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The All New (leaky) HTC One 2014 leaks again, this time on eBay... Yes, a Verizon-branded 32GB HTC One 4G LTE variant has been listed SOLD on eBay for $499.99 (Good Deal!). Showing us its New sexy Box and confirming the phone specs.


HTC M8 ebay


However, the All "New part" has been dropped from the box label, Sounds like HTC M8 market name will be "HTC One" or "HTC One 2014".


We already have all the information of the upcoming flagship phone you need. We already know the second camera will be used for selective focus and 3D-shooting. The New One will feature a 5" 1080p screen, Snapdragon 801 chipset,two 4MP cameras on the back and a 5MP front-facing camera, along with two dedicated amplifiers for each BoomSound speaker, dual-mic noise cancellation, Wifi 802.11ac, USB On-the-Go, nanoSIM support, full metal unibody and finally the Amazing MicroHCSD slot up to 128GB.





A Photo of the HTC One 2014 (HTC M8) is now on the Spigen website, showing both the front the back of the phone with the leaked Sense 6.0 wallpaper. Spigen's case has special design for the One's dual cameras as well as the dual LED flash.




The front is bare of any casing to leave space for the stereo speakers. It's also available on many colors.




There's no actual new information about the HTC One 2014 except the new photo. However, we already know just about everything there is to know about the phone. Its dual cameras will give you more control on where the focus of the photo is and will also shoot in 3D.


Check the link below if you want to buy that case and get ready for the 25th,March launch.



HTC One 2014

The All New HTC One will be launched on 25th of this Month. Today, HTC tweeted the image embedded above. As you can see, this presents "A History of Mobile Music" in HTC's vision: from the Transistor Radio of 1954 to Personal Compact Disc Players (1984), generic smartphones (2007), and, finally, to the 2014 HTC One.



What should make the All New One a great mobile music player is the BoomSound technology used for its speakers. As you may have heard, HTC already confirmed that the upcoming smartphone would have BoomSound speakers.



all new htc one



A new on-device video of the software inside the All New HTC One reveals details about Sense 6.0 UI, the upcoming update to the skin that comes pre-installed on Android 4.4.2.

While the video uncovers the fact that Sense 6.0 will look remarkably similar to those running the previous version, there are a few things that set it apart. Aside from the on-screen navigation buttons and slightly flatter icons, the new device will support interaction when the screen is off. Under a section called Motion Gestures, the video displays five built-in swipe or touch solutions.


htc m8

All New HTC One Verizon Packaging

For example, double-tapping on the screen will turn it on. Holding the device in portrait mode and swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen will unlock it if there's no passcode and many other gestures. Video re-uploaded and you can watch it below.


zeo all new one

HTC has just posted its 4th and FINAL Technical Translations video that explains ZOE's functions on the upcoming All New HTC One.

HTC's has been released, and the subject for today is Zoes. This is a setting on some HTC models, like the HTC One, that allows your camera to snap up to 20 pictures and a 3 second video automatically. The camera even captures images occurring one second before you press the shutter. You can later stitch together Zoes into a video highlight.


HTC ONe 2014


The videos is posted below. However the All New HTC One is pixelated and any mention of the capabilities of the phone are covered up with a ragtime piano sound, the same as previous videos.


All New HTC One

Spigen, the accessory manufacturer and retailer, website revealing screen protectors and cases for the All New HTC One, all of the accessories will be in stock starting in the Mid-April. And as simple as that, we have what would appear to be a valid clue as to when to expect HTC's new flagship to be launched.


htc m8

Also, Spigen will be selling four different versions of screen protectors for the 5-inch screen on the phone. The prices range from $9.99 for a package of three, to $39.99. Spigen is taking pre-orders for the screen protectors and for two cases it is offering for the All New HTC One.


HTC One 2014


HTC's upcoming flag-ship device for 2014, HTC One 2014, gets certified. An official source from Chinese wireless authority Tenaa reveals some new exciting information about the phone Specs.


One 2014

HTC One 2014 has a 5" 1080p screen, measures 146 x 70.5 x 9.5mm and weighs 157g. The HTC One 2014 is powered by a Snapdragon 801 chipset with a Quad-core Krait CPU clocked at 2.26GHz and 2GB RAM. Internal storage will be 16GB/32GB with a microSD card expansion slot.


HTC One 2014 leaked Specs


Leaked Specs Sheet (Translated)


The New part is, the source confirm that HTC One 2014 will pack two camera sensors 4MP and 16MP. As you can see in the screenshot above (Photographic function 1600: 400) is the 2 sensors sensitivity in pixels for the main camera.


Yes, 16MP is the the main rear camera (beside the Dual-flash) and 4MP is the second rear camera (Uppear side). The difference between both sensors resolution is pretty big but it's rumored that the second sensor is used for adding 3D-effect and Focus-after-shoot effect.

