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Samsung's Bada OS might already be totally put to shelf this year. With the astounding successes of both the Android and the IOS, Bada could simply not compete because it was really made for entry-level un-competitive smartphones and the only ones that keep it "alive" are those who bought devices that still run on Bada. Once those people changed devices, there won't other options but to choose either Android or IOS. It was also created to compete against Nokia's Symbian, which is also probably already dead by now.

Currently, Android dominates the low-end market for smartphones and in the coming years, it will be very difficult for new OS entrants to capture the market and upstage either of the two leaders in this industry.

According to Samsung officials, Bada will be merged with Tizen but a Bada handset will not be upgraded to Tizen as this won't be possible. The only option is really to buy a new smartphone and change to a more modern operating system.

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Imangi Studios has launched a free, ad-supported version of its updated Temple Run 2 game on Google Play for Android users. Until recently, the popular "infinite runner" game was exclusive to iOS devices.

Temple Run 2 features a glitzy, vibrant feel in addition to a generally busier milieu and a new mine cart level.

Previously, the mine cart level was used as the definitive mark of disgrace in a video game. As times change, the standard has been lowered by all this informal trash.

For now, we'll settle for the amazing Super Hexagon until we are totally irritated. For those who prefer informalities, Android Temple Run 2 is here.

Source: Google Play Store

Espier Screen Locker is an iOS-style screen locker plugin dedicated to Espier Launcher (v2.0.9 or later). Espier screen locker can show missed calls, unread text messages and other notifcations from third-party apps on the locked screen, and can quickly activate the camera, easily browse the latest information, fast capture the beautiful scenery around.

Beautify your Android device from Espier Screen Locker!


1. Simple setup to experience the iOS-style screen locker;
2. Sliding to unlook and the simple password allows you to experience the easiest and most secure lock screen;
3. Display the missed calls, the unread SMS on the locked screen. This allows you to quickly browse the latest information;
4. Camera button to activate the camera, you can easily and fast capture the beautiful scenery around;
5. Easy-to-use, simple, and beautiful UIs;
6. Use Espier Notifications plugin at the same time, you will get a complete "iPhone"!

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