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While it would not be Samsung's first try to get into the social networking market, none of the company's previous efforts have been anything remarkable to remember them for. However, all that might change with what is supposed to the Korean giant's latest foray into social networking; aka, Uhssup.

All we know about Uhssup is that Samsung trademarked the name with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) last month and the description in the patent mentioned that the app would allow for social communication and real-time location sharing with friends. However, today's news does carry an update with it and it comes straight from Korea via Heraldcorp. Apparently, Samsung is going to launch Uhssup with the Galaxy S9 and S9+, both of which will come preloaded with the social networking app.

Given that last year's Bixby AI assistant was not a success for Samsung and also the fact that there are a ton of popular social networking apps like Whatsapp and FB Messenger out there already that  allow users to do the same things that Uhssup will probably allow them to do, things are not really loking very good for the future of this app at this point. Let's just hope that Samsung has something more up its sleeve for Uhssup than only what the rumors are suggesting.

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Today, Facebook unveiled a new version of its social network, called "Facebook At Work", with an emphasis on organizational communication for employees at a single company. The service, which is set to launch as a free app on Android's Google Play and iOS' App Store later today, will still require participating companies to receive an official invite, but upon launching the service, employees will enter an ad-free, no-subscription version of Facebook that connects employees only to each other, as opposed to the wider world.


Facebook hasn't revealed many screenshots or any demo footage ahead of the app's launch, but Facebook offered Ars a brief description: "Facebook at Work is a separate experience that gives employees the ability to connect and collaborate efficiently using Facebook tools, including many that they're likely already using, such as News Feed, Groups, messages, and events." In that respect, the service will both mirror those of corporate communication tools like Yammer and Slack and offer its own familiar twist for employees who have already gotten hooked on Facebook's style.


facebook at work


In the meantime, creator Lars Rasmussen made the interview rounds on Wednesday to describe what users can expect from the work-only version. In short, users will be allowed to have both their personal and work logins running at the same time, though in separate apps; they'll be able to share documents through the Work site but not yet edit them; and much of the way posts and links are presented will resemble Facebook Groups.




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