Source (Chinese)

HTc One 2014

The All New HTC One is set for launch by the End of this Month. Today we got some more photos of the device in comparison to the Xperia Z2, iPhone5s, LG G2 and other flag-ship devices. Keep in mind that the photographer claims that these are photos of a dummy device and not the real thing, but it's the same size of the real device for size-comparison purposes.


one 2014


Also today, we got confirmation that the HTC One 2014 will pack a 16MP + 4MP rear camera sensors to add 3D-effect and Focus-after on photos.



GREAT NEWS! HTC is going to livestream the official announcement of the All New HTC One (HTC One 2014) live to your browser. The smartphone will be unveiled on two parallel events on March,25th in London, UK and New York, USA.


HTC One M8


If you want to start waiting from now, Head to the source link below you'll find the count down of the event, bookmark the page and you are good to go. Wait for our full coverage of the event and all the info you'll need to know about the HTC One 2014.



HTC released 4 teasers "technical translations" about the All New HTC One. The First teaser shared the awesomeness of BoomSound on the HTC One. The Second teaser told us about the metal unibody of the HTC One 2014.

The Third teaser share the technical details in depth about HTC's Ultrapixel technology which confirms it will present on the HTC One 2014. The Forth and Last teaser shared said that the experience will be enhanced with ZOE providing a story to the pictures and videos taken with the New HTC One 2014 camera. Watch them all below!


HTC M8 Snapdragon

The All New HTC One is coming on March,25th event and everyday we got a new teaser, Today Qualcomm teases the devic on its own twitter account hinting for a New Snapdragon processor that will be powering the HTC One 2014, we already know its going to pack a Quad-core 801 model, but still teasing is good.





In Qualcomm's own words, the 2014 HTC One is "a stylish new Snapdragon powered device" that will allow you to "#OneUp your mobile experience." Like the 2013 One, the new model has a metallic construction, so stylish is a pretty good word to describe it.


HTC One 2014 Gold



The HTC One 2014 is going to be unveiled on Tuesday, March 25th live event. It will even hit the shelves in selected UK stores just minutes after the official announcement. Some carriers have even started teasing the new One.


According to @evleaks the Gold version of the HTC One 2014 will be a Best Buy exclusive. There is no info on how long it will stay exclusive, but the retail off-contract price is tipped to be $600. If this report was true, the All New HTC One will cost exactly as its predecessor last year.





htc one up


HTC has just released a New teaser on its YouTube channel named "HTC One - Best Smartphone of 2013", The teaser shows that the previous HTC One was awarded the Best Smartphone of 2013 and it will get even better on March,25.

The video didn't show any extra info as previous technical translations video series but it's a heads-up for what's coming the day after tomorrow. check out the video below.


htc one 2014

Today, the All New HTC One 2014 got another hands-on video before the tomorrow's official launch. The video is in German but with a high quality picture and 14 minuets extended hands-on of the hardware of the device.

It also gives a good look at the software and some of the features such as the double tap or swipe to unlock feature, the extreme power saving feature and the new camera app with the after focus feature. You can watch the video below (German).



M7 vs. M8


Today, Just 6 Hours away from Official announcement, a YouTube tech channel posted a lengthy comparison between the original HTC One (M7) and the All New HTC One 2014 (M8).


The video doesn't mention something that we don't know already. It gives a very detailed look at the upcoming phone and compares it in detail to its older brother. Check out the full video below.



HTC is following in the footsteps of Google and released its custom Android launched for FREE download from the Play Store. Along with the BlinkFeed launcher, the company also put out SenseTV and HTC Service Pack. So that when HTC wants to update these Apps, it can be done faster than releaseing a hotfix for the whole firmware Over the Air (OTA).



BlinkFeed was first to put a magazine-like UI on the homescreen, something that Samsung has added to its latest TouchWiz incarnations. The launcher features the same functionality as the native launcher on HTC phones, including showing upcoming calendar events, along with social updates and news, and offline reading mode to save on data usage.


Blinkfeed launcher

HTC BlinkFeed

The BlinkFeed launcher is available for free download from the Play Store, but it seems to have limited availability (probably a regional restriction).


Sense TV


HTC SenseTV displays the TV schedule with additional info for each show, including scores and stats for sports games. If your device has an IR blaster, the app will also control TV, set top box and home theater setup.


HTC Service Pack

HTC Service Pack

The purpose of HTC Service Pack is less clear, apparently it's a "support service update that combines previously released updates and helps make your HTC experience more reliable". Probably will inform the user with upcoming updates status for his HTC device firmware.


