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Samsung has just unveiled a portable speaker and a pocket-sized printer at the CES. Literally named the Level Box Slim, the water-resistant speaker is undoubtedly slim with dimensions of 148.4mm x 79mm x 25.1mm. Do not be fooled by the slim profile though as the little portable 8W box can play music for as long as up to 30 hours, thanks to the 2,600mAh battery inside. The water resistance is limited to just a metre and for half-an-hour only, so it isn't exactly waterproof.

The Image Stamp is a portable little wireless printer which differentiates itself from the rest of the products in the market through a very handy little functionality. While most portable smartphone printers are limited to printing out photos in the 3:2 ratio, the Image Stamp can also print them out in the original 16:9 ratio. It can add a location and other details based QR code to the photo too.

No details about the pricing regarding the two products were revealed at the event. Nevertheless, the Image Stamp and the Level Box Slim should both be hitting select markets very soon.

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