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Samsung is undoubtedly the leader in smartphone manufacturing and has dominated the mobile industry with its record marketing and research and development budget. In 2012 alone, the company shelled out a total of $21.6B on these departments, enough to make it to the top of the industry.

Whatever Samsung is doing seems to be working really well. Also, note that the company sells other big and small home appliances and are also venturing in providing equipment in the medical industry. Samsung also gets revenues from sale of these products.

The company owes its great success to marketing and more than this, the introduction of pioneering parts and products such as octo-core smartphones like the Galaxy S IV and the use of flexipanels on many of their products.

However, let us wait to see if time will come when Samsung no longer needs to spend that much for everyone to know that the brand and its products are excellent.

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When it comes to marketing of smartphones, Samsung and Apple are the only ones that dominate the field and all others are dismissed as non-competitors. This harsh competition makes it quite difficult for new entrants to thrive or even old players to bounce back, for that matter. There is simply no easy way to get back up once a smartphone company makes bad decisions and as a result, lose market share.

Such is not the case with Samsung. If any, it has defied odds and ever so slowly climbed to the top. Through the years, it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in research and marketing to un-seat Apple from the top and so far, they are successful.

Not only does Samsung dominate in the Android market share, it also leads in the sale of smartphones. Even Google is expressing concern for its rapid growth, which means that somehow, Samsung makes the Android team quite nervous.

Experts say that the real competitors are Android (Google) and IOS (Apple). But it cannot be denied that Samsung makes up most of the Android pie and that it can easily "destroy" it if it wanted to. Now if only Samsung can actually create hype without spending staggering hundred millions in dollars, then it could be as profitable as Google or Apple and of course, live up to that hype and create really awesome and ground-breaking products. When this happens, it might just be able to swallow both Apple and Google at the same time.



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