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Removing both the front and rear cameras from an iPhone 4S does not sound like the best way to attract new customers to your network.

That is however, precisely what Singapore-based carrier M1 are offering to potential customers and before you call for the men in white coats to take them away, there is method in their madness.

The operator say that the front and rear camera modules have been completely removed rather than just covered up and the altered hardware means that they 'may not be reinstalled'. But why?

Unless you are from Singapore you may not realize that men are required to fulfill two years of mandatory military service. These 'blind' iPhones have been certified by Singapore Ministry of Defense (Mindef) for use within military installations, meaning those either in the army full-time or just in the service for their compulsory two years, can use them


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A5 Jailbreak

Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team have updated the greenpois0n tool for a successful untethered A5 jailbreak of the iOS 5.0/5.0.1 running iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

A5 Jailbreak

The solution is reportedly called corona jailbreak, due to the use of pod2g corona exploit, and has been really hard to concoct. We did catch a glimpse of an iPhone 4S with an untethered jailbreak a couple of days ago and were expecting to finally see the solution in real life.

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Cut the rope

ZeptoLab has released their highly popular Cut the Rope HD for the PlayBook. The premise is simple but the game can get quite tricky, especially in the later levels.

Not sure if developers suddenly found out about the existence of the PlayBook or if the recent fire sale has finally made them take interest in the device but the troubled tablet has finally started getting some popular titles.

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google now

When Google moved to Smartphones, the company changed the world with its Android operating System. Now Google is looking into bringing its latest innovations from Android Jelly bean to the desktop. It's "Google Now"... Yes, Google is looking to bring the Google now cards to the Chrome browser on all desktops PC/MAC/Chromebooks.


Google now


Chrome developers channel revealed this with a bug/issue report, The issue is titled "Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation", which suggests there's more work to be done before Google Now hits Chrome.

According to the description of the issue, Google Now cards will be shown using Desktop Notifications. If you want to get it before any other Chrome users, keep your eyes in the Chrome dev channel Here.





Lumia 710

T-Mobile USA Nokia Lumia 710 is now available free in the US, It is Now Available for free with 2-years-contract by Walmart, as carrier and retailers attempt to get as many sales in as they can before the Lumia 900 goes on sale.

That deadline of sorts is expected to be in mid-March, with a Nokia Developers email newsletter tipping the end-of-Q1 date earlier this month. Officially unveiled last week, the Lumia 900 promises to be the most advanced Nokia Windows Phone yet, with LTE connectivity along and a 4.3-inch ClearBlack display and 8-megapixel camera

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