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The financial markets industry has not been left behind when it comes to innovation. One proof of this is anyone can now tap into the dynamic pool with incredible ease and convenience - courtesy of dozens of mobile trading apps. These software programs not only give you the flexibility of time and function, but they also help you stay on top of any developments that could affect your trade value. Here are seven benefits of using a mobile app to play in the game of financial trading.


1. Safety and Security

Mobile apps come fortified with the highest level of security and safety so your funds, personal data and transaction details are always under lock and key. Most mobile trading platforms are managed with an encrypted firewall to eliminate fraud and action from malicious parties.

Mobile apps also require multiple levels of authentication, which require users to provide multiple factors for identification before accessing the platform.


A multiple factor authentication entails providing a password, followed by a physical characteristic, e.g. fingerprints. With multiple levels of identification, even if a hacker knows your password, they simply can't access your data.



2. Up-to-date Information


Information is power, or at least it is in stock and forex trading. Mobile trading platforms offer real-time, up-to-date news, statistics, information on currency exchange rates, commodity futures as well as comparison of currency pairs and stocks so you can always know which financial instrument is worth investing in.


And if you've taken the game further by investing in digital currency, other mobile apps will always let you know of price reactions and other trends in specific cryptocurrency worlds, making sure you never miss out on making profitable opportunities.

3. Financial News at the Fingertips

A stubborn truth about financial markets is that news drives the trade, especially in foreign exchange. Major political, business and natural events invariably have a ripple effect on international markets. An earthquake or a war in a particular country will impact its currency - along with all currency pairs related to it. Mobile apps allow you to make use of such information by supplying any political and business news that may affect financial markets directly or indirectly. This allows you to manage risks as well as position your trades to turn profits. 


4. Convenience


Mobile trading apps allow you to trade at any time, anywhere. All you need to do to lock in that profit is Wi-Fi or cellular access to the internet. Mobile trading platforms allow you to:


       Check-in as many times as you want and improve your trades

       Explore more financial markets - from stocks to bonds to forex to commodities

       Circumvent time-zone limits and geographical barriers and trade from anywhere in the world

       Purchase and sell currencies in the most opportune times

       Live stream data, statistics, and news so you're aware of prevailing market conditions

       Track your portfolio performance

5. Improves Your Chances of Success


The sheer convenience of forex mobile trading platforms; the ability to predict markets based on financial and world news, as well as learn about the real-time price values of stocks, bonds, and commodities whenever and wherever you are - all these multiply your shots at success more than ever before.


Because you can access your account(s) anytime, you're able to maximize your opportunities by exploiting prime windows as best as you can. Also, being in the know on current global, political and financial affairs helps you identify price volatilities and trends, giving you a competitive advantage.  


6. More Flexibility 

The basic function of trading currencies, placing bets on precious metals and commodities, buying and reselling CFDs, etc. becomes even more seamless on mobile platforms. Most apps come with intuitive, highly responsive interfaces that help you move within charts quickly, enabling you to make analyses in record time. Mobile platforms also have over 30 technical tools available to traders.


Many trading platforms also feature the ability to switch between languages. This functionality helps you access various stock markets. Other apps are even customizable so that traders can modify functions to suit their specific trading preferences.   



Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, you'll find mobile platforms afford you so much flexibility, convenience and the ability to make fast decisions in the fast-changing world of financial trading. What's more, you can operate different accounts with different brokers, guaranteeing you several profit streams. 



Summary: These aren't your dad's online casinos - Here are a few gaming platforms for all the types of people you know that bring something new to the table.


Let's face it; a lot of online gaming platforms are just awful. The services and games are fine but the websites are stuck in the early 2000s. I don't know about you but I've come to expect a bit of quality from the websites I plan to spend some time at.


It's 2018 for Pete's sake and it's about time that online gaming catches up to the rest of the Internet.


Not only are the sites I'm about to mention pretty and clean they also are pushing the envelope regarding new features and offer a fresh gaming experience. If you sick of the same old then look no farther.


Here are a few sites that you'll actually enjoy browsing, playing and winning at...




Casumo is for the "trendy" people who value the finer things in life - like iPhones.


Casumo is an online casino for the modern age. The site is sleek, clean and sexy. The site hosts a live support chat and a real-time feed posting updates on other players' activity.


You can expect the best in gaming entertainment with big-name franchises Scarface and South Park; top slot performers Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, and more; along with countless jackpots, and classic table games.


‘Like' Casumo on Facebook to get informed of their latest offers, game announcements, competitions or just to hang out and catch up with other Casumo players.


Casino Heroes


Casino Heroes is for the gamers, like the ones who still have an N64 tucked away somewhere.


Casino Heroes combines online gaming with adventure and storytelling. The site is engaging and captures the imagination.


Create your own Casino Hero (personal avatar) and collect experience points while fighting bosses for rewards. Each win sends your Hero to a new land where you will discover new cash bonuses, free spins, and unlock new casino games.


Explore their main map or visit one of the three islands, each with their own difficulty. Play games and progress through the different lands and story.




Slotomania is for the self proclaimed "slot-zombie" and the type who's always checking their ‘feed'.


Slotomania gives you the chance to play a number of different free video slot machine games right through your computer or mobile screen. Even if you are on the go, you can just login to the app through Facebook and start playing.


Slotomania recognizes the need for a high-quality mobile gambling experience. That is why the slots app is compatible and available directly through Facebook. Share you're progress and brag about winning via Facebook.


Completely FREE, Slotomania is social gaming at its finest




For the young professional who knows how to use the Internet but remember when it wasn't around.


Wunderino is more traditional then the rest of the platforms listed here, but what it lacks in innovation it makes up for in simplicity and elegance. Fun to look and without gimmicks or frills - Wunderino just presents itself well.




GunsBet is the place for the gamer that won't stop talking about cryptocurrencies.


GunsBet has a fun, playful and visually stunning site! You can even pick a cool character to play as you play your way progressing your status.


GunsBet offers Complimentary Points that can be earned through play, which allow players to make there way through 7 status levels, from ‘Lasso', to ‘Revolver', to ‘War Cannon'. With Each level you receive a more "advantageous" exchange rate for your Complimentary Points.


Lastly, they offer fast payments, over 20+ payment options, games to play with Bitcoins, and they accept several different currencies.


GunsBet is online gaming gone modern!

If that's not enough, feel free to check out some other great, more traditional options, here


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