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Angry Birds games have a long history. The original was a huge hit, but each successive attempt felt less interesting. Today, Rovio has just released the Angry birds Transformers game on the Play Store for FREE. The game is unexpectedly very entertaining.


Angry birds


In this title, the birds and pigs have been transformed into Autobots and Decepticons, respectively. In each level your chosen Transformer runs through the level while you tap on objects in the background for him or her to blast. The goal is to take out all the pigs by knocking over the towers, just like in traditional Angry Birds, but you've only got a limited time to peck away at the supports with lasers as you run past.


The transforming aspect comes into play when you need to speed up to avoid being smashed by something. Download the game now from the Google Play store link below.




Angry Birds Transformers [Play]



Angry Birds Transformers is the latest and tenth installment in the Angry Bird series of games. Made in collaboration with Hasbro, Angry Birds Transformers is based on the Transformers series, the original animated one, not the terrible movies made by Michael Bay. After a soft launch the game is now available worldwide on iOS right now and will be available on Android Google play Store at the end of the month. Anyway, let's get on with the review.


Angry Birds Transformers is a side-scrolling shooting game. The game is 3D but is only presented from one angle. You take control of one of the Autobirds who is running while shooting the Deceptihogs. The character runs automatically and you just have to tap on the screen to point where you want to shoot.




It's possible to shoot directly at the pigs but that takes a lot of hits before they die. The game instead encourages you to hit the structures they are placed on and then collapse the structure, which kills all the pigs on it. It's easier to break the glass platforms than the wood, and don't even bother shooting at the stone. There will also be TNT crates that you can shoot to instantly blow up the entire structure.




The pigs are also shooting back at you and you basically have to survive the level. The number of pigs you shoot isn't important to finish the level but it is important to unlock future levels, so the more pigs you kill in a level, the better.


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