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Just when people were starting to think that the "Made for Samsung" program which Samsung had announced at the CES in January was scrapped, the Korean company just declared their first endeavor in that line. As it turns out, Samsung's partner in this particular initiative is The Weather Channel and together, they have launched the first application within the Made for Samsung program. The application is exclusively available for the Note 5, the S6 Edge+ and the S7 Edge.

The app offers brand new features, among which, one in particular sounds quite interesting. Apparently, the Smart Weather alarm clock will wake up the user before point, if it decides that the weather conditions might delay the user from being ready in time. Other features of the application include Floating Shortcuts, in-app live wallpapers that are customizable and Edge Alerts for updating the user with the latest changes in weather conditions on the Edge panel.

The application is only available via Galaxy Apps and in case you have one of the three supported smartphones, check it out by searching for "Weather Channel" within the store. If however, you cannot see the application or cannot download it in spite of having the right handset; chances are that it is probably not yet available in your locale. In that case, you can download the APK file directly and give it a try, if you so want.

Download the APK Here


After just a few days from the first time it was heard of, the redesigned weather experience on Android is here. In addition to a brand new revamped user interface, Google Weather will now provide more details on the climate as well.

The generic Google Now Weather Card is replaced with a modern interface that will change backgrounds, depending on the real time weather and sky conditions in your area. An hourly breakdown of the weather is now added with area-specific info on chances of rain and snow. A more robust roster of warnings and alerts including UV index, air quality and suggestions are part of the new interface. You will also be able to look at a 10 day weather forecast in details, sunrise and sunset timings, temperature graphs and much more.

A feature that we particularly liked with the new experience is that users can now select a new location and just tap on "Add" to have it in their list of favorite locations. The next time you want to check what the weather is like in London, just select it from the drop down menu after you have added it to your favourites. Go ahead and check it out on your Android phone/tablet now.



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