctuation.

  1. Dragon Dictation


Ever thought if only I could have an app that recognized my voice and writes what I say down, my life would be easier?  Well, you are in for a treat. Dragon Dictation is a tool for writing that automatically recognizes your voice and turns them into digital written text. It saves you the time spent typing especially with essay-writing. It is a smart app that overtime gets accustomed to your voice thereby providing more accurate services- like the saying "Practice makes perfect."

  1. Writer

Although a bit cheesy, Writer is a typewriter simulator software which was developed for screenwriting. Tom Hanks an actor, offers free hanx writer with paid upgrades: as it tells the secrets of the most common typewriters. This gives a feeling that get your creative juices flowing, old school style.



With these apps, writing is made easy and efficiency is achieved. They are not good for writing and editing, but the help with storage for future purposes. Using these apps your document can be saved in different formats. You spend less time worrying about the assignment and you take on more responsibilities.

Although grammar checking skills are important, online grammar checking tools are more thorough, efficient and time-saving. So, it is advisable that every student gets one or more of these apps. Find the one that is best suited to your need and devices. Most of these apps can easily be installed on both Android and iOS devices or on your laptops.

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For college and university students – writing a research paper is an inevitable assignment. You may feel the pressure or stress in regards to completing the paper on time or writing it if you have no experience of writing similar papers in the past. In this article, you will learn how to improve your research paper writing skills and reduce anxiety and stress the next time when you write the assignment.

A research paper is an original essay about your ideas regarding a specific topic and response to information from various literary sources. Let’s briefly look at the writing skills essential to writing an excellent research paper. 

Writing Skills


The skills of writing discussed here are meant to provide students with the foundation in both the process and mechanics of writing. These skills can be quickly learned progressively by learners hence building upon their fluency and confidence. The students can always improve their grammar and mechanic skills gradually as they write. 


Practical writing skills are not only essential for education but also for the workplace outside the classroom environment. The following skills are crucial for writing an excellent research paper.


Time Management


You have to organize your schedule correctly to ensure that every part of the research writing, such as topic selection, research, and writing, is done appropriately. The deadline for your work does not matter if it’s a month later or due in a week, ensure all parts are allocated sufficient time. Also, ensure you complete early enough to get time for proofreading and any mechanical errors.  

Good Research Skills


Since you are writing a research paper, you have to support your ideas and analyses using reputable sources. You need to find trustworthy sources such as material from the library and journal articles. These sources should be referenced appropriately according to the required style guide (e.g., MLA, APA, or Harvard). It would be best if you familiarized yourself with this writing style guides by searching online for information about that guide. 


Topic Selection


You need to portray your idea or thesis statement to the reader to understand what the paper will cover or convey. The thesis has to be supported by other secondary statements and evidence to substantiate the overall claim of the article. Research materials would greatly help to prove your claims or support your stand on a particular matter.


Understanding Your Audience


The audience is a critical factor for consideration in your writing. Most often, your papers are read by your professors or classmates. Your writing style and argument need to match the level of understanding of your target audience.  

Organization Skills


A well-organized paper is essential in the overall writing process. Crafting a compelling, well-structured essay will significantly enhance the delivery of the information. Research papers and dissertations depending on the discipline have a basic structure of title page, abstract, introduction, background, methods and materials, results, discussion and conclusion. Ensuring information is well-organized into its respective sections will eliminate the repetition of information. Organizing your notes well during the research process will also help you when compiling the reference list. 


Grammar Skills


Even if your idea is excellent, research is substantial, you managed your time well and understood your audience – you need to ensure that your writing is clear and straightforward. Use the correct formal tone, proper grammar and avoid using words that can be rendered as jargon. Also, ensure that your document is free from any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. You can employ the services of a plagiarism checker software to ensure the content is unique and non-plagiarized.

A great paper must have a clear writing, excellent grammar, and the stylistic approach must be consistent throughout the article. 


Step-by-Step Research Paper Writing Guide


Follow these steps to write an excellent paper:


  1. Select a Topic - The topic should interest you and be not too narrow or broad to find materials to substantiate your thesis or claim. Avoid technical or super analytical issues that might prove a challenge to write about. 

  2. Develop a Clear Thesis Statement - The thesis statement needs to reflect what the entire paper argues for and supports. 

  3. Research to find relevant sources that will aid in your discussion and support your thesis.

  4. Create an outline – An outline will ensure that you stay on track and organized in your writing. The framework comprises the introduction, body and conclusion. 

  5. Create your first draft. – Using the outline as your guide, it's time to fill in the research content, highlight relevant quotes, paraphrases, and summaries that substantiate your claim.  

