[APK Download] Google Play Store v5.3.6 with New Search Bar and Material Design Animation

21 March, 2015 Google Play

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Google has just Updated its Play Store App to v5.3.6 with some new UI features and under-the-hood enhancements. The update is Now Rolling-out to all Android users.


google play 5.3.6


One of the visual changes of this update, that it's now automatically hides action bars as users scroll down the page. The Search bar has been updated to fill the entire upper bar with a new Animation. Of course, as soon as the page is scrolled up even a little bit, the action bar pops back into view, just like so many other apps in Google's lineup.


play store 5.3.6


Finally, Google has added a shortcut to make it as easy as possible to update apps. After a quick teardown, I came across a couple of strings for a notification button that will give one-tap access to update any outdated apps on your device. It's possible this isn't live yet, but it seems like it should be. I haven't had the new version installed long enough for an update notification to appear, but it looks like it will just contain a single button that either reads "Update" or "Update all," depending on the quantity of apps that are awaiting new versions.


update all


What's New in Google Play 5.3.6:

- New Material Design Animations.
- New Search Bar.
- Updated Settings with more options and Notification section.
- "Update All" button added to Notification.
- Various Bug fixes.


To get the google Play Store App version 5.3.6, you can Download the Official APK from the direct link Below. This APK has not been modified by any means and it's 100% safe to install. Enjoy!


Google Play store

Google Play 5.3.6 [APK]



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