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Just as it is necessary to have a strong password for an email account, so it is important to have an impenetrable password to log in to the site. Forget the codes that contain your name or the name of your favorite sports club, or worse, the domain name with the addition of a couple of numbers. It is too simple and it is not recommended to use such passwords. A good password must be long enough. How much? At least 10 characters. When an attacker tries to break into your site, special systems that you can install should prohibit further attempts after a couple of unsuccessful password entries. The password must be unique. Never use the same password to access other sites and services on the Internet.




When you use different and complex codes everywhere, it is very difficult to remember them. You can solve this problem by using software called a password manager, like Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault, which integrates into your browser and remembers all your passwords, and can also create random passwords for new sites and services you register on, and which allows you to access all your passwords from anywhere; you can find out here more about this tool. It also allows an encrypted database with passwords to be stored on your computer and not available from any location or device. In both cases, you only need to remember the master code to access the database, and of course, it is important that the master password is very complex and never used on other services. It additionally supports two-factor authentication, which raises security to an even higher level.

If your site can be accessed by multiple users, it's a good idea to assign them appropriate roles and privileges. Someone who just writes texts does not need access to administrator privileges. In this way, you will prevent others from making changes to the site and in the texts that they did not create, or that the possible theft of their access parameters endangers the entire site. Whether you have misused your account or accidentally deleted part of the site, you must perform regular data backups. 

When using certain sites with registration and login, it is not bad to set an alternative to password recovery. In case you forget the access parameters, you can request a password reset, and a link to enter a new password will be sent to the email address from the account. This email address must be always current because otherwise the email will be sent to an address that you no longer use and then you would not be able to solve the problem. 

There are different views on writing down all passwords in a paper notebook. If someone comes into possession of that notebook, they will have all your access parameters for all sites and services. For that very reason, it is good to keep a notebook in a safe, as a treasure, because it is. Avoid logging in to sites and services via public computers from cafes, hotels, airports, but if you can't avoid that, be sure to clear your history and cache from your browser. Never accept that the browser remembers the entered parameters. Since these are public computers, they are not secure enough and you do not know if they are infected with malware that records data entry, and therefore your passwords. Even if you are a big company, there is a potential for a security breach. As for personal computers, it is important to update the programs regularly, and scan the system with antivirus software.

The owners themselves are often to blame for revealing passwords, as they do not pay enough attention when opening the links they receive in messages. Spam messages with links that lead to sites that resemble the original ones, but are located at a completely different address, are often spread on social networks, in emails and comments on sites. When you access them, they ask you to log in with a username and password. By entering your access data, you are sending that data to the hacker, who set up such a fake (phishing) site.

Many internet users do not notice that it is a malicious site and enter their data and thus compromise their accounts. It is important to always check the source of the message and if it seems suspicious to you, never open the links that are in it. Also, if you visit a page from suspicious messages, make sure that the web address matches the correct one, before entering any data on such a site.

As you can see, there is a growing need for increasingly complex passwords. One solution is password managers, but it will be easier for us when the technology develops and when we scan the thumb or cornea instead of entering the codes. These immutable and unique biometric data can be used as another factor in applications, without which access to services is not possible. The use of biometric data already exists. It is available for a small number of people and certain products. Until such technology becomes standard, we will have to apply the tips in this text.

However, with the introduction of computers, there was a need for both new and automated tools to protect files and other information stored on your computer. This is especially important for shared systems, such as file - sharing systems, which is enabled access through public computer networks. An important change that also affected security is the emergence and expansion of distributed systems, as well as the expansion of applications computer networks, communications, and distributed systems. Generic toolset names, procedures, policies, and solutions that are designed to protect the system from attack computer network security. To effectively assess the security needs of an organization and to selected different security products, policies, procedures, and solutions, to the manager in the company which is in charge of security, a systematic way is needed to define the requirements in terms of security and to categorize approaches to meet these requirements.