HTC Live


The All New HTC One 2014 Unveiling Event has just started, HTC provides Live Streaming of the whole event starts now. Keep your eyes on our homepage for more updates, specs, photos and more about the All New HTC One (2014).

Watch the LIVE Streaming from the window Below.


HTC One M8

Finally, The HTC One (M8) is now Official. The smartphone sports a unibody made of 90% metal as opposed to 70% for its predecessor giving it an even sleeker look.

The One (M8) screen is 5", while retaining the 1080p resolution. Side bezels have been slimmed down and hardware keys have been replaced by on-screen ones so the difference in size compared to the original One is minial.


The front-facing BoomSound stereo speakers that we so enjoyed on the original One are back for another round with the M8. This year's HTC flagship is said to be 25% louder, too.


HTC One M8


As far as processing power goes, the HTC One (M8) offers a Snapdragon 801 chipset with a 2.3 GHz Krait 400 processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. The storage options are 16 GB and 32 GB but the M8 will allow expansion by up to 128 GB through the microSD card slot.


The Android version is 4.4 KitKat with Sense 6 on top. One of the coolest new features brought by the updated package is Motion Launch, which lets you quickly open the camera or unlock the phone while the screen is off. Picking up the One (M8) in landscape mode and pressing the volume button will launch the camera. There's double tap or slide up from the bottom to wake the phone. While locked you can pick up the phone in portrait mode and swipe left on its screen to launch the widget panel or right for BlinkFeed.


HTC One M8

A newly introduced extreme Power Saving Mode promises to give you up to 30 hours of running by using just 10% of the One (M8)'s 2,600 mAh battery. Zoe has also been updated and can take 20 full-res stills coupled with video in just three seconds. The Sense 6 launcher itself has been moved to the Play Store in an attempt to streamline the update process.

The camera department of the HTC One (M8) features a 4MP camera with 1/3" sensor, 2 micron-sized pixels and f/2.0 aperture plus a second camera located above it meant to gather depth information. HTC calls this Duo Camera. It mimics the stereoscopic abilities of the human eye - two independent lenses able to calculate the relative distance of the subjects in an image. HTC's dual camera setup enables cool effects such as selective focus (shallow depth of field) and post-shot refocusing.
The front-facing camera is a wide-angle 5 MP unit making it a huge jump from last year's 2.1 MP.

Sadly, the optical image stabilization of the original One is now gone, and the One (M8) will rely solely on digital stabilization to do its magic. Similarly to Apple, HTC has improved the flash of the smartphone by using a two toned one - one cold and one warm LED, which can help the smartphone produce more accurate color tones in low-light conditions. HTC also claims the One (M8) can focus in just 0.3s.



See Full Specs


m8 promo

HTC has just released the first official promo video of the HTC One M8 on its YouTube channel. The video highlights the all metal design and sophisticated camera design and you can watch it below.


M8 Full Specs

HTC One M8


HTC Americas President, Jason MacKenzie, confimed at HTC One M8 launch event that HTC will keep the M8 owners happy, Keeps the One M8 update-to-date with the latest upcoming Android versions for the next 2 years, which means till 2016, this long term promise should keep users satisfied.


htc usa vp

"For at least two years, HTC is committed to keep your phone up to date for two years, not just 18 months, like other Android manufacturers." - Jason Mackenzie, VP - HTC USA


Also MacKenzie said that if you cracked your HTC One M8 screen by accident, HTC will fix you screen free of charge with its full warranty plan on all M8 devices. Here is the first unboxing video of the M8.


M8 Full Specs

HTC One M8 Music

HTC worked very hard on the M8 audio quality, the phones comes packing a Dual-BoomSound stereo loud speakers with separate built-in amplifiers for each speaker. Just plug-in headphone, raise the volume and enjoy the best music experience you'll ever hear on a phone.


HTC One M8


The Audio quality test, done by gsmarena, shows that the HTC One M8 has the "Best audio output in business". An amazing stereo crosstalk, clean output, loudest phone's speaker you'll ever hear. The Graph shows a perfect frequency response, the scores is also great in terms of Noise level and THD check the scores yourself.

htc One M8 audio scores


HTC One M8 Specs



HTC One M8


HTC One M8 was released yesterday with a full metal unibody. Unlike the Samsung GALAXY S5 which is IP67-certified water resistant, HTC didn't mention anything about water resistance on its M8. However, we can still prove that the HTC One M8 can resist water for more than 30 minuets.

The video below shows a tech channel on YouTube "techsmartt" putting a fully functional M8 device on water (not everyone can do this to a $700 device). the device didn't get affected by the water for more than 30 minuets, after pulling it out of the water the device was still operational and didn't sustain any internal damage at all, which pretty Amazing!


