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A total of 1 Billion Android devices shipped over the last year (2014) alone, as reported by Strategy Analytics. The analyst firm estimates 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped in 2014, of that over 1 billion ran Android (this works out to 81% market share).


Smartphone shipments grew 30% compared to 2013 (from 1B to 1.3B). Androids alone went from 0.8B to 1B in that period, while iOS lost some ground in terms of market share. It still shipped around 193 million devices, up from 153 million units in 2013.




The third horse in the race, Windows Phone, kept pace with the growth of the market and stayed at 3% share (shipping just under 39 million units).



Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge are the two devices for which the Samsung was recruiting beta testers last month owing to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in South Korea and the UK. The Marshmallow upgrade was swiftly rolled out to all those who opted to become beta testers. It seems the Android 6.0 beta upgrade is also getting shipped to some of the Galaxy Note 5 (AT&T carrier) variants in the US.

Supposedly, the Korean giant chose only 200 testers with AT&T's Galaxy Note 5, and couple of them got an email with detailed instructions on installation of the beta update via the company's official app. Now, some of the testers are also getting the Android 6.0 beta upgrade for their Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920A). This upgrade is a package of delight for some of the unhappy Galaxy Note 5 buyers.

Upgraded Galaxy Note 5 variants show build number as MMB29K.N920AUCU2BPB1 and a build date of Kernel as February 2, 2016. The file size of this update is 1355.94MB, which packages Android security packaged released in February. The UI matches the look and feel of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge's Marshmallow test version.

There is no information about refinement and new features of the S Pen till now. We'd be happy to learn more about the battery life, performance and new features present in this update, if you are one those who has received it.



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