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So far, everything that has come out of the anticipation of the Galaxy S4 is an amalgam of rumors. There is no way to debunk any because Samsung has kept us in the dark, which is an impressive feat, considering the hype and the interest that builds up since the Galaxy S4 has started hitting the news.

Furthermore, it seems that the only ones who are coming up of "leakages" are Samsung OUTsiders and should not actually be believed. Photos, specifications and benchmark results have already come out, so now, let us review a couple of the more plausible specs that the Galaxy S 4 may have.

The Galaxy S4 is most likely to have the Smart Scroll feature that lets the phone sense a user's eye movements to scroll up and down. This, along with the Smart Pause was reported on the NY Times more or less a week ago, which somehow makes it a bit credible. It will feature an Exynos Octa made by Samsung in place of the previously and widely-rumored Snapdragon chipset. A future upgrade to Snapdragon is also possible. It may also have a plastic (polycarbonate) build, which is being panned by some supporters who are expecting an aluminum exterior. These are only some of the more credible features that the S4 will and may have.

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Even thought it's still 2013, Samsung feels it's time to look back and show us what they have achieved in this rather eventful year for its mobile technology.

Launching the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy Gear Watch, achieving millions of sales for its devices,  and more; it's all part of what Samsung feels were milestones for the company, and it's all laid out in a nice and pretty infographic for you to look at and marvel at.

Above showing the infographic full of facts of Samsung Mobile. Let us know what you think?


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Are you currently running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich? It's been per year since Android made the major shift out of the confused mess that has been its earlier releases. Now it's time and energy to see just how many users are in reality enjoying the more mature operating system Android is now.


Google has released the latest numbers for frequently updated Android distribution chart that shows the,


"number of Android devices which have accessed Google Play in just a 14-day period."


Quite simply, how many people are running what version of Android in person. According to the current distribution numbers, Android 4.x, including ICS and Jelly Bean, is close to a 30% install base. which's incredible, see below link for all the details.






Google Search application for Android has the ability to tell you what song is currently playing. This ability comes with the latest version, which was announced on a post in Google+ on Monday. Tap the mic button and you will see a music icon will show up to let you know that the application is processing the tune that is currently playing. Tapping that icon will let you know if Google Search recognizes the music and it will tell you what it is, if it knows.

Comparing it to the Sound Search widget that came out last December, the Sound Search is much easier and quicker to use but this new feature of the Google Search is also a good addition. When the song is identified by the app, you will be asked to buy it from Google Play store, which can be quite convenient for many people.


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