HTC One M8 Specs




Today, HTC One M8 Google Play Edition is available in stock on the Google Play Store for devices, The price of M8 GPe phone is $700, which is about $50 more than the Sense version and the unlocked Developer edition.

Anyway, the HTC One (M8) GPe is unlocked and compatible with the GSM networks of AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. It's not currently available outside the US but it will work on most GSM networks around the world.


Play Store

M8 Specs

HTC M8 wallpaper

HTC Sense 6.0 is the best part of the New HTC One M8, the GUI is rich and colorful taking advantage of the full screen UI support that's available only on Android KitKat. The official wallpapers also seem to be color-coordinated with the context themes that HTC introduces with Sense 6.0. They change the looks of the interface automatically, depending on the set of apps you utilize at the moment, Green is for data apps like the updated BlinkFeed and Weather, Blue is for the messaging apps set, and so on.


You can now Download all official Sense 6.0 Wallpapers, Sounds & Ringtones. Pick what you like from the Dropbox folder link below.

Download Ringtones & Sounds [DropBox]


Download Wallpapers [AndroidHost]


m8 dotview

HTC promised at the launch of its latest flagship, HTC One M8, that it will put more focus on software support of its products. Starting with "decentralized" which means HTC will throw everything they possibly can onto the Play Store, they already did with Blinkfeed and other Apps.


So, now they don't have to wait for a full carrier update to tweak or improve their various Sense apps.


dot view

The latest one to land in the Play Store is HTC Dot View, the support app for the interesting M8 Dot View case, a cover that puts a perforated design to use.


Dot View Case

HTC Dot View


htc m8

Verizon is really getting into the new HTC One M8 the carrier will give you two m8 for the price of one! Verizon has a pseudo-exclusivity on the new flagship as it's the only carrier that has it in its stores.

Anyway, the deal is you pay $200 and get two HTC One M8's. That, of course, means you'll have to sign two contracts, so it's really just $200 off.



A separate promotion will give you $100 bill credit when activating a new service, Same offer applies to some other Verizon phones too.


Verizon Website

HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is available in Asia starting this week, the device launched first on Taiwan (HTC's home country and HQ). Market reception was very positive as distributor PDAKing reports that demand is greater than the available supply at the moment.


"M8 Demand is higher than supply right now," - Sophia Tsai, Pdaking's general manager, told reporters.


Note that this version of the One M8 is slightly different from the US and Euro versions it has a Snapdragon 801 where the CPU is clocked at 2.5GHz instead of 2.3GHz. It carries a price tag of NTD 21,900 (about $720 - €525).


HTC One M8

PDAKing who made the announcement, didn't give a concrete sales count, but apparently orders have been doubling each day since the phone became available on March 25. The phone is already "Sold-out" on some retailers.


HTC One M8 Gold



HTC's latest flagship, HTC One M8, has launched in the UK and its Now available on many retailers. Exclusively, Carphone Warehouse will be shipping all color versions tomorrow, including the Gold version, which makes it the only retailer to have the Gold version right now in the UK.

Amazon UK has just the Silver and Grey options, they will be released on April 4. Clove will start with the Grey HTC One (M8) tomorrow or the day after that, add the Silver in mid to late April, while the Gold one will come only in early May. As for Carriers, EE and Vodafone have the Silver and Grey versions available on contract right now, Gold version may come later.


one m8


The New HTC One M8 is offered for $199.99 on contract in the US, but you can get it for less if you're a Verizon or Sprint customer. Best Buy is currently selling Verizon's One M8 for only $149.99 on contract, Amazon allows you to buy Sprint's version for the same $149.99 price.


one m8

The M8 on the offer is a 4G LTE locked version for Verizon or Sprint with a 2-year contract. you can get the HTC One M8 unlocked for $749.99 for the 16 GB variant. Also note that not all colors are available currently.

Best Buy, Amazon

HTC One M8 - HTC One M8 GPe


Thanks to the XDA developers forum and HTC Source Codes, Now it's possible to convert your regular "Sense 6" HTC One M8 to a Google Play Edition M8 with Pure Android UI without paying that extra $100. The Full Guide is on the Source link below, proceed at your own risk.


one m8 gpe

A few things you should know before you proceed. First, you will need to erase the entire internal storage (NAND). To do so, you'll have to bypass HTC's security with a special tool. Then you must unlock the bootloader in order to flash a custom ROM. There is a step-by-step guide for the entire process, but it is not easy, and there is a chance you brick your HTC One M8.


Source (XDA)



HTC continues its Advertising campaign for its latest flagship HTC One M8. HTC has just posted a Video of Robert Downey Jr., Our beloved Iron Man and HTC Brand Ambassador. RDJ was talking "Seriously" in Old English telling you how cool the HTC One M8 is and why you should get one RIGHT NOW. Watch the cool video below!



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