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There was a time siri was one of top Android features. It was the feature which created a unique selling point for Apple iPhone 4S. But, it's now has become nearly worthless especially with a number of top Android features designed and available too.

A report tells the brief history of this wonderful feature that we would like share with you. It all started with siri the Android flagship for all the Verizon devices. But, suddenly Apple came in and began to ask for complete sell of siri to them, it only took a single concise chat between CEO of Apple and the siri's developer to get the deal done. But, in all this developer failed recognize how precious this feature is for Android devices, this is what allowed Apple to enter into the Smartphone market and maximized its revenues. We would like here to add that siri was powered by Google and the difference between both Apple and Google in the Smartphone market is probably due to this one decision

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My Purchases is a free Android app that allows users to view their entire Google Play purchase history with just a few taps, as first reported by Droid Life.

This app bridges the gap and provides the missing overview over your purchased apps, books, music and even devices.

The display of purchased apps depends on how many apps you have purchased. There is a chance that not all items are listed. This is because Google keeps the list limited at some point.

It supports multiple accounts, so if you spread your downloads across different emails, that is not a problem either. If you miss this functionality in Google Play, check it out. For those curious, the paid version removes in-app advertisements.

Check out the app today: Google Play Store Link




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