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Author: Corsairkid News
      Want to give the perfect holiday gift this season? Surprise the important people in your life with the greatest gift of all; Give them an awesome Verizon Wireless cell phone packaged in a holiday gift box, with a nice holiday card! 1) Click the Shop Now to browse all the hottest phones. 2)Select the phone you want to give. 3)Add the gift box to your order on the Accessories page under Featured Items.   It is really that easy to give the ultimate gift this holiday season!    ... Read more

Author: Corsairkid Reviews
      To protect my beloved LG Dare, I purchased a silicon case, very similar to the one shown above. The only major difference between my case, and the one shown, is my particular case has a silicon layer covering the front hard buttons.  I purchased this case from my local VZW store, for a hefty price of $22. Although expensive, the case does a fine job of keeping my Dare safe from bumps and drops. It was very easy to slip my Dare into, and it adds some extra grip to prevent a potentialy "deadly" drop.  I have a few quirks with this case. At $2... Read more

Author: Mobile Cheng LG Electronics
  LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, reinforced its aggressive strategy in smartphones by announcing the first Android mobile device which will give LG a broader and more dominant position in this expanding market.   The announcement of LG's first Android-powered smartphones comes only a week after the world's third largest mobile phone company announced that it would be introducing three new Windows Mobile smartphones in the next few weeks.   These developments underscore LG's commitment to offering greater... Read more

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Author: JosephRaphael Android Updates
  LG won the Lollipop update race with the impending rollout of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for its LG G3 flagship. The three major carriers in South Korea will get the update at roughly the same time.   The 5.0 update brings a new default runtime ART which offers speed improvements. LG has also added a smart lock system that is disabled when a trusted Bluetooth device is in range. Support for smartwatches, TVs and tablets has also been improved.   The company first released the update in Poland clearly a test rollout to catch any last minute issues before t... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Technology
  The first "Jurassic World" movie trailer isn't set to arrive until Thanksgiving, but Universal Pictures is giving us our first taste of the film right now.   The latest teaser includes the very first footage from the film seen yet, and that includes glimpses of dinosaurs, Chris Pratt, the park, and some crazy new vehicles that make the multi-colored Jeeps of old seem mundane by comparison.     The film, which sees visitors return to Jurassic Park 22 years after the events of the first movie, will hit theaters in June 2015. Watch the Trailer Video below... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Google
  As a Marketing plan, Google is set to light up a giant Interactive billboard in New York City. Powered by Mitsubishi Electric, the Diamond Vision AVL-ODT10 display will become the largest electronic billboard to ever grace the iconic Times Square.   The display is located on Broadway, not far from the search giant's HD in Gotham. It measures a whopping 329.65 feet x 77.69 feet. In addition to being the largest ever digital billboard on Times Square, the engineering marvel is also the biggest in North America to date.     The resolution of the display i... Read more

Random Blogs
Author: Josephws GALAXY Nexus
Since the last leak of the Galaxy Nexus White photo, Galaxy Nexus Fans love it, the White surface color and the familiar black face all together in one device. This version you see on the Photos is the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus running Android ICs 4.0.3 with exactly the same specs as the original Galaxy Nexus. Also, check the unboxing video from our friends on Engadget. ... Read more

Author: Josephws Apple
    Apple has just announced that it plans to fix or patch an iPhone and iPad security issue, where PDF files can be maliciously used by hackers to gain access to user data, and infect their devices without their knowledge. Germany Federal Office for Information Security warned of “critical weaknesses in iOS, and Apple has responded to the warning promising a solution. According to Yahoo!: Apple Inc. spokeswoman Bethan Lloyd said Thursday the company is “aware of this reported issue and developing a fix that will be available to customers ... Read more

Author: Josephws Technology
  In this post you will be looking at the popularity of mobile operating systems around the world, based on evidence from web analytics firm StatCounter. The data is based upon web access from each platform and is broken down by region. Android despite is increasingly popularity around the globe accounted for more than 50% of mobile web traffic in just one country, South Korea. There it managed to wratchet up a very impressive 78.3% share. Austria came second with 27.3%, Taiwan third with 26.5% and Denmark in fourth with 25.3% of its mobile web traffic originating fro... Read more


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