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Another month passed and Google is quick to release the statistics on the distribution of the different Android versions. April's most rapid development saw KitKat gain some 3.2 points, bringing its overall market share to 8.5%.


The three Jelly Bean distributions had mixed fate 4.1 dropped 0.9 points but still remained the most widely adopted version with its 33.5% share. 4.2 actually expanded its share by 0.7 points to 18.8%, while 4.3 dropped 0.4 points. Which gives Android Jelly Bean (4.2,4.2,4.3) a total of 60.8% followed by Android KitKat (4.4) with a 8.5%.



Android Silver

A report from The Information, indicates that Google is going to replace its Pure-Android Nexus Brand devices with a new family of high-end premium devices called Android Silver.

With Android Silver program, Google aims to further expand its influence within the Android ecosystem. Its plan includes offering devices with no third-party bloatware, as well as providing timely OS updates in a fashion similar to Apple's. The latter involves pushing the update to all devices on the same day.


Android Silver Program By Google


Android Silver Program By Google

Android Silver Phones will always run the latest version of Android, They would also include a support program similar to Amazon's Mayday service, allowing people to begin a video chat 24/7 with a support representative who could help them solve problems and learn about their phone or tablet at any time of the day. Staff at carrier stores would also help customers set up their new devices and transfer data over from their old ones, much like Apple Stores current do.


Advantages of Android Silver devices :

  • Quick OS Updates
  • Premium services
  • No 3rd party bloatware
  • 24/7 Video chat Support
  • Professional In-store Staff




Android OS

The latest reports data from Kantar Worldpanel Comtech shows that Android OS has a spectacular 1st Quarter this year, Android is not controlling 57.6% of the smartphone market in the U.S. which is a BIG number. The number increased more than 8.3% than last year Q4,2013.


US Market Share

At the same time, it was a tough month for Apple's iOS in the US. During those same three months, Apple's U.S. market share declined 7.8% from last year, to become only 35.9% of the total US marketshare.

iOS is still struggling to keep up with Android which seems to be growing every year, everywhere, not just the U.S. check the source link for more info about your country marketshare.


HP Slatebook 14


Do you have an Android Smartphone ? Tablet ? TV ? Smartwatch ? Glasses ?... How about an Android laptop ?!


A leaked video demo reveals the "HP Slatebook 14" an Android-powered laptop with a 14" 1080p touchscreen. It's not a dual-boot device, it's pure Android. The specs sheet didn't leak yet, but the video is promising a slim and lightweight design. Without the need for a second battery behind the screen, the device should be thinner than 20mm.


HP Android laptop

It's positioned as an affordable device, though so we shouldn't expect anything too cheap. The body seems to be made of polycarbonate and will likely be available in bright colors.


HP Slatebook 14

The HP Slatebook 14 features a 1080p screen, but a cheaper version with a lower screen resolution might be available too. It will be powered by Tegra 4 CPU with rumored 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, expandable via a microSD card slot. The Android version is unclear, but it's rumored to be Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

There are also three full size USB 2.0 ports, a full-size HDMI port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The connectivity features include a SIM card slot, presumably for HP DataPass. The Slatebook 14 also packs Beats audio speakers.


Source (Video)

Android 64-bit SmartPhones

ARM's executive
 vice president of corporate strategy, Tom Lantzsch, spoke to CNET and shared that the company has had a noticeable increase in interest for 64-bit mobile processors. More specifically, the 64-bit Cortex-A53 has received a lot of attention from device makers.

The interest was so high in fact, that it came as a surprise to ARM's executives in the chip design department. 
Lantzsch believes ARM and its Partners will be ready to launch Smartphones with 64-bit CPUs this Christmas, although that's as specific as he got. He notes that when 64-bit software gets released, products could change for the better

"We've been surprised at the pace that 64-bit is now becoming mobile centric. Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Marvell are examples of public 64-bit disclosures. Even existing 32-bit code will run more efficiently on [ARM's 64-bit] v8-A architecture than on native 32-bit ARM architecture"  - Tom Lantzsch, ARM executive and vp.




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