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I have been waiting for this since Google changed their API and you had to change weather data providers. This app smooth on my Galaxy Nexus. 


You can use it to see the current conditions and the forecast for today and tomorrow. You can customize your maps by choosing from nine sets of icons and by defining the list of your favourite cities.

Weather Maps includes five kinds of maps:

  • - the classical weather map
  • - a simulation of satellite view
  • - a map of cities temperature
  • - the current cities humidity
  • - a direct view of current winds


This app is intended as a tool for graphical visualization of free third-parts data, all responsibility for data incompleteness or accuracy are declined.

  • - cities list is derived by the database of GeoNamesTM
  • - weather data are retrieved by web services of Yahoo! WeatherTM


Facebook may now update directly on your Android phone without the need to check it out over Google Play. Users have reported a pop-up message upon logging in to Facebook that advices a user to install a ready update and that the version that you currently have may not be supported anymore. This saves plenty of time and aims to update more users' Facebook for Android.

After downloading, it will prompt you to install the update so you can enjoy the new features for the latest version.

This latest Facebook version for Android mobile will also enable users to directly change their profile photos using their phone, flag spam and choose which stories will be seen on the feed. It also promises to improve messaging.



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