  6. Revise and edit your draft – Ensure your ideas and claims flow coherently throughout the paper. Proofread, edit, and correct any grammatical and typographical errors.   


The last stage of preparing your paper for the audience is the presentation phase that involves creating a presentable final printout – neatly typed and uniformly spaced margins.


Remember: writing a research paper is not as difficult, as it seems once you get to understand the method and writing skills. It entails a lot of work and time. However, no need to worry - maintain self-discipline by allocating enough time for all the sections, taking enough breaks, stay organized and, most importantly, do not forget to cite your sources. 



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You can be a novice or an essay writing guru, one thing is certain - there is always room for improvement. "Growth mindset" has been one of the most popular psychological concepts of the XXI century. Carol Dweck, who coined the term, argues that the key ingredient to success is believing in your own potential. Dweck's theory is based on groundbreaking research on brain plasticity and the positive influence of practice on the connectivity between neurons. In a nutshell, when your mindset is fixed, it becomes an obstacle on the way to improvement. But when you develop a growth mindset and believe in your own ability to get smarter, you work harder and ultimately achieve better results. So, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can always upgrade your essay writing if you set your mind on it. And we are eager to help you with the following useful tips and resources that can make your essay writing practice more enjoyable and effective.   

1. Practice a lot




There is only one silver bullet that will never fail to improve your writing skills. You might have guessed that it is just a lot of deliberate practice. And while sometimes it might be really hard to pull yourself together, there are helpful apps that will turn your writing practice into a fun pastime you will not want to miss. Writing Challenge is an app that offers you several creative prompts and challenges you to write a story based on them. 750words is another writing-productivity app that inspires you to write 750 words daily to get your creative flow unstuck. You can also try journaling with the Day One app as a way to collect ideas and get organized. Finally, check out Blurt: this helpful app will encourage you to build a daily writing habit by setting word count goals and sending you email reminders. Whichever you choose, the most important rules are: commit to your schedule and have fun while writing!

2. Work on your style


Your style of writing can never be polished enough. There will always be a better synonym you could think of and a comma you have missed. "If you look for perfection, you'll never be content," wrote Leo Tolstoy. Grammarly is always here to help you. This popular app can not only check your grammar but also explain what went wrong and how to improve your writing. If you use Grammarly consistently, you will be able to upgrade your style on the basis of the regular reports. Another great app is called ProWritingAid. It is a three-in-one solution: a grammar checker, a style editor, and a writing coach covering such advanced writing issues as repetitive words, transitions, vague and abstract words, etc. There are also specialized apps that aim at honing your academic writing skills, such as Academic Writing in English and Mastering Academic Writing. So, the choice is yours. The secret to your success is the effort. 

3. Learn from the professionals




Another great strategy to boost your writing skills is to examine the best specimens of the essay writing craft and learn by example. You can find a list of the best essays written between 2010 and 2020 in Emily Temple's article "The 10 Best Essay Collections of the Decade." Another great list you could use is "17 Personal Essays That Will Change Your Life" by Sandy Allen from BuzzFeed. And if you are looking for more personalized examples that will suit your unique requirements, professional writers from essaywritingservice.com will provide you with the best samples of academic writing you can use to master the intricacies of the essay writing art.

4. Use advanced academic libraries.

We bet you already know that Wikipedia is not your go-to resource to be cited in an essay. It is high time you tried some more specialized digital libraries that will give you access to rare materials and help you showcase your connoisseurship. World Digital Library is an online treasury full of old manuscripts and books, films, images, and maps. The Perseus Digital Library focuses on Ancient Greek and Roman history, but it also includes Arabic and Germanic materials, books, and articles on Early Modern English literature, sources devoted to the history of the 19th-century United States, and other amazing artifacts. Another digital jewel box is Century Past, a helpful library offering a wide range of non-fiction books on multiple subjects, including art, history, teaching, economy, religion, political studies, exact sciences, medicine, and many others. The more you read, the better you write.

5. Make your writing reader-friendly


In fact, the art of composing a good essay is not about writing. It is about reading. When working on your paper, you should always remember about your readers and their convenience. Keep asking yourself if your writing is clear and concise, if you offer enough examples, and if you are writing in an engaging and easy-to-read manner. If you think that you might have stylistically overloaded your essay, you can receive assistance from such clarity-enhancing apps as Hemingway and Readable.

And here is one last extra tip from the literary father of the Little Prince. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away," said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Work on each word so that you are finally sure it is in the right place, and without it, your essay will not be complete. Good luck!



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