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If the latest report about the Galaxy S8 is to be believed, then Samsung may offer early adopters a moneyback guarantee! This is something that is unheard of in the world of smartphones itself, let alone in case of a Samsung flagship product. According to the source, the return will be unconditional and all eligible users will be able to return their Galaxy S8 or S8+ for a full refund. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the refund eligibility will extend to all handsets for a period of three months from the date of purchase!

This is of course a marketing strategy but it is one that is truly radical, provided of course, the report holds true. This opens up the question; what if people misuse the opportunity? Besides, after three months, what if someone just wants to get a new phone by returning their old handset? The risky venture is a direct result of the Note 7 disaster and the subsequent bad reputation that the incident gave Samsung. If it is true, then we are really interested to know which will be the regions where Samsung will unleash the offer.

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If you purchased an App on the Play store and you didn't like it or it doesn't work properly as its publisher advertised, you can return the App and take a refund in 15 minuets after purchase and you'll get your money that you paid for that app back. However, 15 mins is too little time to test some Apps/Games properly before you decide to keep them...


That's why Google has Officially expanded its Google Play Store refund policy to allow those who purchased an App or Game, to receive their money back within "Two Hours after purchase". To request a refund, you open the Google Play Store and go to My Apps. Select the game or app you wish to return, click on refund. Keep in mind that if the two hour refund window has expired, you will not see that option. If the two hour period has expired, you will be allowed to uninstall the app or game from your device, but without receiving your money back.


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So go ahead and buy that expensive App or Game you always wanted to try. If you don't like it, you have two hours (120 minutes or 7200 seconds) to return it for a complete refund. Remember though, that you can only receive a refund on a particular game or app one time.




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