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If you own a device that got updated to Android 6.0, you might have noticed something strange about the system clock on your phone. Many complaints have been filed in the Google Code site about the clock running slow after updating to the Android 6.0. This can make the alarms and event reminders set from your calendar absolutely useless.

We're not discussing about a 30 second difference, or even five minutes. As per Nexus users posting on the Issue Tracker (Issue # 189789), the time mismatch can go up to 30 minutes. Some have managed to fix the issue by turning on Airplane mode and then reverting to normal mode again. But this solution won't apply to all the devices.

Rebooting the smartphone is a fix that has resolved the issue for many, but others have reported that switching to a 3G network setting from 4G will get the phone's clock synced with the network.

Updating to Android 6.0.1, will fix the system clock and you won't be late for work anymore or miss appointments. So the modus operandi is to keep trying one of the workarounds until Android 6.0.1 is pushed to your device.


Apple is one of the most reputed brands in the entire world, but lately, they have been facing a lot of criticism from fans and critics alike. In a recent update, we are hearing reports about a broken camera on some of the brand new iPhone 7 Plus models. The bad news is that the problem isn't even a software issue that can be patched with an update, but an actual problem with the camera hardware. On opening the camera app, the user would be greeted with either a black screen or a view finder that's severely tinted with the color green or purple. One report suggests that users are even seeing a "Emergency iPhone needs to cool down" message, even when the phone isn't showing any signs of heating.

How has Apple reacted to the problem? Well, at times they have replaced the entire phone, while at others they have simply replaced the faulty camera module at a Genius Bar. It would be interesting to see if Apple comes out with a public statement, addressing the problem. If you plan to pick up an iPhone 7 Plus or have already done so recently, keep an eye on the camera.

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