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Vivo is no longer just another Chinese manufacturer trying to copy Apple; as a matter of fact, it has not only risen as a global smartphone OEM to reckon with, one can go as far as saying that the Chinese company has managed to beat both Samsung and Apple when it comes to introducing true innovation. If you are wondering why anyone would think so, then you probably don't know that Vivo has already showcased the in-display, under the screen fingerprint scanner with its Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone, that both Apple and Samsung have failed to do, even after repeated attempts by the latter in the last year or so. As if that was not impressive enough, take a look at the leaked shots of this smartphone from Vivo, which will likely be coming in with the in-screen fingerprint scanner and this gorgeous, truly bezel-less display.

Sources are unsure whether this is the Vivo Xplay 7 or not, but it could very well be. It would be really interesting to see if Vivo also packs in a 4K resolution in that beautiful display, just like the rumors had been predicting. If they do, that would make Vivo the only company apart from Sony to have a smartphone with a 4K display. It is quite possible that the upcoming Snapdragon 845 SoC will be powering the device as well, alongside an internal storage capacity of 256GB/512GB. Would you buy this beauty if it became available in your country?

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

The U.S. Patent & Trademark department has published a patent application by the Korean giant, which has the potential to change and revolutionize how we watch television forever. The patent details a holographic technology for television sets that also goes on to explain why the 3D TV did not hit home with the consumers. Apparently, both the deflected glasses and the shutter glasses associated with 3D TVs of this generation cause fatigue due to the lenticular or parallax barrier method that they use to produce the three-dimensional images. Tiredness and sometimes even nausea may occur as the focus of the eyes and the depth perceived by the brain differs significantly to produce the desired 3D effect. The holographic TV will change the entire scenario by eliminating the current gen 3D glasses and the working principle behind them altogether.

The new holographic tech will ensure that the depth of perception and the actual focus of our eyes do not differ and remain in sync with each other, therefore cutting out all the discomforts associated with watching 3D content. In order to understand the technology behind the upcoming holographic TV in more detail, check out PatentlyMobile now.

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


While it isn't surprising to know that an upgrade to Android Nougat is being prepared for the Galaxy Note 5 as Samsung did mention that they were going to do so earlier, it's good to know that they have included the Galaxy Tab S2 in their Nougat update list as well. Reports from reliable sources are indicating that a firmware based on Android N is being prepared for the both the devices right now. Unfortunately, no one can confirm when the firmware will be ready for OTA rollouts. If we were to guess, we would say that it won't be until we are well into 2017.


In the meanwhile, Samsung is already testing out the beta versions of its Android 7.0 based firmware on a limited number of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. In fact, those that have been selected for the Galaxy Beta Program have already started to receive the second build of the firmware via a second OTA update as you read this. For a complete review of the current Nougat 7.0 UX running on the S7/S7 Edge, check out this awesome video by XEETECHCARE.



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Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


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