To make it easier for users to manage their iPhone, various third-party tools and applications are available. If you are a regular iPhone user, then you must have tried iTunes in the past. Though, almost every user look for its alternative since iTunes isn't that user-friendly. Don't worry, you can still manage your data with an iPhone file manager. Transfer files from iPhone to PC or vice versa like a pro with these iOS device management tools.


1.      dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

If you are looking for the best solution to manage your iOS device, then give dr.fone - Transfer (iOS) a try. A highly secure and user-friendly tool, it comes with tons of features. You can use it to manage your photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc. Not just to transfer data between iPhone and computer, it can also move data between different devices as well.

Since dr.fone - Transfer (iOS) has a user-friendly interface no prior technical knowledge is needed to use it. With its powerful file manager, you can have a complete control over your device, which makes it the best iPhone file manager. Here are some of its major features:

       The iPhone manager can be used to transfer data between an iOS device and a computer easily.

       Users can also rebuild iTunes library without using iTunes or sync iTunes content with the connected device.

       Explore the saved photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages on your device. It also has a dedicated file explorer.

       Added applications like ringtone maker

       You can also transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone or Android as well.

       Since it provides a preview of the saved data, users can perform a selective transfer.

       During the transfer process, the data is kept intact and secure.

       The application runs on Windows and Mac (free trial version available)

       Fully compatible with every leading iOS device (including iOS 12)


2.      iSkysoft iPhone Transfer

Another application that you can try is from iSkysoft. The application is quite similar to dr.fone and will you transfer files from iPhone to PC and vice versa. There is also a provision to transfer data from one smartphone to another. Since users can easily explore their iPhone storage and save their data, the application can also be used to maintain its backup as well.

       The tool is extremely easy to use and is compatible with all the leading iPhone models.

       Users can get a view of their device's storage and transfer its data across different sources.

       You can easily transfer data between iPhone and computer as well as iPhone and iPhone.

       It provides a preview of our data and lets us perform a selective transfer.

       There is no need to jailbreak the device to use the application.

       It can be used to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, and other important data files.

       There is no need to use iTunes in order to transfer data between iPhone and iTunes.

       Supports Mac and Windows systems (offers a free trial as well)


3.      iExplorer

Developed by Macroplant, iExplorer is a popular iPhone file manager that will fulfill all the basic requirements of yours. It is a lightweight desktop application that is compatible with different iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It also supports devices running on iOS 12 as well. You can backup your data on your computer, manage your photos, view call history, and do so much more.

       The tool can let you transfer music to and from iTunes and your iPhone pretty easily.

       You can preview your photos and videos to transfer them selectively

       Read text messages stored on your iPhone and export your conversations.

       Take a backup of your data at once on your computer

       Available for Windows as well as Mac

       A free trial version is also provided so that users can explore it before buying the tool


4.      SynciOS

If you are looking for a multi-purpose smartphone manager, then you can also try SynciOS. Apart from iPhone models, it is also compatible with leading Android devices as well. You can easily use it to transfer files from iPhone to PC or any other smartphone. Also, you can view the apps installed on the device and further transfer important data files like photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, ebooks, etc.

       You can easily backup your media files and even transfer them from one source to another.

       The application allows us to transfer data from one iPhone to another or between iPhone and computer.

       It comes with different applications like ringtone maker, video to audio converter, etc.

       Users can also backup their data and restore it afterward

       Available for Windows and Mac

       Both free and paid versions are available


A Quick Comparison

After getting to know about different iPhone managers, you can be a bit confused. To help you pick the best iPhone file manager, you can go through this quick comparison.

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

iSkysoft iPhone Transfer



Ease of use

Extremely easy




File manager





Data Support






Lightning fast

Lightning fast



Star Rating






Starts from $39.95

Starts from $39.95

Starts from $39.99

Starts from $49.95

I'm sure that after getting to know about these different iPhone tools, you would be able to transfer files from iPhone to PC like a pro. From all these tools, we recommend dr.fone - Transfer (iOS). It is a tried and tested solution that lets us take a complete control of our iOS device. You can easily move your data from iPhone and computer (or other smartphones). This is why the tool is often used by experts and now you can also make the most of your device with it.


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