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Galaxy K

It's Official, Samsung has just posted #TheNextGalaxy teaser of the Galaxy K on Instagram, the device is supposed to be the camera version of the Galaxy S5. We already saw the Galaxy K live photos that was leaked few days ago. The device will pack a 20MP camera with 10x optical zoom with Xenon flash.


Galaxy K


The Instagram video that depicts the Red Dot Design Museum where Samsung's event is scheduled to take place. During the video, the viewer is zoomed into and out of the front of the Red Dot Design Museum. Samsung also mentions in the caption that we will meet #TheNextGalaxy on April 29th (Tomorrow). We will cover the whole event, Stay tuned!

Samsung Instagram

Tizen Device


At the MWC, Samsung quietly showed off a Tizen powered handset, there wasn't any information provided as to when and where this handset would first be released. But thanks to a report published on Sunday that cites a Samsung official, we now expect that the First Tizen powered smartphone will be launched Next month in Russia.

The unnamed Samsung official reportedly said that the plan is for other Tizen powered devices to connect with the smartphone. As for what we can expect from the first Tizen driven handset, the official states that it has specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Tizen OS


Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president for Samsung's Product Strategy Team, earlier said that the company would release two Tizen powered smartphones during the current quarter. One would be a high-end model, while the other would be a mid-range device designed to attract buyers to the platform.

Report Source

Galaxy S5


Samsung vs. Apple Ads since the S3 launch is still pretty funny to watch, but now its for the Galaxy S5 "The Next Big Thing". The latest Ad posted by Samsung Mobile US takes informative angle to the new Samsung Galaxy S5, and it throws a barb at the iPhone for good measure.


The full minute ad will certainly get edited for a slew of 30-second spots to get wider TV distribution, but what cannot be discounted is the clear bomb thrown at Apple's iPhone when it comes time to talk about the camera. Watch the Video below if you are a Samsung phone, if you're not, you better just ignore it.



Galaxy K Zoom


New Live Photos of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (aka Galaxy S5 Zoom) has appeared on the web, this time its a real photos of the Galaxy K Zoom back with a plastic case around it. This Phone-Camera is expected to be released very soon, probably it will launch this June.


Galaxy K

You can clearly see the back cover sports the perforated leather-imitating pattern the same as Galaxy S5 back. Also in the photos you can see the optical Zoom lens in Full Zoom Mode. The 1st Photo reveals the Galaxy K Zoom 20MP camera will sport a 10x zoom lens covering the 24-240mm range in 35mm equivalent. Samsung logo is below the camera, while the Xenon flash is above it and there is a hole for it in the plastic case on the 2nd Photo.


The rest of the Galaxy K Specifications include a 4.8" 720p display, Android KitKat with Samsung's TouchWiz UI, and a quad-core 1.6 GHz chip or the new Exynos hexa-core with two Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores.

Photos Source

Apple vs. Samsung


You probably know about the Samsung vs. Apple trial of the century that has been going for than 3 years. New Information form a Google lawyer who testified during the currently going trial confirms that Google will Help Samsung's legal defense team in the currently ongoing trial against Apple as part of a contractual obligation between the two tech firms.


Google will take over the defense of some of Apple's patent infringement claims. The search giant will also indemnify Samsung in case it loses on those particular claims.


Android vs iOS

Google's move is hardly a surprise. Although the company is not named in Apple's lawsuit, most of the trial has to do with Android and its functionality. Top Google engineers have already been summoned to testify that Android was developed independently from iOS. Samsung is making big profits from selling Android devices, while Google makes money indirectly from ads and services while in the same time it distributing the OS for free.



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