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  While most people will know Samsung from its vast selection of Galaxy smartphones and electronics, the South Korean manufacturer also invests considerable R&D into other product lines. As such, the company recently announced that it has begun mass production for its one-terabit (Tb) tr... Read more

  Apple has more or less confirmed that they are working on their own AI technology. The rumors are claiming that the next iOS update could focus heavily on AI. We have also heard the rumored A18 chipset could feature additional hardware support for AI on the iPhone.   Now according t... Read more

  Xiaomi launched the first Mi Band several years ago. The device was kind of an instant hit, thanks largely to its super cheap price tag. While the price has gone up a bit over the years, it's still very affordable and if you're looking for the latest version, the Xiaomi Mi Band 9 could be ... Read more

  A lot of us are probably concerned about the batteries on our phones and how long they will last. Thankfully, a lot of smartphone makers have since included software features that can tell us. But batteries aren't the only components that have a lifespan. Your phone's storage chip has one ... Read more

  Following China's continued purge of western-owned software and hardware products from its markets, Apple recently took down WhatsApp and Threads - two of Meta's biggest chat and social media platforms - from the App Store in China. The decision follows a mandate from authorities which cit... Read more

  As the never-ending battle for gaming industry dominance continues, it looks like Microsoft has gained an upper hand of sorts over rival Sony - it's reported that several of Microsoft's properties rank among the best-selling games on the PlayStation storefront, a phenomenon that several ye... Read more

  Samsung seems to have an issue with their phones that has been affecting their devices for years. This is where green lines appear on Samsung phones for seemingly no reason at all. Now it looks like Samsung phones are experiencing that issue again. Some seem to think that it could be due t... Read more

  Last year, OnePlus finally got on board with foldables with the launch of the OnePlus Open. But it looks like the company could be exploring other form factors. A post on Weibo by tipster Smart Pikachu claims that OnePlus could be looking to launch a flip foldable phone as well.   I... Read more

  Aside from some teasers and leaks every now and then, we haven't heard a lot about HMD's upcoming smartphones. The company has made it clear that it will be marketing phones under a new brand separate from Nokia, with several different models rumored to be in production. One of those is th... Read more

  Apart from its Galaxy line of smart devices, Samsung also specializes in the design and manufacturing of the tiny bits of hardware that end up inside our smartphones. As such, the South Korean electronics giant recently announced that it's working on an industry-first LPDDR5X DRAM memory, ... Read more

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