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Author: Corsairkid News
      Want to give the perfect holiday gift this season? Surprise the important people in your life with the greatest gift of all; Give them an awesome Verizon Wireless cell phone packaged in a holiday gift box, with a nice holiday card! 1) Click the Shop Now to browse all the hottest phones. 2)Select the phone you want to give. 3)Add the gift box to your order on the Accessories page under Featured Items.   It is really that easy to give the ultimate gift this holiday season!    ... Read more

Author: Corsairkid Reviews
      To protect my beloved LG Dare, I purchased a silicon case, very similar to the one shown above. The only major difference between my case, and the one shown, is my particular case has a silicon layer covering the front hard buttons.  I purchased this case from my local VZW store, for a hefty price of $22. Although expensive, the case does a fine job of keeping my Dare safe from bumps and drops. It was very easy to slip my Dare into, and it adds some extra grip to prevent a potentialy "deadly" drop.  I have a few quirks with this case. At $22, it was not cheap. For a case of this quality, I expected a cheaper price tag. Another peeve I have with this product is the silicon has a tendency to "grab" onto your pants, making it difficult to pull out o... Read more

Author: Mobile Cheng LG Electronics
  LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, reinforced its aggressive strategy in smartphones by announcing the first Android mobile device which will give LG a broader and more dominant position in this expanding market.   The announcement of LG's first Android-powered smartphones comes only a week after the world's third largest mobile phone company announced that it would be introducing three new Windows Mobile smartphones in the next few weeks.   These developments underscore LG's commitment to offering greater consumer choice in the expanding smartphone category.   The new LG-GW620 features a 3-inch full touchscreen and slide out QWERTY keypad to meet the growing needs of consumers who rely on their mobile ph... Read more

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Author: JosephRaphael Galaxy Note 4
  Finally, Samsung will bring us a Premium High Build Quality device that we've been waiting for since the release of the S5. Latest reports from Korean publication ET News confirms from close sources that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will be made completely out of Metal, along with a flexible QHD display and a 16MP Camera with Optical image stabilization (OIS).   Samsung is reportedly experimenting with various material choices, including stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and plastic for the phone's case, although only the premium Galaxy Note 4 is likely to get a metal case. In other words, plastic will still be part of the Galaxy Note 4's design, for at least one version of the phablet.   The release data for the Galaxy Note 4 is September,2014 and there's no... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Technology
  The popular disk maker Western Digital has expanded its NAS-centric Red line with 6TB hard disks. WD has also introduced the new Red Pro line for medium to large businesses.     The Western Digital Red disks now range from 1TB to 6TB and support 1 to 8-bay NAS setups. While the Red line is targeted at home and small business NAS setups, the Red Pro aims higher. Designed for medium and large businesses. They support up to 8 to 16-bay NAS setups and disks range from 2TB to 4TB. The WD Red 6TB HDD will cost you around $300.     The NASware software that comes with Red disks has also been updated to version 3.0 for improved performance and reliability plus reduced downtime. NASware 3.0 is pre-loaded on all WD RED line products.     Source... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Apps
Your Android Smartphone or Tablet is getting Slow ? You need a FREE App that optimize your device performance ? We have the soltuion, "360 Clean Droid". What's special about this App ? Well, Firsttly, its FREE with no In-App Crap... Secondly, Its User Interface is a "one-click-functionality", the app is all about big letters, rounded buttons, and plenty of color is what this one is about. An optimization app can't really be simpler and friendlier to use.     Let's talk about the function now. First, the app boasts "millisecond boosting technology", which is 'fancy speak' for its ability to execute all its optimization programs with a single tap. Second, 360 Clean Droid features "advanced trash cleanup". We're not completely sure what makes it so advanced compared to other ... Read more

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Author: Mobile Cheng Motorola
  Canadian service provider TELUS will soon be releasing the Motorola MileStone, AKA Motorola Droid.  But it's not available to folks in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.    Yesterday, a new ‘ad' popped up on the TELUS site noting that the Milestone will not be available in MB and SK... at least for the immediate future. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing for folks in the area, as this is the second time around for such a debacle. Not so long ago when TELUS went live with the iPhone 3GS, the same deal went down, in fact, it's still going down. Manitobans and Saskatchewanians are still in the dark when it comes to Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone.   via: intomobile ... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Technology
  We would like to explain our "Smartphones Rating System" for the YouMobile Specifications Center, We add any New Smartphone, Tablet or Smartwatch to this section with our rank for this device (1-5 Stars) on the Upper-Right corner. Here is our Rating System (Includes Smartphones, Tablets and Smartwatches): The 1 Star Rated Smartphones is Mostly cheap Smartphones with very low specs, probably the lowest specs in the market at the time this phone was released.   These Phones are usually useful as Back-up devices, if you primary phone got stolen, at serivce or out of charge as these phones battery last longer than other smartphones.                         The 2 Stars Rated Smart... Read more

Author: mobilechang Samsung
Rogers has announced today on its official Twitter account that the Canadian carrier will be offering Samsung's latest gigantic handset, the Galaxy Mega 6.3. If you somehow missed this one, the Galaxy Mega is so far the largest phone device in the "Galaxy" lineup for Samsung, with a very familiar build but a pretty crazy screen size. Just like the rest of the Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 it runs the Android OS. It looks like an Galaxy S4 on growth hormones - just as plasticky but much larger. The Galaxy Mega has a 6.3-inch screen. Samsung also makes a slightly smaller 5.8-inch version of the Mega, which sells for around £100 less.  Galaxy Mega 6.3 also eatures a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 400 processor; 1.5GB RAM; 6.3-inch 720p LCD screen; TouchWiz UI; 8... Read more

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