Model numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 leaks

10 November, 2016 Samsung

Evan Blass from @evleaks has leaked the model numbers of multiple upcoming Samsung smartphones on Twitter. In his exact words, "Samsung Galaxy S8 models are indeed skipping SM-G94* model numbers, will ship as SM-G950 & SM-G955. Know what else is in the works? SM-N950."

The phone with the model number SM-N950 is presumably the next Note device which Samsung had confirmed a just few weeks earlier, against reports that stated Samsung won't be releasing a Note in 2017. Interestingly enough, it seems that Samsung will be hopping straight from G930 for the S7 and G935 for the S7 Edge to G950 for the S8 and G955 for the S8 Edge in 2017, while skipping the chronological G94* serial number. It reminds us of Samsung's decision to skip the "6" in favour of "7" and how that panned out for the ill-fated Note 7!

Additionally, rumors are also suggesting that instead of there being a separate S8 and S8 Edge, Samsung will launch a 5.7-inch version and a 6.2-inch version, both with dual curved displays. In our opinion, a 6.2-inch display doesn't seem like something that Samsung would opt for in their premier flagship device as most people are not fond of gigantic phablets above the 6-inch category. In any case, the leaked model numbers should be useful for identification purposes as more leaks begin to pop up in the coming months.

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