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SMS has become a globally adopted channel of communication. Endless chains of private messages have exposed the opportunities text messaging holds as a service channel. The usage of mobile phones is rising fast globally. In a recent survey, the respondents showed SMS has an open rate of 98%. SMS marketing's pro benefit is that texts within 3 minutes of delivery, 90% of recipients open the text message. You only need to get the marketing edge right to hoist your business above the competition.

SMS marketing can be used effectively in sending messages for sales, promotion, appointments, and event reminders. Presently, many brands use SMS marketing for advertising products and services to attain instant results. Here are seven reasons why SMS has significantly impacted the world.

Immediate Delivery

SMS messaging is very quick and efficient. Sending a text virtually guarantees that your marketing message will reach your target audience almost immediately upon being posted. The majority of consumers have their phones with them most of the time, providing a perfect channel for time-sensitive offers. SMS has better delivery over email. There are no spam filters. Therefore, there are no design elements; it is as simple as typing in your text.

High Engagement Rates

People are more receptive to SMS messages. 30% of recipients respond to texts, and 32% will respond to surveys sent by smartphones. This makes SMS a fantastic way to carry out research and boost engagement. SMS ensures the message is delivered straight into the right hands at the right time. With more than 90% of messages read within 3 minutes of being received, you could expect immediate results. SMS is one of the quickest and easily affordable tools to help you reach your target audience.

It's for this reason that almost most marketing agents will recommend that you fully utilize the power of SMS marketing. You can read more on their blog to understand how high engagement rates impact positive results. With expert SMS tips and tactics, you can easily succeed.

Quick Consumption

One of the most alluring things about SMS for the recipient is concise messaging. SMS is limited to only 160 characters, forcing businesses to get their message across direct and fast. It's heads and shoulders above any other communication methods based on reading rate. Most people send and receive text messages daily as they engage with each other. That being the case, you ought to know your customers have access and know-how to use SMS.

Universal Reach

Mobile is a widely used, versatile, and efficient means for B2C communication. Text messages a massive group in a short period. The number of unique mobile subscribers is at 8.1 billion globally. In business, reaching an active customer base with a single tool is crucial for anyone looking to utilize broad marketing strategies. SMS is pretty compatible with every mobile phone, so you need to consider getting your clients on board with the text messages.


Due to its simplicity and broad reach, almost everyone knows how to open, read, and text a message. SMS can be scheduled, and you can send one message to a large group of people at a go. Text messaging is simple and gets the message across instantly without any interference. It can be frustrating to try to solve issues over the phone. SMS cuts down on the frustration creating room for more positive customer service.

Increased Business Activity

As an entrepreneur, the high chances are that you are probably struggling to strike everything out of your to-do list. SMS allows you to improve your productivity by creating a project tracker system to assign, monitor, and organize your tasks. With information overload, employees often spend too much time searching for content that they need to do their job. Promptly, the SMS with information about your lead prospects can be sent to a specific team member for quick action. With this, you can switch your focus on the tasks you want to streamline and those tasks you need to complete faster and smarter.


Using SMS, you can keep your clientele posted about your business, especially when it comes to new offers. You can track SMS easily using delivery reports. These reports permit you to see the efficiency and success of your promotional campaign. For example, SMS can be automated, reminding your customers about payments and pending bills. In the event of any problems with the payment collection, SMS is a great way to keep tabs with your client base and help them make timely decisions promptly.


Text messaging is a powerful tool for driving sales and growing an active customer base because of its popularity and prevalence to consumers. Customers have shown to like SMS, with 64%prefer texts to phone calls for customer service.SMS marketing could be the most beneficial tool for your business.

Nexus 6 lollipop


The Android 5.0 Lollipop update recently started rolling out to the Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 devices all around the globe, but some owners are complaining via the Android Issue Tracker on a pretty unpleasant Bug that preventing them to send text messages.


The issue seems limited to particular carriers, so it might have something to do with the specific equipment or software they are using for relaying text messages back and forth. For now, it affects a pretty diverse group of carriers, spanning from Vodafone Netherlands, through Mobistar Belgium, to India, and virtual operators connected to those networks as well.


The affected owners usually receive an error code 38, and yet there is no issue with actually receiving text messages. A Dutch tech blog has sent an inquiry to Google about the bug, and has received an answer that they are aware, and the text message sending cut is also present on Nexus 6.





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