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Do you ever wonder how much Samsung paid for each Galaxy S 4 unit with its beefed up specs and possibly estimate how much it earns for each single S 4 sale? According to researchers at IHS who virtually estimated the S 4's hardware cost, the estimated amount that it took to build the S 4 increased significantly, compared to the Galaxy S 3.

For this reason, the S 4 costs slightly higher in the market than the S III was in its introduction. Some of the noticeable improvements made on the S 4 are the Full HD AMOLED display, memory, sensors for the display, and the Exynos Octa. This processor costs more than the Snapdragon 600, which is used in an S 4 variant, so cost per unit will also vary a little.

Furthermore, Samsung plans to sell 100 million units of its new device. One of the major reasons probably is to cover for the costs that it has spent on marketing the S 4, which could actually be bigger than it costs to make 100 million units.

Source: Forbes

Not happy with Google Drive or DropBox?  Now, you have another option, Mega.  Its launched by Kim Dotcom, A year after file-storage site MegaUpload was brought down by U.S. law enforcement officials targeting piracy, it didn't stop Kim Dotcom from launch his new storage website, Mega.


Dotcom said Mega had more than half a million sign-ups in the first 14 hours, so it was already a success. However, the site has sometimes been knocked offline.


Mega's file encryption is not so much to protect users as to protect Kim Dotcom and his company. The New Zealand police force's ludicrous overreaction resulted from accusations that MegaUpload was being used to share copyright material such as movies, TV shows and music. With Mega, files are encrypted before they are uploaded, so that Mega staff do not and cannot know what users are uploading and, possibly, sharing.

Compared to Google Drive, Mega offers a steal! There is no 500 GB plan offered by Google, but we can compare Mega to Mountain View's 2 TB plan. Google Drive's price for 2 TB of storage is a whopping $99.99/month, 5 times the price of Mega's Pro II plan. And we thought Google's plans were affordable.


Mega's Pro Account Prices


  • Pro I: 500 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth for $9.99/month.
  • Pro II: 2 TB of storage and 4 TB of bandwidth for $19.99/month.
  • Pro III: 4 TB of storage and 8 TB of bandwidth for $29.99/month.

Source:  MEGA / CNET



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