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Google L Keyboard


Android L Keyboard was published on Google Play Store as a third-party app standalone App by an XDA developer for Users who don't have Android L Preview-enabled device (like Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013) so that they can get the New keyboard look with Android Material theme layout, with No root required.




Well, Google apparently considers this to be infringing their own intellectual property and have taken down the app, reports Shen Ye, the publisher of the app. Ye is none too happy about it, and feels "Scroogled", though we'd be surprised if he wasn't aware of the risks when publishing the app, or at least later, when the app started trending (it was downloaded over 800,000 times from the Play Store).


In any case, this leaves most of us with no easy option of getting the Android L keyboard, and unless you're willing to get your hands at least a little bit dirty, you may, indeed, be out of luck.




play devices


Google has pulled the HTC One M7, the Sony Z Ultra and the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play editions from the Play Store. The only phones available on the Play Store now includes the newest HTC One M8, the Moto G and the Samsung Galaxy S4. And of course, the Google Nexus 5.


Although the S4 is still visible on the Play Store but it's been out of stock for a while now. The HTC One has been given the axe, along with the recently launched Z Ultra phablet and the G Pad 8.3 tablet.




Android Wear


Google is getting the Play Store organized a bit more, in order to help out those who bought Android Wear smartwatches and looking for more than just the normal set of notifications. With that in mind, Google has set up a section dedicated specifically to Spps optimized for Android Wear.


Android Wear Apps


To be clear, because of how Android Wear works, these are apps for your smartphone that have extended features for Android Wear. There are two Google apps listed, Maps and Hangouts, to go along with plenty of other options like: money management apps, Level Money and Personal Capital Finance; travel apps, American Airlines and Delta; and, news apps, The Guardian and Thomas Reuters.



Play Store

Play Services


Today, Google is now Rolling-out Google Play Services 5.0, which brings several key enhancements such as Android Wear support and improvements to Google Play Games such as Quests, Saved Games, and Game Profile. Play Services 5 also brings a new App Indexing API that allows you to find deep content within your native apps using Google Search, and the Drive API now allows you to sort results, create offline folders, and select any file type. Here's the Official Change-log :



Services for Android wearables - Your apps can more easily communicate and sync with code running on Android wearables through an automatically synchronized, persistent data store and a reliable messaging interface.

Play Games services - Build a great gaming experience with Quests, which allow event-based challenges for players to complete for rewards, Saved Games, and Game Profile.

App Indexing API - Surface deep content in your native mobile applications on Google search and drive additional user engagement.

Google Cast - Use media tracks to enable closed-caption support for Chromecast.
Drive - Sort query results, create offline folders, and select any mime type in the file picker by default.

Wallet - Build a "Save to Wallet" button for offers directly into your app; use geo-fenced in-store notifications to prompt the user to show and scan digital cards. Split tender allows payment to be split between Wallet Balance and a credit/debit card in Google Wallet.

Analytics - Get insights into the full user journey and understand how different user acquisition campaigns are performing with Enhanced Ecommerce, letting you measure product impressions, product clicks, and more.

Mobile Ads - Use improved in-app purchase ads and integrations for the Play store in-app purchase API client.

Dynamic Security Provider - Offers an alternative to the platform's secure networking APIs that can be updated more frequently, for faster delivery of security patches.


Play Services

Google play Services 5.0.77 [APK]



Google Play


The Google Play Store has been growing at an incredible rate for the past couple years. It still hasn't caught up to the iOS App Store, but the gap is closing quickly. And, new numbers from App Annie show that Google is continuing to grow rapidly with revenue up 2.5x (250%) compared to last year.


According to the data, the Google Play Store now holds 1.5 million apps. Compared to Q1 of 2013, Google Play generated 1.5x as many downloads in Q1 of 2014, and the growth there was spread relatively evenly between games and apps.


Google play Revenue


The big jump came in terms of revenue, which was 2.5x higher year-over-year, and the majority of that change came from games. For the last quarter, 90% of Google Play app revenue came from games and 98% of that came from freemium or free-to-play games.



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