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      Want to give the perfect holiday gift this season? Surprise the important people in your life with the greatest gift of all; Give them an awesome Verizon Wireless cell phone packaged in a holiday gift box, with a nice holiday card! 1) Click the Shop Now to browse all the hottest phones. 2)Select the phone you want to give. 3)Add the gift box to your order on the Accessories page under Featured Items.   It is really that easy to give the ultimate gift this holiday season!    ... Read more

      To protect my beloved LG Dare, I purchased a silicon case, very similar to the one shown above. The only major difference between my case, and the one shown, is my particular case has a silicon layer covering the front hard buttons.  I purchased this case from my local VZW store, for a hefty price of $22. Although expensive, the case does a fine job of keeping my Dare safe from bumps and drops. It was very easy to slip my Dare into, and it adds some extra grip to prevent a potentialy "deadly" drop.  I have a few quirks with this case. At $2... Read more

LG Electronics
  LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, reinforced its aggressive strategy in smartphones by announcing the first Android mobile device which will give LG a broader and more dominant position in this expanding market.   The announcement of LG's first Android-powered smartphones comes only a week after the world's third largest mobile phone company announced that it would be introducing three new Windows Mobile smartphones in the next few weeks.   These developments underscore LG's commitment to offering greater... Read more

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Google has just updated its Android Hangouts App to version 3.0 with many improvements. This Google+ chat App is getting popular among Android users. Hangouts v3.0 packs many UI tweaks. The biggest change in this release, is the New Rich contact card which pulls profile images, photos, recent interactions, and other data from Google+, then showing it to you when clicking on any of your Hangouts contacts.     So What elase is New ? The snooze notifications option has moved to the top of the nav drawer and the accent color used for checkboxes is a minty green now. The ... Read more

Google Play
  Google has just Updated its Play Store App to v5.2.13 with many under-the-hood features.     Google Play store version 5.3.5 update is Now Rolling-out to all Android users. The 5.3.5 update brings some UI tweaks along with some new features and lost of functional tweaks and improvements.     One of the visual changes of this update, that it's now automatically hides action bars as users scroll down the page. This gives users a little more breathing room for the content. Of course, as soon as the page is scrolled up even a little bit, the a... Read more

Samsung Updates
  After a long wait time, The official Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware files for the International Galaxy S4 LTE I9505 have been leaked online, and they are available for download. The update packs some UI changes, bug fixes and some performance improvements along with the Android build 5.0.1 to the 2-year old smartphone.   The Official Over-the-air package update for I9505 will start Rolling-out later this month (March).     To Install the Official firmware on your Galaxy S4 LTE I9505, just download the firmware from the links provided on this XDA ... Read more

Random Blogs
  We all seen the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. While extremely intelligent, it's biggest flaw was that it only covered the display on the front while leaving the back open for scratches.     Apple has now announced the new iPad Smart Case that not just covers the display but also the back. It behaves similar to the Smart Cover, where the top folds back and forms a stand to place the iPad in various positions. It also has the magnets that make the iPad automatically go to sleep when you place the cover over the display. But the new part is a comp... Read more

  XDA Developers members, including Reignzone, have in their possession an experimental HTC build and the speculations are causing excitement in the Android and HTC community:   "So, what I've got here is a little build we're referring to as the "Pet Dragon". It's highly experimental at the moment...and from what I have noticed after reviewing the build.prop files from this "system dump" of the device I spoke of earlier today...HTC Dragon. (dubbed "Zoom 2″) -> the screen resolution is 800×480...which as you can tell is quite an impressive resolution. Jud... Read more

LG Electronics
  Everybody wants to have the ultra slim LG BlissTM - today's hottest trend in touch screen technology. With a next generation user interface, large 3" touch screen, and sleek rounded design, this phone has a fresh look that's sure to capture lots of attention.   You can call your friends and catch up on the latest gossip while you browse today's entertainment news on the web. You can take great photos or video with the 2.0 megapixel camera and camcorder, then share your coolest shots.   Get in style with the LG Bliss - you'll be happy you did!   Features... Read more

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