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Apple held its press event in NYC today and unveiled a suite of new and updated apps for education and book publishing. The iBooks 2, an updated version of the eReader app that willl support interactive textbooks for all education levels.

iBooks 2

These textbooks will mix traditional text with interactive multimedia content. These textbooks can be updated on a regular basis and will offer students the opportunity to interact with their material instead of just stare at it. Apple showed how students can pinch to zoom on high-resolution images, and then click on the them to pull up additional information.

iTunes U

iBooks 2 is available now for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store. Apple will launch these interactive textbooks with the help of McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Most of the early textbooks will be science textbooks for college and high school. The books will be priced reasonably with the high school books starting at 14.99 USD. To help you create these multimedia textbooks, Apple also introduced its new iBooks Author app. iBooks Author is compatible with MAC OS X 1.7 Lion and available for FREE from the Mac App store.


Full Event Video

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Apple has quietly launched Mastered for iTunes, a push to deliver music "exactly as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard",  the company maintains that iTunes Plus 256kbps AAC files are still sufficient rather than lossless. In an updated guide to sound engineers and others involved in producing music for digital distribution, Apple outlines the new "Master for iTunes droplet" which can be used to create high-quality iTunes Plus files from AIFF or WAVE masters.

Mastered for iTunes

The Droplet creates an AAC audio file from an AIFF or WAVE source file by first generating a CAF (Core Audio File) rendered with an iTunes sound check profile applied to the file. If the sample rate of the source file is greater than 44.1 kHz, it is downsampled to 44.1 kHz using our mastering-quality SRC. Next, it uses this newly rendered CAF to render a high quality AAC audio file. Once the final AAC audio file is generated, the intermediary CAF is deleted"Apple Mastered for iTunes guide

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iTunes 10.6

Apple has just released the iTunes 10.6 Update, with support for 1080p HD movies and TV shows following the launch of a new updated iPad and new updated Apple TV.

"iTunes 10.6 adds the ability to play 1080p HD movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store," says Apple. "This release also includes many improvements for iTunes Match."

The new update, which comes in at 81.4MB, will also add improved song matching, improved album artwork handling, downloading and display, and. says Apple, addresses an issue where songs may skip when playing from iCloud. Go to your iTunes and click Help > Check for Updates > Update!

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bruce willis sue apple

Hollywood superstar, Bruce Willis, might just launch his own legal war against Apple and its iTunes store. Willis has a massive digital music collection that he wants his girls to inherit, just as that would happen if he had purchased physical copies of the music, but Apple's current iTunes terms & conditions don't allow for that.

bruce willis daughters apple


The reason is somewhat absurd in reality, Apple considers you're borrowing the music under iTunes license and not own them. This shocking revelation seems to have angered Bruce Willis.


Basically, this means that all of the music you buy on iTunes is worthless once you pass away. The 57-year-old actor is said to be considering setting up a trust that would allow his daughters to use his music collection.





It seems that Tim Cook may have looked around at services like Pandora, Slacker, or Spotify radio, and thought, "Apple could do that. We've got iTunes, so why not?" And, that's all it would take for the idea to start. Now, it looks like Apple may be about to launch its own streaming radio service.


itunes radio


As it seems most Apple leaks go, this information comes via the Wall Street Journal, which has broken far too many Apple news stories to be coincidence. At this point it feels like the WSJ is really part of the PR team with Apple, sending out interesting "leaked" info whenever the news turns too far towards competitors.




iTunes 11

Today, after a serious delay, the iTunes 11 is finally ready to download. This New iTunes was suppose to be launched with the iOS 6.0.1 and the iPhone 5. Apple has a pretty long list of what's new in this version. There's even a promo video.


iTunes 11


iTunes 11 is quicker and smoother, it's got a simpler user interface with the navigation bar on the left gone. The iTunes store (accessible via the application itself) looks a lot nicer and generally, accessing it seems faster. In the past it has always been so darn slow.


Download itunes 11


itunes porn

Apple's iTunes store launched in Russia yesterday and this was huge news for Apple users in russia, but the launch was not without its flaws. The biggest flaw... When launching iTunes in Russia, Apple allegedly used the placeholder link xxx.xxx which turned out to be a real... porn site!


The porn bomb blew in the Russian iTunes more films in different languages section, where a giant banner of an "escort" service popped up and within minutes users on Twitter started posting pictures of the new Russian iTunes.



The store was down for a while and now the issue seems to be fixed, bringing back movies like Amelie instead of escort services.




Carmageddon, the legendary automotive pedestrian slaughter house game, has now finally arrived for iPhone and iPad. A Kickstarter project a couple of months in the making, the game has landed on the App Store and will be completely free for today only as its first day of availability.

Carmageddon launched in the 90s for PC and Mac and you might remember that for its extreme violence it was banned in various countries. The Game is also coming to Android Play Store Very Soon!



Carmageddon Download


Download form iTunes [FREE]




Want to stop carrying both your phone and your iPod? Keep your iTunes music and smart playlists always synced with iSyncr for Android. Very Easy to use and can Sync your Music, Video, podcast, Smart-playlists, play Counts and Ratings, all wirelessly too with no need to connect your android device with any cables.


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