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Samsung will be unveiling its upcoming flagship Phablet, Galaxy Note 5, next month. So far we gathered all the details we have regarding the Note 5 Here. However, New details are emerging about this new phablet.


The case maker "Ringke" revealed its upcoming Note 5 Case, the 3D case renders of the Note 5 is the best available so far based on the leaked dimensions, schematics, and whatever they could grab from internal sources, as these things usually do... including new hardware features


Note 5 case


According to the Ringke's renders of the Galaxy Note 5, the new phablet will pack an auto-ejecting mechanism for the S Pen stylus , which, coupled with the Note 5's metal-and-glass unibody. The auto-eject window is at the bottom of the device beside the speaker and USB, Samsung has already patented this auto-ejecting mechanism before. This means that whenever you need the S Pen in a task, the smartphone will eject it automtaically for you.


Note 5


Ringke's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case is now Available for purchasing on Amazon for $9.99 in two colors (White & Black).


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The tragic early death of the Note 7 might have left you with the yearning for a device that natively supports stylus input and Samsung plans to fill that hole with a Chromebook laptop which supports the S-Pen. Even though the new stylus looks exactly like the S-Pen we saw on the Note 7, this one is just called the "PEN."

The Chromebook Pro features a 2,400 × 1600 pixels resolution display presented in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The 12.3-inch, 360-degree rotating touch sensitive display can be rotated all the way back to be used as a large tablet as well. We are sure that it offers similar, if not better pressure sensitivity via the PEN, as compared to what we saw on the Note 7.

Under the hood, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is powered by two Cortex A72 cores and four Cortex A53 cores, which make up the 64-bit hexa-core CPU. There are also 4 gigs of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a micro-SD card slot and even two USB Type-C ports. The lightweight (1kg) laptop/tablet hybrid is available for pre-order at a price of $499. Will you be ordering one?

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

Samsung doesn't want to take any chance when it comes to inserting the Galaxy Note 5's pen the right way. After the device was launched, many users started reporting that if the S Pen will be inserted in a wrong way, it would actually damage the internal S Pen sensor and without causing more damage it'll be practically impossible to remove the pen. Although the Korean company responded quickly, the damage was already done.

Roughly after three months, Samsung has started shipping the device with a brand new image and warning showing how to insert the pen in the specified slot. At first the warning label was shown via a YouTube video uploaded by "J. Williams". The video showcased T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gold Platinum, and SamMobile made it surface on the internet.

From this video, it is quite evident that the warning label says "Be sure to insert your S pen with the nib pointed inward. Inserting the S pen the wrong way can cause it to become stuck and can damage the pen and your phone". Also there are two pairs of images showing the correct and incorrect way of inserting the stylus.

Interesting thing to note here is that in case of previous Note variants if someone would try to insert the pen in a wrong way, that person would experience an obstruction and it'll make the user realise that something is wrong. Sadly that's not the case with Note 5.


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