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Author: JosephRaphael Apps
Facebook has just officially published "Facebook Lite" v1.0.0.0 App on the Google Play store. The main reason for this App is to make a lite, fast Facebook App for Low-end Android smartphones, as the current Facebook App is very large in size and performs slow on low-spec devices with less Ram and CPU power and uses less data and works in all network conditions     Facebook Lite is relatively tiny for an app from a major social network, weighing in at only a quarter of a megabyte a crucial stat if you live in a place that can only get 2G data access. There's a g... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Apple
  According to latest reports leaked from Foxconn factories, It looks like Apple is preparing to unveil a bigger iPad this spring. Apple is working on a 12" iPad Pro that will be very similar to the current Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (Photo below) which is already on the markets since last year.   Virtual brush artist Martin Hajek has created the most realistic and beautiful representation of what Apple's upcoming iPad Pro or Plus might look like when it lands some time this spring, based on these leaks. In addition, the rumored stylus that will eventually acco... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Movies
  Liam Neeson confirms that will be back in "Taken 4", The box office figures for Taken 3 have to at least bolster the notion that audiences aren't done with Bryan Mills and his particular set of skills just yet, meaning Taken 4 undoubtedly is being discussed in some boardroom at 20th Century Fox while you are reading this. When Liam Neeson was asked by if he'd ever entertain the notion of coming back for more adventures in this franchise, he certainly didn't shoot the idea out of the sky. Neeson diplomatically made the following statement:     "Ther... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Samsung
  Samsung will manufacture the Tizen-based Z1 smartphone in India. The Korean giant launched the affordable device in the country earlier this month.   The device's manufacturing process will take place in Samsung's Noida facility in India. The company's Vice President of Marketing for India confirmed the news.     Targeted a first-time smartphone buyers, the dual-SIM Samsung Z1 is priced at Rs 5,700 (about $93). According to industry sources, the Korean giant has sold about 50,000-55,000 units of the handset since its launch in mid-January. This is a st... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Apple
According to a report from South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper, Around 75% of the application processors (including Processor and RAM) that would power the next generation Apple iPhone 6S will be supplied by Samsung.     While there was no word on the financial details of the deal, as well as which other companies, apart from Samsung, will be supplying the processors, a Reuters report noted that the South Korean company will manufacture the chips in its factory in Austin, Texas.   Source... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Nexus
  Google Nexus Player, made by Asus, is now available on retailers outside the Google Play store. Retailers inside the U.S. includes Amazon, Bets Buy, eBay and Newegg have it in-stock already.   Nexus Player runs Android 5.0 Lollipop out-of-the-box. Newegg and Amazon are the only ones to offer the Nexus Player online. Best Buy has the device available only as an in-store pickup.     Pricing of the Nexus Player has remained the same. The gadget costs $99.99, with the optional gaming controller commanding an extra $39.99 so the total is $139.98. &nbs... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Microsoft
  Microsoft launched its first Smart augmented reality Glass, called "HoloLens" few days ago along with Windows 10. This augmented reality kit has its own computing power, rivaling that of current laptops, and spacial sound technology for holographic processing, able to understand what you are looking at, understand your voice, and run without any wires, processing terabytes of information in real time. No phone is required, no PC connection, and, as we mentioned, no cables even, which is really crazy.     The Holo Studio was also announced a platform that allo... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Other
Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster outlined a combative take about Google and its control over the Android operating system, and a defiant vision for Cyanogen to build an Android operating system without Google being in the picture.   McMaster started his talk with, "I'm the CEO of Cyanogen. We're attempting to take Android away from Google."   He further explained that Cyanogen is developing a version of Android which would be open at every level. Something that other developers and partners could utilize to create their own tightly integrated services. Think of stuff that w... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Apple
  Apple is doing good on the worldwide market shipments. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a decent track record on Apple-related industry predictions, has estimated that Apple has sold more than 73 million iPhones in the last quarter (Q4,2014) only which includes about 42 million iPhone 6 and 16 million iPhone 6 Plus sold.   For Q1,2015, Kuo is expecting the figure to be around 61.6 million, up 41.1% year-on-year, but 15.6% less than the previous quarter, something which isn't exactly surprising given the fact that it was a holiday quarter.     As for t... Read more

Author: JosephRaphael Android
  There have been recent concerns over the security issues in the rather outdated WebView mode in Android Jelly Bean (v4.1 - v4.2 - v4.3). Due to its outdated nature, it is facing security issues, which would otherwise be a non-issue on newer versions of Android.   Google has responded to these concerns by basically saying they won't be updating the WebView in Jelly Bean. But while that may not be what people have been expecting, Google does have a reasonable explanation for it.     Starting KitKat onwards, the WebView component, that is the browser that... Read more

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