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Irrespective of what the state government in any state of the United States might decide, it is now official that Google has taken a strong stance against weed in the Play Store as well.

You can check out the official statement in the store itself, but it can be summarized with the bottom-line that from now on, the Play Store won't support any applications that has anything to do with the weed business at all, irrespective of the business's legal/illegal status in the state of question.

It is disappointing and surprising to see Google taking the same stance as Apple and Facebook already did, especially when the industry has started to grow so profoundly.

Personally, I think it might just have something to do with the strained relationship that Canada now shares with the US. Similar to how Huawei has been shunned by Google due to the new policies implemented by the Trump administration, this could very well be a result of the political pressure on Google to affect the cannabis industry's uninhibited growth in Canada. Then again, it's just a hunch and I could be completely wrong.

Saikat Kar

One of Japan's most famous universities is planning to ban all watches from entrance exam rooms to minimize cheating. According to The Wall Street Journal report - Kyoto University's ban was needed to conduct a "fair test," and this ban covers covers all kind of watches including mechanical ones. The paper says Kyoto is world's first Japanese school to bring in complete ban, although schools from other countries had similar rules. For example, institutes in Australia and England have banned watches, and the AP Program along with SAT test centers in the US have also placed ban on smartwatches inside the examination hall.

Kyoto University was brought negative attention when it got itself intertwined in one of Japan's biggest cheating scandals in 2011; a student released questions to online board from his phone during an exam and asked for solution to the forum visitors. These days cell phones are not allowed in most of the examination rooms. As per the officials, exam takers who would like to keep track of time, will have to check out the clock's set up in each of the examination hall. Interestingly Kyoto is also the school which banned cosplay costumes at graduation.

Some of the notable alumni of Kyoto include former Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda, Nobel Prize winner Isamu Akasaka and Ryoji Noyori.



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